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  1. I just pick up a rosin bag from Dick's, typically lasts all year. It does turn your Trugrip whitish, but what price to pay for security?
  2. This. A lot of people I've talked to about this issue dry fired a lot starting out with irons, then expected to pick up a CO gun and the magic to be there automatically. It takes some investment. If you have co-witness irons, dry fire a little at the start of each session with the dot off, then turn it on and it should be "right there."
  3. For me, this is it, otherwise I wouldn't bother. I live in the "Sandhills" and mags require cleaning often.
  4. As SlvrDragon50 said, "Follow the bouncing sight!"
  5. Frank Garcia said in the first 5 minutes of a course he ran that there are no GM or "Insider" secrets. The key to shooting at the top is the perfect application of perfect fundamentals every shot. You get that by practicing perfect fundamentals, a lot.
  6. I spent a few years in the Army where we had Mossberg 500's and 590's, some converted to 14" breeching barrels. Those things were more than beat to heck and back, thrown around, dropped, loaded in the back of GMV's, and never once did I see or hear of the issue you mention. I love my personal 590 and also have never had the issue. YMMV.
  7. I agree with those that prefer the larger glass of the dpp to the RMR. I do carry a G19 with the RMR due to the concealability of the smaller RMR, but definitely prefer the dpp for CO.
  8. Been checking out the Springfield EMP 4 and think it would be a great IDPA gun, especially for the wife. Reading the rule book it looks like it would be legal in both ESP and CCP, with ESP being preferred due to its 10 rds allowed in the magazine. Just wonder what Division regular IDPA competitors would recommend for a 4" 1911 with a bull (bushingless) barrel and a 10+1 capacity. I really like the gun, and now that there are several IDPA matches close enough I think can get the wife out to them, I am thinking I NEED one of these soon!
  9. My level of comfuser expertise wont let me post a link in here, so, despite the name of the thread, if you search for "Mossberg JM Pro Failure to Feed," there is a ton of discussion, pics and links to youtube vid's on opening up the port. I did mine based on this and it turned out really well.
  10. I sanded the checkering off of the sides and front strap, then applied TruGrip. Workes awesome and lasts. I don't have this gun anymore, but the pic shows the grip well after sanding and applying the TruGrip tape.
  11. I have found the sights a distraction when first transitioning from iron sights to the dot...
  12. Milled I think I posted the pic earlier in this thread but didn't see it so here it is...
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