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  1. Hard to go wrong with Dan Wesson. I have loved my Dan Wesson PM9 for SS minor. Just great guns.
  2. After several years with CZs, I find myself moving back to Glock for CO. I wouldn't argue that it's a better platform. But I'm enjoying it.
  3. I've always disliked that "Indian/Arrow" analogy. Pick two Indians with the same skill set. Give one of them a set of crappy arrows, and he won't do as well as the other guy. It's the Indian and the arrow. Of course, dropping $2k-3k on a new gun won't make you jump from C class to A class. It's not that simple But there are decided advantages to be had in upgrading guns. For many shooters, a heavier gun is going to be a bonus. With some guns (1911s for example), you might pay more for increased reliability - which can translate to better match scores. That said, for some people - a Glock might be all they need. Bob Vogel has certainly done well with the platform. And there are a lot of bad shooters running around with expensive rigs. Beating them with a Glock doesn't mean expensive guns have no value.
  4. Had horrible luck with my 3 DPPs. Between the 3 units, they went back to the factory at least 5 times in the six months I was using them. Twice, Leupold had two of my optics in the shop at the same time. Got back into CO with SROs. So far, I've had no issues with them. But I need to run another 10k or so rounds through the gun before I'm convinced the SRO is better. But this is just one shooter's experience. I know people who swear by the reliability of DPPs.
  5. Biggest downside of the plate system is that you are mounting the optic on aluminum instead of steel. And that really only comes into play - in my personal idiot experience - if you overtighten the screws into the aluminum plate. You run the risk of stripping out the screw holes. Had an optic fly off my gun during a stage run after doing this. Clearly it's manageable - with lots of people putting thousands of rounds through their guns with plate systems. If I had the option though, I'd rather mount the optic directly onto the slide and avoid the potential problem.
  6. Interesting David. I really don't want to increase the PF on this thing. Really like the way it's running right now. May just have to put up with a little cosmetic damage to the optic.
  7. Interesting thread - given that my Gen 4 MOS has very quickly beat up my SRO. I've put less than 1,000 rounds through it, but already the leading edges of the SRO are showing a lot of finish erosion. Guess I can give the apex extractor a try.
  8. Tried using rear fibers in my earlier USPSA days. But as several others have mentioned, those rear fibers can be distracting. Now, I just use plain black rear sights. Much better for me.
  9. Interesting. Didn't realized the Dawson's and Brownells were the same.
  10. Try buying one of each that you are considering and test them.
  11. For me, it has always been Dawson. I find them easier to seat than the Tripps or Wilson when loaded to 10. And, at least in my experiences, the Tripps do not fall free during reloads unless they are essentially empty. It's easy to see why if you look at the way the mags are cut at the top - the Tripp has a deeper cut than the Dawsons, allowing the second bullet down to be pushed forward just enough to make the mag hang up - and not drop free. Not a big deal if you are going to use it for IDPA, where most of your reloads would be at slide lock. For USPSA, I found the Tripps to be unusable.
  12. That's an excuse to buy another slide - or gun.
  13. At some point, being closer to the slide is an advantage. I don't know what that point is. On my G19, with co-witnessed sights, I think it makes a difference.
  14. Exactly. Might not be a huge difference. But there is a difference.
  15. I don't doubt it, based on my own experience of overtightening screws in an aluminum plate on my CZ. Wasn't paying close enough attention and managed to strip the screw holes. Found out the hard way when the optic flew off the gun during a stage run.
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