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  1. 10mm is a large primer, .40 is a small primer. So, yeah, it kinda does
  2. Ghost Hybrid are about $20, you can adjust them with the included inserts.
  3. For your first few matches, while waiting for correct base plates to come in, we'd let you run CO...if you'd mentioned that they were over length by a hair. We do not verify competitors mag lengths unless it's grossly obvious. Myself and one other person in our club have the EGW gauge and mostly just make it available to members that are going to majors, so they may check their equipment and not get unpleasant surprise bumps to Open when on the road. I, myself, have shot two level 2 matches where my mags weren't checked, and I'm thankful because they were just a hair over 141.25mm (that's why I got the gauge after someone else checked them for me at another local match). Surprisingly, the ones that are gross violators are the Sig P320s with their factory extended mags (lots of them in our club) and everyone has started shaving them down on the back edge to be legal.
  4. Titan reloading is having Dillon Daze going on now. It's $60 off of a 750, making the cost for the basic machine $589. https://www.titanreloading.com/dillon-precision-products/dillon-presses/DILLON-XL750
  5. I've been through about a case (12000) of them at this point and have had no issues with them at all.
  6. Do you have any of the striker springs that come with Wolff recoil springs? If so, try changing it out to one of those, I've still got a 2lb 7oz trigger pull using those. I've never run into that issue, but I stick with Fiocchi primers these days. I did used to have some old Wolf primers from a stash, I didn't have any ignition issues with my PRP Extreme or PRP Ultimate Match kits in various pistols.
  7. Probably pretty well, until you got something coming back your way.
  8. Yes. Like styles interchange. So you can put a XD service slide on a XD tactical frame and the reverse, but you cannot put them on a XDM frame/slide.
  9. I doubt it. I did a Lvl 3 earlier this year and mine with +.25s only fit the box when the rear sight was compressed fully. The 5.25 is a very tight fit in the box when outfitted identical to mine.
  10. Not sure about the Dawsons, but I use Springer Precision +.25 basepads and it just barely fits the box when you compress the rear sight...so I would say anything larger than +.25 is a no go.
  11. Nationals' registration is now open, may the odds be forever in your favor!
  12. LoCap is still there for me, but I went to it through my upcoming events link and shows registration closed. I'd be willing to bet they'll be back visible to all once open registration starts tomorrow.
  13. Saw it, got bored half way through. There were some good action scenes, but it was just a boring movie.
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