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Looking to make PF but have not Chrono?


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Loading 230 grain bullets in .45 ACP with tightgroup powder. Anyone have any idea of powder measure that will just make PF without a chrono?

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That's a jacket bullet right? (not plated)..

I use the Zero's FMJ.. for me..

TG 4.7gr = PF 170 - PF 178 (out of 2 different Kimber)

If you have a Glock, it seems they usually need less powder to make the same PF.. and yuo can drop a .2 grs or so..

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I would suggest you get a chrono, they aren't that expensive anymore. I have a buddy who shoots excactly the same load as I do, in his gun they make 171,000 in mine 168,000. Factory ball shoots faster in my gun than in his, go figure. My point is you want to know what is happening in your gun.

IMHO, Robin :)

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I agree, chrono's start at less than 100 bucks and if you are going to stay in this sport they are invaluable. Believe it or not, I have used mine at least three times in the last week working on my exact major match ammo for next year. At 5 matches this year my ammo chrono'd +/- 1 of my results.

Heck in the loooonng run you will pay for it with powder savings. :rolleyes:

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Too many variables to know what will make PF in your gun, your barrel, etc. I've loaded a lot of Berrys plated bullets and recently started loading Frontier plated. I have to bump the load by 0.1 grain to make pf with the Frontier. The chrono is a good investment at less than what 1000 bullets cost today.


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If you are shooting at matches, or plan to, ask around amoung the shooters, someone will have a crony, or one in thier car, and if you ask they generally will set it up after a match and let you shoot some rounds thru it., every so often someone would set up thier crony during one the first matches of the season and let anyone who had a need to test their rounds.

If you belong to a club, someone will have one, and probably with a little asking around, you find someone who will let you use thiers.

just a thought.

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I don't want to be a real re-newbie dunce but here goes....I keep reading the term PF....What does this term mean?


PF = Power Factor

Power factor is calculated using the bullet weight and the average velocity of the three rounds fired, according to the following formula:

Power Factor = bullet weight (grains) x average velocity (feet per second) / 1000

The final result will ignore all decimal places (e.g. for USPSA purposes, a result of 124.9999 is not 125).

At least 125 for minor, and at least 165 for major in USPSA/IDPA

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If you relaod, you need a chrono.

KKM barrl, Shooters Conncetion price $185.

STI Slide, Shooters Conncetion price 176, on sale

Gunsmith bill to rebuild gun ?????????????

Knowing how fast your bullets are going, Priceless

Chrono $199, CED m2.


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Have to side with the "get a chrony" vote. Either that, or get a friend with a chrony! Look at ebay, search under chrony and/or shooting chronograph, and get a good number of inexpensive hits.

There is enough variation in pistols, barrels, brass, powder, etc., for you to want to know what works best in your gun for the way you shoot. That's the pleasure of reloading, finding that load that runs best in your gun. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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