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  1. by gosh, that worked, thanks, Intenselmage
  2. anyone else having trouble with their 19 rounders from Armscor. I can only get 13 in. seems to be catching some place where the magazines are joined. I've used a towel and can push the follower all the way down, but loadings been a problem. I have a tooth and nail 19 and 14 rounder and they've both loaded and run with no problems.
  3. I got my 19 round Tooth and Nail mag in this week. I ran through it 4 times with zero issues. Fit and finish are excellent. ran Win AA 1250 fps 7.5. didn't do as well with my promag drum. wouldn't feed. I'm assuming it probably sits a little lower in the magwell and needs some trimming. I'll have to work on it. I have 4, 9 rounders from RIA, all work without issues. So far I'm very happy with it.
  4. There is a guy on Utube running a pro mag drum mag thru his vr80 (Morpheus), anyone tried this? doesn't say what kind it was, but it appears to run without a problem.
  5. anything by C.J. Box ie Blood Trail Blue Heaven Winterkill Open Season etc. Mysteries centering around a Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett. They make you want to move to Wymoing. Also anything by Lee Child, his books are also mysteries, around a former MP who wonders around the county from one problem to the next, they are excellent.
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