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  1. MikeRussell

    New guy from Louisiana.

    Welcome! What part are you from? Lafayette area here.
  2. MikeRussell

    Indoor USPSA matches

    Our club is an indoor club (which can be a blessing in the South Louisiana summers where it gets so hot, we go to hell to cool off). We have one large bay to work with, but no "battle walls." We usually run 3 stages (sometimes 4) per match and do a match a week. We also do 2 day classifier only matches (6 stages over 2 nights) about every 6 months or so. The main way we do it is that we have one large main stage that takes up the whole range. Everyone shoots as 1 squad. Then we have a 2nd stage that might be similar to the first stage, but there is movement between the 2 halves. The 3rd stage is usually a classifier set up in the middle. The last 2 stages are shot in 2 squads, one squad shoots then the other squad shoots, and then we all go down to score/tape. It's fairly efficient and we can run 30+ shooters through all 3 stages (including set up and tear down time) in about 3-4hrs. On the rare nights that we have 20 or less shooters, we can be in and out in 2hrs total. As far as steel indoors, we use Newbold poppers and plates. Essentially just resealable, polymer type targets. They've been holding up well so far.
  3. MikeRussell

    USPSA App

    The only issues I have are that some of the appendices aren't scaled correctly and won't allow panning, but if I turn my phone sideways I can read all columns. The classifier calculator is the same. Also, the zoom in/out buttons on some pages only zoom in. Those are the only quirks I found when I was playing around with it yesterday. FWIW, I'm using it on a Samsung S8.
  4. MikeRussell

    Mag falling out of XDm after 2nd shot

    My wife's Production gun has this problem with a couple of brand new, never used mags. She has 8 that work and those 2 just won't stay latched in. I haven't fully fixed it, but I suspect it's the cutout in the mag. I don't have that problem in my XDM 5.25 40S Limited gun. As far as extensions, I use Springers with Grams guts on mine and get 20rnds reloadable, no issues with staying locked in the gun fully loaded, can be easily inserted with the slide forward, no issues with feeding last round, etc.
  5. MikeRussell

    Who makes the softest .40 sw off the shelf?

    Winchester Train & Defend 180gr FMJ is pretty damn soft...however, it barely makes major in my XDM 5.25 in S. Louisiana, so you'd definitely want to verify with a chrono. IIRC, it was like 167pf on an average Louisiana summer day (aka HOOOOOOOOT and humid).
  6. MikeRussell

    "Indexing" your shooting belt

    I'm similar to others. Inner belt goes on normally. Production belt goes on forwards, holster indexed to proper position first, then wrap the rest of the belt around. Limited belt goes on backwards, front mag holder indexed on the button of my pants/shorts.
  7. MikeRussell

    Alliant Sport Pistol

    I'm betting the 200s with 4.0gr will make major for me in S Louisiana. I was going to load some up and test, but ended up having to deal with poison oak covering my arms, chest, and face. Now, I'm back at work for the next 2wks, so it'll have to wait until later for me to test any more loads.
  8. MikeRussell

    N320 40 S&W Load Recipes

    4.8gr N320 BBI 180gr Fiocchi primers mixed range brass 1.155 OAL Makes 170pf out of my XDM 5.25s
  9. MikeRussell

    Alliant Sport Pistol

    I loaded up some 200gr Swamp Poppers RN with some Sport Pistol last night and went to the range today to do some Chrono testing. Test pistol was my fairly new (less than 500rnds) backup XDM 5.25. Conditions were after a (much needed, cooling) rain, 77F (feels like was 77F), 82 for humidity, 71 for dew point, 20ft above sea level (I am in S Louisiana after all). Rounds were loaded with 3.2 to 3.8gr of Sport Pistol, 200gr Swamp Popper RN coated bullets, Fiocchi small pistol primers, 1.150 OAL. 10rnds of each charge weight 3.2gr produced an avg velocity of 732fps (146pf) 3.4gr produced an avg velocity of 763fps (152pf) 3.6gr produced an avg velocity of 791fps (158pf) 3.8gr produced an avg velocity of 816fps (163pf) The 3.8gr charge weight showed no adverse signs on primers nor casings, no indications that it was approaching a max load or over pressurization, recoil was still very mild, groupings started to close up the closer I got to major PF. On a day with less humidity, I suspect the 3.8gr would've made major (barely), but we don't get a lot of those types of days here in the summer. I'm planning on loading up another set, going from 3.8-4.2gr, to see how things shake out in the next couple of days. I also did some testing with BBI 180s at 1.155 OAL, Fiocchi primers, and ran ladders from 4.6-5.0 with both N320 and SP just to see how close they were (same pistol used, normal match load is 4.8gr N320 with the BBI 180s). Same charge weights ended up with similar velocities, with slight velocity edge to the N320, and better ES for the SP. To make 170pf with SP, charge weight was 4.8gr and it was VERY consistently producing right around 945fps. With a 4.8gr charge of N320, I was closer to 175pf. Recoil impulse between the two powders loaded identically showed no real discernable differences.
  10. MikeRussell

    Lee Pro 1000

    I started on a Pro1K, now I use a LoadMaster for loading and the Pro1K for depriming. I've got a Breech Lock Challenger for loading up hunting rounds as well. I'm a tinkerer, so I don't mind making adjustments here and there...and the ingenuity that Lee put into some of their products amazes me. The speed at which I can load on my LoadMaster is fast enough for me, and when set up right the consistency is there as well. Now, if I won the Powerball or something, I'd probably have a couple of automated Mark7s on the bench, but I'm more than happy with my Lees.
  11. MikeRussell

    AR 9 nightmare

    If you decide to swap out triggers, Primary Arms has the new CMC made for PCC now. http://www.primaryarms.com/cmc-triggers-9mm-ar-15-ar-9-single-stage-flat-trigger
  12. MikeRussell

    fiber optic front insert

    I use the CZ Competition sights (all black rear) with the 1.5mm (0.06in) FO front sight. Low light days (aka overcast) or indoors the green rod sees use, on sunny days I use a red rod.