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  1. Good points. It's been many years since I shot IDPA. There was always this conflict over competitors using gear in the game that they wouldn't use on the "street." As I contemplate getting back into IDPA, I've pretty much decided that I'd only use stuff I would actually carry. But any time you introduce a timer and score sheet into a game, most people are going to look for any advantage they can get. I doubt many of the people shooting CZs and Glock 34s, etc. are actually carrying those guns for CCW.
  2. Once I get beyond 45 minutes, I'm out. I just don't want to spend that much time driving to and from my practice sessions. Too much of a reason to skip practice.
  3. No doubt about that. I'm sure most people who train and practice heavily for USPSA (and other action shooting games) develop quite a bit of muscle memory. With enough practice, I suspect you don't really need sights to hit center mass on a human-sized target at 7 yards.
  4. I've gone both ways. I have a few different carry guns - one of which is a Hellcat with a Shield RMSc optic that's co-witnessed. I generally assume that a self-defense situation would most likely be point-and-shoot. But that optic is not hard to conceal. So I can see very little downside in having it on there.
  5. I'll put another vote in for the AMG Commander. I don't think there's an easier-to-use option out there. Big advantage for me over the CED 7000 is the replaceable battery. No need to worry about keeping it charged.
  6. Ah cool. I misunderstood. Thought you were talking about the 1866 Winchester lever action.
  7. A little off topic, but which 66 do you have? I've been shopping around for a 66 or 73, but can't decide which one. I'll probably go with 44-40, just to match my Colt SAA in the same caliber.
  8. I'd stop competing at all if I had to load on a single stage press. I use my RC for 44-40 and a few other oddball calibers.
  9. Same here. I've used Dillon, RCBS, Redding and Lee. I cannot say that I've ever noticed a difference. Maybe it would matter for precision rifle. But I've never shot that, so I have no idea.
  10. Isn't that the truth. I got started on a RockChucker. It was a great way to learn reloading. But I cannot imagine going back to one for anything other than odd calibers that see little action in my guns.
  11. Pretty much just verify at the beginning of a reloading session - with my 1050 or 650. I've never gotten a substantial variance with either of them, however.
  12. This was my thinking as well. I set up my automated 1050 for 9mm - representing 90 percent of my reloading. I have a 650 off to the side - used for the other various rounds that I load. I do prefer the 1050 for the higher volume stuff. Particularly since that setup is automated.
  13. Oh yeah, I also really like the swage-sense. Nice for those rare instances when a primer pocket isn't empty.
  14. Powder and primer sensors are nice. I have the bullet sense sensor installed, but it just stopped working one day. Hasn't bothered me enough to even worry about fixing it. So I guess I'd say that's not a "must have" for me.
  15. If you like jacketed, you might try Zero bullets. I called to place an order for 10k 147gr 9mms. A month later, they are on the way.
  16. I have a Staccato C2 that I run with an optic. I've put thousands of rounds through the gun without a glitch. I've made no modifications to it. I'm just one person, so take it for what it's worth. But it is one of my favorite guns.
  17. Makes sense. I'm probably just overthinking the whole thing.
  18. I guess there's probably no perfect option when the temperature gets about 90.
  19. Any vest/concealment recommendations for people who live in hot places - like Florida?
  20. Update on this thread. I ordered 10k bullets from Zero a month ago - fully expecting to wait at least six months for my order, given the earlier comments on this thread. But I got a call yesterday, saying the order is ready to ship.
  21. Over the years, I've had at least three PM9s as I've gone in and out of single stack. Impossible to go wrong with the gun. Customer service - in my experience - was fantastic. This was several years back, but I was having issues with my reloads being a little too long for the chamber. So I called Dan Wesson to ask about sending the barrel back for an adjustment. I fully planned to pay for it. But they paid for the shipping both ways and did the work on the gun for free.
  22. I put in an order for 10k 147gr bullets from Zero (Roze Distribution) one month ago. I was expecting to wait at least 6 months for the order to be filled. Got a call yesterday saying the order is shipping out Monday. I've been working under the general theory that bullets are going to be easier and easier to find until the primer shortage eases up. I mean, eventually, people are going to run out of primers. Who needs bullets when you don't have primers?
  23. I didn't notice it doing anything. But, as you said, I haven't shot a non-ported model either.
  24. Have you thought about a lightweight version of thermals? When I lived in the Midwest, I built a collection of tight-fitting thermal type shirts designed for varying levels of cold - from winter to fall/spring. The lightest were great for the situations you describe. Then you can just wear your regular short-sleeve shooting shirt on top of it.
  25. A club I can join. Mine is in .22 magnum. Ported (not really sure why) with a big white dot front sight. It's a hoot to shoot. Not a quick reloader, of course. Totally fun. And absolutely tiny for those times you want to carry more than rocks in your pocket.
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