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Inline Fab Quick Change Plate System

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Anybody using this system? Likes/dislikes? I was all set to build my new reloading room, but I'm thinking it'll be postponed a while. So now I need to consolidate/save space until i can build what I want.


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I use it and it’s awesome. It’s very solid and changing the plate is as simple as unscrewing 2 thumbscrews.

I use it for a small Lee reloader, Star lubesizer, and Mec sizemaster.

One thing to consider is height. My Mec is a little uncomfortable at the height where my other presses work well. Inline Fab now makes an elevated workbase for the quick change system. If you have presses that need varying height, I would buy the flush mount base plate and use the elevated workbase for the presses that need height. Hope that helps.

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27 minutes ago, MikeRussell said:

It's a great system. I've got 2 different height bases and the top plates for 4 different presses and a vice. I don't even bother looking at anyone else's offerings, because these are so well made. 

Agree. His stuff is also well priced!

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I have my bench set up with my Dillon 650 and 550 and a single stage. I have the holes drilled for my shot shell presses and Star lube sizer but it is a PITA to clear off the junk to mount them so I just don't use them like I should.  I started using the Inline system and now it is easy to pop off my Single stage press and mount the lube sizer or one of the three shot shell presses.

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Same here, have the QR receiver plate routed into the workbench with mounts for several presses, trimmer, bench vise, etc... plus both height risers.  Just an all around solid setup.  Older pics, but you get the idea. Adding the risers gives you the most flexibility too.






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Dan makes some super products, very sturdy and well designed.


I have the quick change plates on my 550C & 750 with tall Ultramounts for them both. Very sturdy and nicely job on the powder coating.


These are for the temporary bench (we are moving in a few months) set up in a spare bedroom.


I'm also looking at his gear for the RC Supreme.  He's made an auto-eject system for it.  I'm considering this for mounting the RC to my garage bench and use it for de-priming & swaging prior to cleaning on that same bench.





Don't forget to add the $10 t-shirt to your orders.


It's a black t-shirt with a small logo on front chest and a cool "press cranking" scene on the back.  Good material.


I've got two of them and will add another on my next IF order.  Comfortable. Great for days off knocking around the house.

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