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  1. I've had good luck with their stuff . Particularly the tungsten guide rods. They make an extra-large model that has done well so far on G4 G17.
  2. During the Obama years, a lot of us learned the hard way how supplies could dry up. I remember having friends who couldn't shoot matches because they had trouble finding enough ammo or primers/powder. Since then, I've never let myself drop below 15k primers and 12lbs or so of powder. Worried this year could be a wild ride.
  3. Kuhl pants are awesome. I find myself wearing Kuhl Renegades all the time now. Cargo pants. Lightweight. Fast drying. The legs can be removed to turn them into shorts. Once I found these, I stopped wearing various 511s, etc.
  4. I'll toss another vote in for the Johnny Glock. I'll admit it was a difficult purchase to make - based on the price. I often say that I have spent money on a lot of stupid things during my time in USPSA. This wasn't one of them. It's just a great trigger.
  5. I can definitely see the advantage of that. So annoying having to fix those when that happens. That was actually the source of my kaboom.
  6. Same here. If I were ever going to shoot a 9mm 1911 in competition, this would be my combo. I've had 3 over the years - each of them ultra reliable.
  7. One of my favorite shows right now. Such a great job with the characters. Took me a while to figure out that Homelander was the same guy who played Lucas Hood in Banshee. Just a fantastic, twisted take on super heroes.
  8. I hate these threads. I was in the reloading room this evening, wondering if I should upgrade my 650 to a 750. Love the 650, but I have had my share of issues with the primer system. Still have a hole in the ceiling above the press from my one primer kaboom. Just one more thing to spend money on, I guess.
  9. Had horrible luck with DPPs. But I've put around 6k rounds on my primary SRO. Not a hiccup yet.
  10. tbarker13

    Red dot for G17

    I'm now 5-6k rounds on my SRO (on a Glock 17). Still working great. By this time I'd already sent my DDPs back at least three times. There are those who love the DPP - maybe I just got unlucky with mine.
  11. Using a Glock 17 for CO right now. For carry, I use a couple options: The Springfield Hellcat (still waiting on a Shield RMSc optic for it) and a tiny Seecamp in 32 acp when I want something tiny.
  12. Went with the 17. Is there really any advantage to a 34 over a 17 in CO?
  13. I've been using the SRO for a few months now. So far, I can find no reason not to like it. Which is saying a lot more than I could about my DPPs. But hell, with any of these, you can find someone who's had a problem of some sort.
  14. With my Gen 4, I added this tungsten guide rod: https://www.glockstore.com/Pure-Tungsten-Guide-Rod-for-Gen4-5-Glocks and the Thug plug. I had to modify it to make it work with the +2 and +4 backstraps. I like the extra weight. Still, it doesn't shoot as flat as my former CZ guns.
  15. tbarker13

    Red dot for G17

    Same here. Zero issues, so far, with my SRO. Had many issues with my DPPs.
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