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  1. Recently got back into SS after taking a break from the division for a while. Picked up a DW PM9. The thing is just fantastic. A little pricier than the first two that I originally owned. But I don't think you can do better - without going the much pricier custom gun route. (And of course, there are other decent options out there in the same class of gun.) But I'll offer this bit of customer service experience from about 3 years ago: I'd picked up a PM9. It had issues reliably feeding my reloads, which were a little long. I called DW and mentioned the problem. Surprisingly, I didn't get the speech you hear from a lot of these companies, about how you should only use factory ammo in their guns. Instead, they asked me to send a dummy round and the gun back to them. They paid the shipping to and from the factory and took care of the problem. Didn't cost me a thing, other than being without my gun for about a week. I have no idea if they still operate that way. But that kind of service is tough to beat.
  2. I've had mixed results with Deltapoints. I love the company's customer service. Typically, it takes a few weeks to get one repaired if you go through the easy website return process. Unfortunately, I've had to take advantage of that with all four of the DPPs that I've owned. I have three now, with the idea that I'll have a spare when one of the others needs to go in for a repair. Earlier this month, I had two down at the same time. I called the company and told them I had a state match coming up shortly - so they expedited both repairs, getting them back to me in time for the match. But now I have to send the third one in for repair - after it started acting up during a practice session today. Great optic. And great warranty service. Just wish I didn't have to use it so much.
  3. Cajun now as a polymer guide rod for the Shadow 2. It's slightly longer. Never had any function issues with the shorter guide rod. But since I'm always looking for new ways to spend money on guns and accessories, I went ahead got the CGW version.
  4. So, I was able to get under weight without removing the protective cover from the Deltapoint Pro. Configuration: Deltapoint Pro. Slide milled by Cajun Gun Works. Lok lightweight palm swell grips Lok mag release button. Cajun Gunworks polymer guide rod Mecgar mags with Henning basepads Thin safety Comes in at 1265 grams or 44.62 ounces. I can drop to 1255 grams or 44.2 ounces with CZ 18 rounders with their extended baseplates.
  5. Just got my CZC mag and basepad and compared it to my Mecgar with Henning basepad. CZ mag with CZ Custom basepad = 92 grams Mec gar mag with Henning basepad = 104 grams Still waiting on my lightweight Lok grips to see where these changes put me.
  6. Have you looked at Lok's lightweight palm swell option? I have a set on order right now, along with the CZC baseplate/mag combo. Will see what those two changes do for my overall weight. I'll repost when I get these pieces in.
  7. Thanks. I'll check out that combination.
  8. So I'm having some weight issues. I have a S2 that just came back from CGW. Using their new polymer guide rod, a Deltapoint Pro, thin safeties and 17-round mecgars with Henning pasepads, I'm at 1,300 grams o 45.85 ounces. I can switch to Lok's lightweight palmswell grips to save 22 grams. That would bring me to 1,278 grams or 45.08 ounces. I can probably get under weight if I remove the front sight - but not enough to really feel comfortable. (I'm trying to avoid removing the DP pro's metal cover.) I wonder if anyone has done any weight comparisons on mag/basepad combos. What's the lightest option, still using aluminum basepads? The 17-round mecgars with Hennings are 106 grams.
  9. Not really sure how to measure it. But I'm using a 1050 so I can tinker with it.
  10. Firing pin has 5-6k rounds on it. But I've had the problems since it was new. It must be the primers or the seating depth.
  11. Yes, I do. I'm also leaving open the possibility that I could be running through a batch of suspect primers. These all came from the same lot. I just picked up some new Win primers that I'm going to try. As well as some Remingtons. Most of the other S2 users that I've talked to don't have this same problem. But for me, the light strikes happen anywhere from 1-5 out of 100 when I'm practicing.
  12. When I use the 11.5 lb hammer spring, I get light strikes too often to use in matches with win primers. I need to try seating the primers a little deeper. But for now, I use the 13lb spring, or the 11.5 with federals.
  13. Seems like the Mark 7 Facebook user group is gone. Was always a good place to get tips, see how other users were dealing with issues, etc. All I can find now is the company's official, promotional Facebook presence.
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