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  1. No, statements with no explanation make zero sense. If you have a differing viewpoint, then explain it.
  2. I've also got the Atlas ones, plus big hands here (XXL gloves), and they are nice & very comfortable for me.
  3. Some sand paper and an EGW mag gauge. We had a few club members not make the gauge, then after a few sessions of sanding, they fit just fine.
  4. I've got a RIA I'm playing around in Limited with this year. Gen 1 STI mags fit perfect, no need to change mag catch or anything. The Remington 18rnd mags work well too. You can find Rem mags for about $30-35 and Gen 1 STIs for $40
  5. we had a saying that sort of covered this in the Navy...choose your rate, choose your fate. If you choose to shoot with a 26oz gun, then that was your choice and you live with the consequences (good or bad) of that choice. If you choose to shoot with a 43oz gun, then that was your choice and you live with the consequences (good or bad) of that choice. Don't cry because someone chose a different gun that was heavier to aid with recoil control, they may be crying that you have a lighter gun that transitions faster between targets.
  6. swap down to the 14# spring and you should be good. I played in Prod for a while with 5.25 in 40 and shoot one in IDPA ESP, using about 140pf ammo (I just swap out 155gr bullets instead of 180s on my regular major load). I run 14# springs and haven't had any issues, not even when I did powderpuff 180gr minor loads like you're describing. The only time I did have issues running the 14# spring was when testing out some 140gr bullets (again same load as the 180gr major loads, just swap bullets) and they were around 115-120pf.
  7. MikeRussell

    10mm CZ custom

    Most conversion kits are a complete top end and at least 1 magazine. There may be a different follower, but some people have run 10mm in a 45ACP mag. The 97 is a 45 platform, so a new slide is a must for the proper breech face, as is a barrel (from scratch or existing undrilled blanks, because there is no other caliber for this platform). That's where the majority of the price is coming from in the kit.
  8. MikeRussell

    10mm CZ custom

    Announced pricing was $500 & change for a conversion, around $2300 for complete gun, and $3000 for the package that was shown off online and at Shot.
  9. When our club first started, I think we may have had one certified RO. I'd attended the class like 11yrs previous, but had been away from the sport for nearly 10yrs. Now, a large portion of our regular members are ROs and I'm a CRO. As long as you're keeping everyone safe and keeping to the rules, you're good...besides, you had a certified RO helping keep tabs on everything, so you were actually "in training."
  10. Unlike USPSA, IDPA does not specify a start position other than the default holstered with any applicable safeties engaged. Everything else must be lined out in the stage brief if it's a non-standard start. So...if it says "unloaded on the table," then an unloaded gun anywhere on the table suffices (slide forward, slide locked, center of the table, off to one side, etc); however, if the stage brief says "unloaded, slide forward, trigger guard on the mark" then it better be unloaded, slide forward, trigger guard on the mark. Will you get accused of being a gamer if you lock the slide back and put it in a preferred easy reach rather than in the center with the slide forward? Probably, but it IS a game.
  11. The DA is indeed very heavy, however Cajun Gun Works has the parts to change that and make it much better. They also have sights to help fix the mediocre factory sights. I got one a while back to play with, it's a nice pistol and the factory machining was actually better than the factory machining on my SP01. After a little work and tuning, the trigger was acceptable. Out of the 3 different CZ clones I tried out, it was actually the best (subjective and objective). The T120 felt like a toy (alloy frame full sized) and was the worst as far as accuracy. The T100 felt much better balanced and shot better than its full sized counterpart. The P120 felt well balanced and shot groups almost as tight as my SP01. The balance on the P120 is slightly different than a SP01, but most people won't notice it. It doesn't have the heavier barrel that the SP01 has either. You can make SP01 grips fit it, IIRC it just needs a slight oblonging of a grip screw hole. I wouldn't hesitate to use one in IDPA or backup for Prod, as long as it had a little work done to it and some new, better sights.
  12. I just used the numbered ones from Dawson.
  13. There was another thread (I believe on here) that someone suggested a cheap vest off of Amazon. I got it and have been using it for the past year. Hit it with a little starch and it's more than stiff enough to flip out of the way. I keep an empty mag in one pocket and a small flashlight in the other to give them some weight to swing. I'm 6'2" & 220lbs and got the XL, it hangs low enough to cover the gun when arms are out at sides and is slightly too large but works (you can use that info for sizing reference). I've got better things to spend my money on than a vest for a game. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AXIU8SI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. About every 5K rounds, I'd do a deep clean. When I changed recoil springs, I changed the striker spring (after all they come with the Wolff springs). I have never had a gun related failure, I've had ammo issues while trying to search for the proper OAL to get 20 in the mag, but the gun never failed. I'm swapping platforms this year, but still keeping my old XDM 5.25 40 as a backup and I still shoot one in ESP in IDPA.
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