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  1. Yep I'd shoot it till I hear back from them... I have an open gun with a hybrid barrel that has a slot cut all the way down that part of the slide for the barrel rib. The crack starts at one hole and stops at another... Unless other cracks form (particularly headed back toward the lugs). It wouldn't worry me that much.
  2. If you have a barrel that likes them the 55gr Hornadys from the handy 6000 pack in good hand loads with h335 should go closer to 1" But some barrels just don't like them... I have a JP that shoots small groups with almost anything. I also have a larue barrel that shoots tiny groups with heavy bullets but won't do better than 2.5" with the 55s. I've also had good luck with the Hornady 55 gr flat based soft points.
  3. Nope I consider it almost a requirement for loading 9 major if you don't want a press full of sloshed powder...
  4. You kinda got to love the creativity... Ie you tell me the overall length has to be so long and the barrel has to be so long.... Fine... I can work with that.
  5. I use a strap wrench around the tube and spin the nut and the tube off together.
  6. Cha-Lee for president (of USPSA that is)
  7. As a most of the time dot shooter I go for green... It seems to help stop the reflex of red dot on target shoot (long enough to remind me there is a rear sight that deserves some consideration)
  8. Put one in a pcc that wouldn't work with other triggers I had tried. Has worked perfectly for several thousand rounds so far.
  9. Yep something about course design in the general principals ( 1.1.6) where it says, " which should reasonably allow for differences in competitors height and physical build" causes me to prefer vertical ports when I design stages. But that's just my preference you can handle it lots of ways, to each their own.
  10. Probably I should have have been more clear. What I was referring to is that both Scheumann tribred and hycomp style barrels did have rectangularish ports in them http://schuemann.com/ You are correct none of his barrels I have seen ever used the stagger port design.
  11. Schumann who they licensed the barrel tech from used to offer barrels with round ports torward the chamber and square holes torward the muzzle. Not sure I buy the off center holes not inducing torque but the proof is in how the dot tracks I guess... Interesting thinking anyway.
  12. I prefer a seating die from redding or Hornady
  13. Precisely... when I started shooting the division only light guns and 10 round mags were allowed. Then they messed with it and messed with it some more. I fail to see how allowing me to make my MP Core weigh just as much as my Bull Shadow by putting a weight on it hurts anything. At this point its so far from carry optics (production with a dot) I can't see how it matters anymore. Set a max weight... Review it every year as new guns come out. Weigh the guns at crono... Done.
  14. Yep I think the way the rules are defined around weight for CO (with so many other mods allowed) and not allowing external weights is wrong.
  15. Hornady's seating dies also have a sliding sleeve in them that aligns the case and the bullet before seating.
  16. Tony do you have a link to the code? I could use another one.
  17. Got the return shipping notice today... Looks like about 3 weeks door to door (including a 2 day quarantine when it got to sig) they even checked to make sure they had some in stock before they had me send it back (since mine was damaged by still functional.) So long as it doesn't happen again I'll be satisfied.
  18. I don't know about the B&T. But the hk guns (which I have and like to shoot) don't have a lot of good aftermarket support. The triggers in them aren't very good (unless you shell out for a psg1trigger pack at something like 1k.) there really aren't equivalent aftermarket options like for ar or mpx based guns. In addition the reloads (even with a magwell) aren't as quick as an AR. Also for me the forearm is too short (without a good way to put a longer one on) to let me get my hand far enough out to drive the gun as aggressively as I would like. Having said that the recoil impulse is really good. I shot mine for part of a season and got classified with it but it's not the right tool for the job (my opinion.)
  19. Betting those are a proprietary roller locked barrel/barrel extension that fits in an AR upper (Ie an MP-5 style barrel rather than an actual MP-5 barrel because the recesses the hk bolt head locks into are part of the trunion which the barrel is pressed into not the barrel itself)
  20. Looks like I'll get a chance to try the warranty out... New Romeo3 Max on my open gun just chipped a chunk out of the back of the lens at the very top while shooting some Bill Drills.
  21. Don't blame you... if I ever find a nice M head Bridgeport or Clausing or maybe a Rockwell mill that fits the space I have, I'll buy one (it'll make a good companion to my Monarch 10ee)
  22. Since I already had an rts2 mount and was too cheap to buy another mount, I sharpie marked the top surface of the mount then I screwed the dot gently to the mount and scribed around the base of the dot. Then I took the scope off and used my cheap Chinese mill with the smallest end mill I own and cut up to the scribe lines. With some patience(and a steady hand) you could do the same mod with a dremel and some needle files. Having said that if I didn't have a mount already (and was impatient to try the new dot) I'd have bought one that fit.
  23. Betting for the visual effect (look back a page at the picture where it's fired with comp.)
  24. Do you happen to know when that new extractor they have been showing might become avaliable?
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