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  1. MikeRussell

    actual lead time from glock using certificate

    Credit card. I contacted them first via email and was told that the main reason things get held up is lack of info.
  2. MikeRussell

    actual lead time from glock using certificate

    I have not used a GSSF cert for buying a Glock at blue label pricing, but I did send in a Cert for a Glock won at the Gator Classic. I was told to expect up to 3-4 months to get the pistol by many on the various forums/groups. I got it in 2wks and it was one of the Gen 5 G34MOS with the front serrations on the slide. Maybe it's just a matter of when you send, what's on hand, and what form of payment you use?
  3. MikeRussell

    G34 Gen 5 Mag release

    I don't have an answer for you, but I did notice that it seems awful short on the one I just got. Hopefully, someone will come along with some suggestions.
  4. MikeRussell

    SSP vs ESP Modification

    That was my interpretation as well, but I'm fairly new to IDPA.
  5. MikeRussell

    Getting fit?

    Are you needing to lose weight, build strength, both? I lost 45lbs in 4 months just by cutting caloric intake drastically (down to 2300/day, my requirements to maintain are 2700-2800/day just based upon body weight and composition) and the weight melted off. I'd put on quite a bit of weight when I had back issues, then more in the sedentary 2 month recovery period after back surgery. The first 2 weeks SUCKED in a big way, I was hungry all the time. Then my body adapted and now a 2200 cal day seems a bit much. The biggest changes came when I cut out sugars (processed ones, I use local honey in my coffee), cut out all sweets & sodas, cut way back on carbs (hard to do in the land of rice and gravy), and drastically increased my veggie intake while keeping my protein intake the same. I'll eat a good sized breakfast, small healthy snack at 9, decent sized lunch, small healthy snack at 3, then a light dinner. I never focused on weighing myself all the time, weight fluctuates a lot from day to day. I do a weekly weigh in, same time of day, same day of the week, same clothes (shorts & Tshirt), etc. Now, while my job requires strength (mechanic in offshore oil & gas industry), weightlifting and calisthenic workouts caused me to flounder some (different muscle groups used). I found an app that helped get in better overall shape. It's free and called Home Workout by Leap Fitness Group. There are different difficulty levels, different focus areas, as well as a whole body and lower body workout program. They also make other apps that work well too. Those will get you started on the path. After that, you can start focusing on specific exercises that will help you out in different aspects of the sport. Once you get into the "fair to middling" shape, you may decide to get with a trainer to get help you meet your goals (which are always changing).
  6. MikeRussell

    n320 temp sensitive?

    I was at 174pf with BBI 180s & 4.8gr N320 out of a XDM 5.25 at this year's Gator Classic. We chrono'd on day 1, our 2nd stage, and temps still hadn't gotten over 40F that morning. Same load, same gun, in 70F weather made 171pf.
  7. That was a great breakdown on how, what, and why. I'll be adding it to my practice routine. Thanks!
  8. MikeRussell

    Mini mr Bulletfeeder

    I'm not one of the "Blue Crew" (my press is red and inexpensive) and I tried out one of these for loading 40 (I'm about to get another for loading 9mm). It's great, very consistent placement/drop, and on my "sounds like 'Roadblaster' press", I can load 100rnds in about 5mins if I want to (I usually go at a little slower pace). Then I have to fill my collator and swap out "cylinders" for the bullet feeder. Every 3rd rotation, I fill the powder hopper. I do separate out some of my loading functions. On an old Pro1000, I deprime, prime, and size (I have very few primer issues on the Pro1000). When I'm ready to load, I swap to the Loadmaster, which does powder drop, powder check, bullet feed, seat, then crimp.
  9. MikeRussell

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    This is making me seriously consider doing the same to my ProMatch Ultra 10mm! Very nice!
  10. MikeRussell

    Training with extremely limited time

    While I'm in a similar situation...I'll stick with my 14/14 (2wks at work, 2wks at home) job and just take the hit on my shooting. Just can't see working most of my life (working 5 on, 2 off) for less money...something about making 6 figures while getting a vacation every month is just a little too appealing.
  11. MikeRussell

    Who is/can do milling of 5.25 slides (not for optics)

    Thanks for the info, Rich! Yes, it'll never be a 2011 or CZ TS, but it's cheap and fun to play with.
  12. MikeRussell

    Who is/can do milling of 5.25 slides (not for optics)

    Most of the mass on a XDM is in the slide. I'm trying to get that reciprocating mass down a little. I've already added weight to the frame to counter it (with the exception of making an old tac light frame into a weight). Also, honestly, the aesthetics is part of it...something to set it apart (besides running a XDM in Limited Major).
  13. OK guys, I need some help here. I want to get some additional slide lightening done on my 5.25 slide, besides the factory cut. I like the DV8 portal cut style, but sadly they do not do them on XDM slides (I asked). I'm thinking window cuts, remove the front cocking serrations, maybe a couple of smaller lightening cuts near the recoil spring portion, and open to any other suggestions. I'm looking for any and all suggestions on those that can do the work. I've got one of mine getting some frame work done right now, so I can go pick up its slide and send it off for work.
  14. MikeRussell

    New guy from Louisiana.

    Welcome! What part are you from? Lafayette area here.
  15. MikeRussell

    Indoor USPSA matches

    Our club is an indoor club (which can be a blessing in the South Louisiana summers where it gets so hot, we go to hell to cool off). We have one large bay to work with, but no "battle walls." We usually run 3 stages (sometimes 4) per match and do a match a week. We also do 2 day classifier only matches (6 stages over 2 nights) about every 6 months or so. The main way we do it is that we have one large main stage that takes up the whole range. Everyone shoots as 1 squad. Then we have a 2nd stage that might be similar to the first stage, but there is movement between the 2 halves. The 3rd stage is usually a classifier set up in the middle. The last 2 stages are shot in 2 squads, one squad shoots then the other squad shoots, and then we all go down to score/tape. It's fairly efficient and we can run 30+ shooters through all 3 stages (including set up and tear down time) in about 3-4hrs. On the rare nights that we have 20 or less shooters, we can be in and out in 2hrs total. As far as steel indoors, we use Newbold poppers and plates. Essentially just resealable, polymer type targets. They've been holding up well so far.