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  1. You might consider contacting DW's customer service about the gun - if it's shooting so far to the left that you can't adjust the sights enough to compensate. That shouldn't be happening. It's been a few years since I had any dealings with them, but they were easy to work with - and really seemed eager to stand behind the quality of their guns.
  2. Well, just cleared the up mystery. Just talked to Cajun. Apparently, the serrations on the Bull Shadow cut deeply enough into the slide that there's not enough room to do a direct mount - even with smaller screws. So, if you want to direct mount, it sounds like the Shadow II is the way to go. Sort of makes me wish I'd gone that route - as I'd rather avoid the aluminum mounting plate. But too late now.
  3. Weird. I asked them about it and they said they don't do that. Said the slide is too narrow. They have my slide right now. That's a little confusing.
  4. Working on a similar build - with the SRO optic. One downside of that optic is that you can't fit it directly to the slide - which I had hoped to do. Cajun says the screw pattern on the SRO is too wide to work on the slide. So it has to use an aluminum mounting plate.
  5. Definitely be careful. Overtightened the screws on one of my aluminum optic plates. It was fun getting hit in the face by the detached optic during a stage run. Since then, I've been tightening it down until it's firm - followed by a slight nudge. Not very scientific. Someone else posted this link that could be helpful. https://www.engineersedge.com/torque_table_sae.htm
  6. Never shot an M&P. But I did spend some time with Glock 17. I can't imagine going back to a polymer framed gun after shooting a Shadow or Shadow 2. I just find the recoil management to be so much easier with the steel-framed guns.
  7. tbarker13

    Shadow 2 accuracy

    Which Walther? My first thought would be the trigger. Once you get past the first double action pull on the CZ, it's smooth sailing. Beyond that, the weight of an all-steel CZ could make an impact - if we are comparing it to a polymer-framed Walther.
  8. I've had great work done by both CZ Custom and Cajun Gunworks. You can't go wrong with either.
  9. So tempted to get one of these. But I think that's just because I'm always tempted by the latest toys. I think I'm going to wait a while to see what bugs pop up - and what solutions you guys come up with to solve those bugs. I know the 650 well enough at this point, that there are don't seem to be any surprises left. I'm sure this will be a great press in the end.
  10. As you clearly know, the best thing you can do is practice those reloads. On some stages, it's going to be an easy way to shave a couple seconds off your time. But having the magwell is just going to make it even that much easier to accomplish your goal.
  11. Only you can decide if the extra expense is worth it. But at least in my experience, magwells are a big help. It's just a bigger target to aim for when you are doing that reload.
  12. Some awesome looking guns in there.
  13. Definitely look at Lok Grips. Love the palm swell versions. I know they have worked with some local shooters to make some that are thicker than their regular models.
  14. I've been wearing multi-focal contacts, which have helped a lot. But over time, the correction from those started to fail as well - for iron sights. Added a modified reader RX to my Oakley glasses. Took the gun in to my optometrist's office - and she did measurements to make the glasses work. Something about reading glasses being optimized for reading distance (18" or so), while the front sight of the gun is a little further than that. That helped a lot.
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