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  1. I'll take your word on the youtube experience. I don't spend enough time there to discern the disappearance of reviews. I'm just looking for a few sources of coated/cast bullets until I can get up and running casting & powder coating my own.
  2. Thank you for that. Much appreciated. Ready to get my leadin' on the cheap, lol.
  3. Smashed a couple when I got home from work....coating held up really well. I'm happy. I'll be buying more...and with confidence. I sure as hell wouldn't let one hothead rant about them "sucking pecker" dissuade me.
  4. I recently jumped on the "on sale" pricing for these. I'm looking forward to getting it in use on testing some loads. I had a Beta Chrony years ago that I wound up giving to a buddy. This CE model looks like it'll set up even easier/faster. Sounds good to me. iPhone & MacBook Air guy here, lol.
  5. I was at work when I read you original post.....still at work as I read this one, lol. I've not had a chance to load them & see if there is leading in my guns. I found about DG from another poster (another forum) who runs them in several guns and had nothing but positive to say about their performance, consistency and accuracy. One of the guns he's running them in is a Glock (figured that was a good endorsement of their coating). I was waiting on a Blue Bullets order of 3,600 125gr lrn…..expecting it to take another couple weeks. I checked with DG site and looked around. What I wanted was available. Didn't see the diameter listed for anything so I searched around some more and found the contact info and emailed them. Reply came back within a couple hours of what their standard diameters were. Made an order with DG and it arrived four days later. Did the same on another larger order. Same swiftness. This was a couple weeks ago amid this COVID19 madness that's had my primer orders in limbo......as well as many other bullet sources. Brazos & DG were ready to get them to us quickly when other places couldn't. When I get home in the morning I'll open up the boxes and take a closer look....maybe even smash test a couple. I was pleased to find a solid recommendation on high performing coated bullets that are fairly priced and SWIFTLY delivered. Maybe email is worth a shot...…….. Hopefully you'll come out of this satisfied. I hate to see them run into the ground like this without them having the benefit of responding.
  6. Finishing my temporary bench this coming Wed/Thu on my days off. I know it's going to be too cramped with 550c & 750 + toolheads for the calibers I'll be loading. Bullets on the bottom shelves beneath the presses. Bookshelves (2) on the back to hold powder, primers and reloading manuals. Bench is only 2'x4'. We will be house-hunting in the next few months. Hoping to have a larger bench/cabinets in the new mancave room whenever we move. Until then it's going to be tight quarters.
  7. Man......you are indeed living the dream: a MBF, case feeder...…..and a GSD that's trained to assist with reloading. Life is good.
  8. Thanks for posting your experience. It's something to keep in mind. It's easy to get distracted.
  9. Do you have leading problems with other brands that also use HiTek coating ? Reason I'm asking is I've recently received 2,000+ DG to load in 9mm, 10mm & .45
  10. Thank you Dave. I'm going to look further at the SW reloading data on their website. At first glance I didn't see much that was directly usable for coated 200gr lswc & 124gr lrn. I'll check the Lovex data, too.
  11. I don't compete....just shoot for fun. I generally carry 1911's. Today I'm carrying a Dan Wesson PM-C in a Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 at 2:30. Spare mag is in Sparks mag carrier. Super comfortable.
  12. It was the OP who stated he didn't want a Chinese product. The thread is interesting and about product features & quality.......not sure what you are making it about. I'm also in the same boat as the OP. I have a rifle that I want to use for hunting and to enjoy shooting 4-600 yards on range sessions with buddies. The scope recommendations are interesting. NH has my interest.
  13. Made a trip by the range....got it. 5lb cans were all they had. They also had some dies I needed and at a super price.
  14. Thank you MemphisMechanic. Coated bullets are what I will be mainly using for target loads for 9mm & 45acp. I will be running some jacketed ball in a couple new 1911's as I do initial break-ins with them. I'm not sure how I'm going to approach my 10mm. I may just stick to the hunting loads with XTP bullets for now. It would be cool to work up an economical load with coated lead at same weight & velocity as hunting loads. Something to kick around later on. I have to run my wife over to a doctors appointment in a few. The range is only a 5 minute drive from the appointment. I'm going to swing by there and grab some Clean Shot and see if they've received any small pistol primers in the last few days. Thanks again.
  15. Good morning. Have a long weekend coming up and it looks like I will finally be able to get my bench finished and presses running. Been cleaning and sorting brass over the last few weekends. Went to the range again this week.....finally...second time during the COVID madness. Shot 9mm & .45acp. Rusty, but felt great. I'll be setting for reloading several calibers, but my main initial use will be dialing in on .45acp & 9mm target loads. Coated 200gr lswc & 124gr lrn I have Blue Bullets, DG, Bayou and Brazos to try for both. I have TiteGroup, Unique, Clays, Power Pistol, HS-6 to try for both. When at the indoor range the other day I spent some time after shooting to talk with the rso's. Both are guys that reload....and do so onsite. They are running 550, 650 and have just added 1100. They offer classes every so often for new folks......such as I am with progressives. I do have prior experience with ss working up accurate hunting loads. They sell powder, primers and such at the range. The main powders are from Shooter's World. They were very pleased with the results they had been getting from Clean Shot in .45acp & 9mm in terms of accuracy. The 8lb cans were well below what I can get the "normal" stuff that I've been acquiring. I have to admit, that I'm a little apprehensive of jumping into things with my progressives and using TiteGroup. How is the case fill with Clean Shot ??? I forgot to ask them. They did say it was golden in the Dillon powder measures....flowed beautifully. Any other experiences with Clean Shot that you'd care to pass along ? Thanks, folks. Ready to finally get rolling. It's been a long road with lots of delays. Basically started buying gear this time last year, then wife was diagnosed with breast cancer....second time. It's been a wild ride for her but she is currently doing really well.....thus me having the free time ahead this weekend. Thank you.
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