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  1. Like a lot of competition shooters, I've reloaded tens of thousands of rounds over the years. I've had one squib at a match. Fortunately the RO stopped me before I could fire again. I still worry about this stuff. Personally, If I even suspect that I have a squib, I'll ask the RO to stop me - or stop myself if the RO won't do it. Either way, a stage score isn't worth the risk of ruining my gun - or worse.
  2. I'd bet there's a good chance it would hurt your resale value at a gun store. But, perhaps not if you sell it to another competition shooter through this forum - or wherever you find competition shooters. Someone looking for a CO gun is more likely to see the value in it - as opposed to the random customers who might walk into a gun store.
  3. For fun, I've started shooting one of my carry guns (Staccato C2duo) in open minor. Not competitive in Open, but when looking at overall match results, I can roughly compare myself to CO. Still, I live in Florida, where the weather often dictates a smaller gun. For that, I rotate several options: Sig P938, Beretta Hellcat and, for those times when I want even more discreet, a Seecamp .32.
  4. I've had a couple different EMP 9s over the years. I ended up selling them both, though I'm not 100 percent sure why. Great guns.
  5. Same thing here. That little extra leverage with the basepads eliminated a problem I was having with seating mags on the fly.
  6. Another version of the Dawson to consider: Magwell 1911 IPSC Classic Division It's low profile version that's a little shallower than the Ice model. No insert, but the depth difference can help when seating mags.
  7. I've used the DPP, RMR and SRO on CO guns. They all work (though the DPPs were far less reliable). My top preference would be the SRO. The larger window is nice. I also much prefer the larger 5 MOA over the 2.5 MOA. But then, my eyes are getting older. That's become a more important factor for me these days. The bigger dot is just easier for me pick up at speed.
  8. Hard to go wrong with the Dawson Ice magwells. Put them on every single stack gun I've used.
  9. I'll toss in another vote for the Everglades MRH race holster. Tried a few others when I was shooting Limited. But I just love the way this one works. Very smooth draw.
  10. So true. There are companies out there (I won't name them) that I still refuse to do business with over how they operated during the last shortage.
  11. Last time around, I swore I'd never drop below 15k primers. Kept ordering whenever I slipped below that mark. Luckily, my last reorder came just before everything started going crazy. Still, it's a little frightening - looking at how many months I can shoot before I start spending more time with a different hobby. No way I am going to pay the inflated prices for components.
  12. I've never used a 550 - but stories like this are what convinced me to go my route - starting with a single stage press, then a Square Deal, then a 1050. Keep thinking I might trade in the 650 for a 750 (for the upgraded primer system), but not in any hurry.
  13. I've had great luck with the SRO. Been using one on CO guns for about a year. Before that, I had a rotation of 3 DPPs that were in and out of customer service on a pretty regular basis (at one point they had 2 of my 3 optics at the same time). Great customer service at Leupold, by the way. Just not something you want to have to keep using.
  14. I feel pretty much the same way - though CO at 10 rounds would sort of suck. I do hear from people that mag capacity has a lot to do with their decision to shoot CO. But who knows if a change would be enough to send some people back to Production.
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