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  1. Excellent response. Very true. You could also call that same toll free number and make inquiries that way and find out a bit more than you'll get with their chat. As for any insight.....there is pandemic underway that has slowed and in some cases, halted, the supply chains for many goods.....
  2. Weight, size and other dimensions of that Springfield are almost identical to a gun that I'm waiting on now.....hoping to get the call from my ffl this week. Looking forward to the easy to carry, accurate and dependable performance that our cco-sized guns can offer. I really like the magwell mainspring housing, too. I had buddy scoff at my plans on adding one to my cco but avoiding them in my commanders. He said it defeats the purpose. In my hand....the lengthened backstrap surface area is perfect....especially if checkered. I already use magazines with bump pads on them so mag seating is a breeze. Those RO Compacts are damn fine guns. Yours is set up even better. As far as single stacks go... just took a mental inventory. Currently have 15 centerfire handguns. 2 are wheelguns. 2 are double stack 9mm. The rest are all single-stacked gats. I currently don't shoot any type of competitive stuff. Hoping to start easing into getting some training courses and maybe join a local range with some fun league events. I don't have a clue what type of guns are used in the various competition stuff. I've got a pile to learn. Feels kinda funny....51 years old and have been shooting handguns for 40 years.....yet I'm green as they come with the shooting sports....be they handgun, shotgun or 3-gun. It's something I'm looking forward to as I get older.....and hopefully have more free time. Trying to get my reloading gear started off with a couple progressives for now.
  3. I thought I was set up just fine with the Lucas Oil Extreme gun oil. I had no complaints. I then bought my first Dan Wesson last summer. It happened to be one of their Duty Finish models. The owners manual has a very short list of approved lubes/grease/cleaner that won't make the finish get cloudy spots....but other than that the Duty Finish is supposed to survive a direct nuclear warhead strike, lol. It sucks having to have special handling needs for that gun. One of the product lines that IS on their recommend lubes is Weapon Shield......and Kroil, blessed Kroil. I already had Kroil on hand and have used it with great results for years. Works great on getting barrels, comps and other stubborn parts clean....break down the gun and liberally apply Kroil to the barrel, comp and/or other stubborn surfaces. Let it set overnight and then brush, patch, wipe and stuff usually comes off without much trouble. The Weapon Shield oiler pen is outstanding. Can get into all the hard to reach spots with precision. It's refillable. Their grease has worked well in the few times I've needed grease. The oil seems to be really good. The gun I'm using it on has a tool steel hammer that can rust easily and it's often worn IWB. Wipedowns with some Weapon Shield oil has kept the gun pristine. I've been slowly converting my other guns over to Weapon Shield as I like it that much. I guess the aggravation of that first Dan Wesson was actually worth it in that it at least put me on the path of another solid lube (as if I didn't already have a dozen to choose from). Have since added other DW 1911's and one of the is that same confounded Duty Finish, lol. My leftover Lucas Oil will continue to run nicely in my ARs that go through lots of lube....and ammo....
  4. SWEET !!!!! Thanks for the pics. I like them both. My EDC is also a non-rail version & gold bead sight like yours appears to be. I figured the sight would be easily swapped to a fiber optic if for some reason I didn't like the gold bead. Really looking forward to getting it. So much to respect about those guns. Reliability seems to be extremely high and owner satisfaction is, too. Glad to hear you've been pleased with yours. You should have no problem moving that sweet Nighthawk whenever you choose.
  5. I've had a hard time finding owner pics of Border Special those gems. I understand they were an ode to Sheriff Jim Wilson. It's a bobtailed frame, right ?
  6. My next 1911 is a Dan Wesson Valkyrie CCO in .45acp. Obviously a carry gun. It should be here by next weekend. Also here by next weekend will also be a Beretta 92 Brigadier via Wilson Combat. This one will likely get a rail-mounted light and take over nightstand gun duty. On order...and probably still 3.5 months away is a Wilson Combat EDC X9.
  7. Thank you. Reading these forums, manuals, load data and such has been a pleasant distraction when time allows.
  8. Can any of the SHOT show attendees of the DW booth comment on the trigger pulls on the DWX models ?
  9. Mine is still sitting in the box......waiting on me to set it...and the new 550C up. Between working 13+ hour shifts and assisting my with through her battle with cancer there hasn't been much time for anything. It's comical how few range sessions I've had in the last year+. On the sidelines, waiting to get in the game. I have a long weekend off next weekend. If things line up like I hope....then I may get some progress on getting it done. I really want to get it cranking out good ammo before the 750B is released, lol. I have been ordering some powder, primers and such.
  10. Sweet setup. I was wondering how wide your bench is ? I'm mounting my 550C & 750 on my bench next weekend. Using Inline Fabrication Ultramounts on each. This bench is temporary as we will be moving in a few months.....but space is going to be tight for me now. I like the way your's is set up.
  11. How would describe the trigger pull ?
  12. Mine was delivered today. Lifetime "No B.S." Warranty is part of the deal with a 750.
  13. Yup....saw that yesterday. How difficult would it be for them to snap a pic of one setup in the showroom to add to the webpage, lol. Great company with some very helpful staff......but their website needs considerable updating. Surely one of the long term employees has kids who've grown and sought technical degrees and are adept at software design and such. They could spend a few hours and really bring Dillion's webpage up to par. Granted, I'll never again order a press without calling in my order and talking through it with the staff.......but the website is very helpful for ordering toolheads, quick change kits, etc.
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