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On 11/17/2020 at 10:49 AM, 262alcante said:

Anyone use  the EMP in 9mm


EMP4 CCC 9mm is my current carry pistol. At least since I gave it a complete work over.

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I have an emp4 ccc in 40 that I picked up for a carry gun. I know the 40 is a much heavier steel gun than the 9, but it has been a rockstar for about 500 rounds so far. Just waiting on a holster now.


Not that I would really want to do it, but I shoot SS Major in 40 and this could be a backup gun for that if needed. It only weighs 5-6 ounces less than my competition SS.

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I had a EMP CCC in 9mm 4" barrel.  Loved it really nice gun that shot really well but ended up selling it and kind of regret it.  I did carry it a few times and it is a really nice gun to carry but I cant see carrying it over my Walther PPS or any glock for that matter.  I just feel safer with a round in the chamber in a striker fire than a 1911 cocked and locked.  I really don't want to shot my ass off lol!


If you run a defensive JHP round in it for carry or self defense make sure you run a bunch of them through it at the range.  I had a lot of issues with hollow points cycling had to send it back to Springfield to have feed ramp polished and chamber contoured.  I had no issues after that and it ran Federal HST with no issues.

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