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  1. Good points. It's been many years since I shot IDPA. There was always this conflict over competitors using gear in the game that they wouldn't use on the "street." As I contemplate getting back into IDPA, I've pretty much decided that I'd only use stuff I would actually carry. But any time you introduce a timer and score sheet into a game, most people are going to look for any advantage they can get. I doubt many of the people shooting CZs and Glock 34s, etc. are actually carrying those guns for CCW.
  2. Once I get beyond 45 minutes, I'm out. I just don't want to spend that much time driving to and from my practice sessions. Too much of a reason to skip practice.
  3. No doubt about that. I'm sure most people who train and practice heavily for USPSA (and other action shooting games) develop quite a bit of muscle memory. With enough practice, I suspect you don't really need sights to hit center mass on a human-sized target at 7 yards.
  4. I've gone both ways. I have a few different carry guns - one of which is a Hellcat with a Shield RMSc optic that's co-witnessed. I generally assume that a self-defense situation would most likely be point-and-shoot. But that optic is not hard to conceal. So I can see very little downside in having it on there.
  5. I'll put another vote in for the AMG Commander. I don't think there's an easier-to-use option out there. Big advantage for me over the CED 7000 is the replaceable battery. No need to worry about keeping it charged.
  6. Ah cool. I misunderstood. Thought you were talking about the 1866 Winchester lever action.
  7. A little off topic, but which 66 do you have? I've been shopping around for a 66 or 73, but can't decide which one. I'll probably go with 44-40, just to match my Colt SAA in the same caliber.
  8. I'd stop competing at all if I had to load on a single stage press. I use my RC for 44-40 and a few other oddball calibers.
  9. Same here. I've used Dillon, RCBS, Redding and Lee. I cannot say that I've ever noticed a difference. Maybe it would matter for precision rifle. But I've never shot that, so I have no idea.
  10. Isn't that the truth. I got started on a RockChucker. It was a great way to learn reloading. But I cannot imagine going back to one for anything other than odd calibers that see little action in my guns.
  11. Pretty much just verify at the beginning of a reloading session - with my 1050 or 650. I've never gotten a substantial variance with either of them, however.
  12. This was my thinking as well. I set up my automated 1050 for 9mm - representing 90 percent of my reloading. I have a 650 off to the side - used for the other various rounds that I load. I do prefer the 1050 for the higher volume stuff. Particularly since that setup is automated.
  13. Oh yeah, I also really like the swage-sense. Nice for those rare instances when a primer pocket isn't empty.
  14. Powder and primer sensors are nice. I have the bullet sense sensor installed, but it just stopped working one day. Hasn't bothered me enough to even worry about fixing it. So I guess I'd say that's not a "must have" for me.
  15. If you like jacketed, you might try Zero bullets. I called to place an order for 10k 147gr 9mms. A month later, they are on the way.
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