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  1. No limit on amount of guns in checked luggage but airlines will charge extra fees for luggage weighing over 50 lbs. disregard those links......
  2. If the property owner allows it, using those survey whiskers/markers to mark where the targets should go will speed things up on setup day.
  3. There were several small changes over the years regarding STI mags. There were length changes, feed lip forming changes, mag catch shape, etc, etc. I concur with Sarge on the mags you have are both Gen 1. By the looks of it, it looks like the final iteration of Gen 1 before they went to Gen 2.
  4. https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol03_Ch0121-0200D/HRS0134/HRS_0134-0003.htm 5 days according to their laws. I was in and out in 3 days but it looks like they changed the time to register. Looks like I’ll be staying for 2 extra days the next time I visit. PM sent
  5. I go to visit family periodically and try to schedule it to coincide with a match. Stage designs are good at both Koko Head Shooting range on Oahu and Ukumehame Range on Maui. As for the registration thing, I leave before the registration is required. For the magazine issue, I use spacers that are “permanently” attached.
  6. There should be a few YouTube vids out there that show open guns in slow motion showing how much the single and dual sided mounts flex under recoil. The dual sided flex just a smidge less vs the single side but concerns with ejection are still there. If ejection is “perfect”, using either one shouldn’t matter.
  7. That was on my mind flying home when I had to provide my combination. Luckily the gun was still there when I got my bag. I like Hunter’s idea of locking the gun within the case thru the trigger guard. I may have to implement that for the trip out to Frostproof in October.
  8. And that’s what I thought also. Screen capture below is from the TSA website today. I tried arguing my case as you stated but the only option they gave me was to provide them my combination to my case or my bags won’t be loaded onto the flight and I’ll miss my flight.
  9. I use a cable lock along with a hard sided pistol case in my soft sided luggage. Use TSA locks on your pistol case. I traveled with a non TSA lock on my pistol case for years but just recently experienced an instance where TSA needed access to the inside of the hard case to “verify” the pistol was unloaded. Got a page over the PA system and while talking to them, they asked for my combination. They were inspecting my luggage in a “sterile” area so I wasn’t allowed to watch them do it. I was certain I had to be present (from a legal standpoint) while they inspected but that’s not the c
  10. Not much but use discount code RMRHIRO5 for 5% off your order. I use them for practice and matches. Accuracy at 25 yards is excellent. Feeds nicely and a bargain for a quality jhp.
  11. A competent gunsmith could cut a shallow dovetail where the scalloped area is. I’ve seen a few done nicely. Though not sure if you can do a ball detent option since there’s not much material remaining after a dovetail is cut in the scalloped area.
  12. A TSA agent demonstrated to me what is and isn’t acceptable regarding flimsy, “hard sided” cases. If he can open it (even when locked) and touch the gun or somehow slide the gun out from the case, it’s a no go.
  13. what size is that hex? I’ve had good results with MIP/Thorp hex drivers to break loose small hex screws with red loctite. They’re sized so well, there is very little to no play when used. Look around for the best price. Not cheap for a single hex driver but if I knew how well these worked from the beginning, I would have saved myself a bunch of headaches.
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