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  1. Sorry... Been there done that... Got the pistol and the hearing damage to prove it (but God is that gun flat)
  2. Yea man no worries. I actually raised the casepro up enough with the mount that I could use the Dillon tube as it sits. But depending on how tall you are and your bench height that might or might not work for you. (but a tube connector shouldn't be hard)
  3. Good idea. What i did was mount the casepro behind my 650 (where I could swing the case feeder on the 650 mount pole) then I put a spacer under the base of the case pro to get it higher(just a block of wood.) That lets me reuse the Dillon tube and swing the feeder around.
  4. If you are looking to get better it would require about the same amount of practice and dry fire to get better in co or open. An open gun will make you faster (once you are used to it.) but every one shooting open has the same advantage. If you think you'd like open by all means. If you think it will help you keep interest in the sport great. If there's no competition where you are in CO I could see that. But don't think suddenly it will make you more competitive. I went to open like Sarge when my eyes said no to iron sights. At the time there was only one division that allowed a dot, so to open I went. Now CO gives another option. So if you decide you want to shoot open welcome to the dark side we'll be glad to have you, but be sure you know what you are trying to get out of it.
  5. It would depend a little bit on what sport you are planning to shoot with that load. For steel challenge that 88-90 grain bullet might be fine (have to check their rule book). For major in open there is a minimum bullet weight (112gr I think but check the rules.) If I recall that dates back to the days of major being 175pf and people making major with 90gr bullets cratering steel.
  6. Do you mind posting the lot number (want to check my stock.
  7. Claudio is generally the right guy to talk to there if you can get to him.
  8. Other than that it looks promising. I bet you could reinforce the bottom compartment like ced/daa does (looks like they use some heavy corrugated plastic formed into a hoop) i think one of the earlier style backpack style bags I had used a u shaped piece of plastic to make it more rigid (maybe that was an old style ced (can't remember.) Thanks for sharing your impressions.
  9. Check with NROI on that.. I think the interpretation is that for decocker guns wherever the gun decocks the hammer to is fully down.
  10. Yep that's my method as well. Having seen a couple of ejector fire incidents up close as an RO and a shooter I prefer this approach.
  11. +1 regardless of timer/RO the competitor is responsible for making sure his score /time is accurate.
  12. From what I understand from some reading around rocket nozzle physics, the angle of the of the cone shape that the port makes (15 degree included angle) and the area of the exit port matters. The rib lets you do that. My understanding is that the guy who originally designed this barrel setup used to work in aerospace. I think that's a consideration as well. http://www.braeunig.us/space/propuls.htm is interesting (but a little dense)
  13. Yea... Not the best installment.
  14. I think as time goes by the brass will get more expensive but unavailable, no... The FBI dropped 10mm years ago and yes 10mm brass costs more than it did when I could get 1x fired but I can still get it from several sources to feed my single stack gun. Too many 40 pistols have been sold for it to disappear.
  15. So I was curious enough to look it up... The current world Open record for the main match is 74.84 shot by Max (2016). Max also held the previous CO record at 81.38 (2018). So this year in the main match BJ set a new CO record at 75.37. (Max was at 81.21 in CO and 82.60 in Open ) So short of doing hard core data analytics what I can say is the world record time for CO dropped by about 8% and it is less than 1% slower than the open record.
  16. Be curious to see the open world record times (maybe held by Max/Bj?) against their CO times this year? To see what the comparison is between Max's max CO effort and max open effort. (trying to find a common yard stick to judge the OP's conjecture against.)
  17. They could cut the entire back of it past the dot module off and put modern electronics in it probably increase the battery life by 100x... But that would require new injection molds and design work that would have to be paid for in cost savings or increased price. Betting they have decided its not worth it.
  18. Dpp 7moa triangle. I like the dpp with the small dot but having had and tried both sizes, the bigger dot works better for me on the clock (easier to track) That is a similar conclusion I had come to for optics on my open guns as well. Started out with like a 4moa cmore dot module. After a number of years I settled on 8moa dot modules.
  19. You could always measure them to make sure some thing isn't really off. But, when I am fortunate enough to get a fit that tight I heat the receiver gently and cool the barrel and tap them together exactly as you describe. I usually only bother with bearing retaining compound (green loctite) when the fit is loose.
  20. Curious about the basepad on your mag?
  21. Cool i guess that's what I'd have expected.. the 308 ptr I have has been a good gun. Yea hks rifles aren't notorious for wonderful triggers are they? I keep hoping with more clones on the market someone will offer a better after market trigger for them. It's not as if it can't be done, I have a PSG1 trigger pack I picked up that I use in my PTR and my Hk94 which is really good. Shame no one reproduces those.
  22. Cool, let us know what you think of the ptr, I have one of their 308s but haven't had a chance to handle one of their mp5 clones.
  23. The meopta is eotech/aim point bright with a fresh battery.
  24. Yep James was faster than me... If you look carefully it looks like the front sight is mounted on a block attached to the barrel instead of the slide (like an old sti tru sight). That would make the sights almost non-reciprocating which would make them easier to track as well as the gun cycled. Same sort of effect as an old highstandard target pistol I have.
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