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  1. Got mine ordered, guess I'll clean it up (haven't cleaned since who knows when), and be ready when the gauge comes in. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I use this one... https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Shooters-Connection-CarryIDPA-Belt-P3992.aspx It's legal (I just shot a Tier 3 with it and it passed inspection) and it's STIFF (stiffer than my CR Speed belt that I use for USPSA)... and doesn't cost much. Pay close attention to how they say to measure for it, don't just use your belt or pant size.
  3. Saw that posted on FB the other day and it had me wanting to shoot Open, and I'm a Limited guy. Sweet blaster!
  4. A little late checking out this thread, but here yall go. This is a bone stock P120 with factory mag and crappy stock sights.
  5. I've got large hands... I've got the large backstrap installed and my stippling guy (Valhalla Customs) melted down a spare backstrap to build up my frame before stippling (rather than sanding down the factory texture). The *thumb rest [generic]* that Esteban designed was the last piece of the puzzle I needed to keep muzzle flip to a minimum with major PF ammo (I don't want to hang a weighted flashlight of the rail). Now, I have to start trying to speed up because I get my sights settled out so fast. Here's what it looks like installed. Pictured is my USPSA Limited pistol and my IDPA ESP pistol.
  6. I've been doing the T&E for it on the XDM platform in competition...I run it on my XDM 5.25 40 Limited/L10 gun. While it may not look too racy, it definitely does the job. It's well finished and well made (I've got a few thousand rounds on it and it shows absolutely no wear). If you're looking to get one, go to GoGuns and get the one for the XD Mod 2. It's not labeled as for the XDM yet, but it fit without modification (though it's a little snug). Also, when you rotate it to take down the gun, it's going to seem like you're having to over rotate it, but you aren't...that's just an illusion due to the geometry of the lever. It does require a race holster, or one relieved where the *thumb rest [generic]* sits/travels.
  7. There was a light I was considering using, it's about $33 on Amazon and one of the reviewers said it was shaped identical to his TLR1. I would feel bad about buying and destroying a TLR1 to make a weight, this cheap thing I wouldn't even care... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XGJV7MZ/?coliid=I24H3ZIHTN8WDT&colid=2CAUDMVNV0N1T&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  8. Depending on lighting & weather conditions, I swap the lenses on my Oakley's from the Prism TR45, TR22, or Black Iridium polarized. The Prism 22 & 45 make everything VERY clear and when you take them off, natural or indoor lighting seems very harsh.
  9. They were flushing out old stock because Springfield announced a new OSP package that includes the standard barrel and a threaded suppressor ready barrel in the box. I picked one up for my wife for about $350 with no optic right before the new ones were released.
  10. I was planning on trying this as well. Did you trim out the ribs inside the backstrap to make room for the putty/weights? I'm thinking about that, the brass magwell, and maybe a weight made with a light body to get the non-reciprocating weight up.
  11. Mine with a Springer aluminum magwell , slide racker, and 140mm mag extensions...plus a Pistolgear tungsten guide rod is right about 36oz. I've got the slide at Springer for milling, then will probably add their brass magwell to it. It should be closer to 38-39oz (just redistributed) by the time I get that done. Mine is a 5.25 .40S&W. My IDPA ESP gun is about 34oz with Springer ESP magwell, solid stainless guide rod, and .25 base pads...also a 5.25 .40S&W. My wife's Production gun (5.25 9mm) is 33oz with a tungsten guide rod and .375 Springer base pads.
  12. I do that with shipping boxes that I receive, making targets in all sizes (full to 1/6 scale, steel, etc) and use them for dry fire or sometimes live fire at the range.
  13. We're in the same boat...Season 1 was outstanding Season 2 we didn't even finish watching because it was a bit boring, and so far Season 3 is great.
  14. The only ones currently on the market as a complete guide rod are available from PistolGear and are for the XD45 Tactical and the XD Mod2/XDM. Both styles out of stock currently. http://www.pistolgear.com/proddetail.php?prod=PG065B http://www.pistolgear.com/proddetail.php?prod=PG066B Springer Precision makes a tungsten insert, but I believe it is only for the XDM.
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