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  1. Mine was delivered today. Lifetime "No B.S." Warranty is part of the deal with a 750.
  2. Yup....saw that yesterday. How difficult would it be for them to snap a pic of one setup in the showroom to add to the webpage, lol. Great company with some very helpful staff......but their website needs considerable updating. Surely one of the long term employees has kids who've grown and sought technical degrees and are adept at software design and such. They could spend a few hours and really bring Dillion's webpage up to par. Granted, I'll never again order a press without calling in my order and talking through it with the staff.......but the website is very helpful for ordering toolheads, quick change kits, etc.
  3. Mighty fun round to shoot. Brings back a lot of great memories. One of these days I believe I'll be adding a 30-30 to my meager collection. Started hunting as a kid borrowing one from my uncle.
  4. That would make me lean further toward doing the swap.....knowing the case feeder and other gear will be used. I've shelled out more dinero for this press + needed gear than I initially planned.....starting over from scratch for reloading has thumped my gun funds something fierce. I'm getting down to the wire on what I wanted to spend on this initial deal. For example, the shipping cost both ways + price different of the press is equivalent to the chrono I was planning on getting next week. It's all good.......my fat arse can simply skip on eating out and other frivolous stuff for a while and spend the money instead on bullets, powder and primers. I started off with the idea I'd just get a barebones 650 and play with it and get solid on it. A week later it was: Oh hell yeah....I'm adding the case feeder now.....and want to use the rock solid Ultramount.......and then really wanted the 550c for rifle and other short run stuff.....and an Ultramount for it.......another sip of the Blue Kool-Aid and it seemed perfectly normal....and anther sip........ It's all good. Truth is I'll have a lot of fun tinkering around with the gear....brass prep prior to loading......loading.....ladder loads....getting dialed in on specific loads that I want for range & hunting.............then starting the process all over again with new calibers added. I'll have my hands full with dialing in on the initial stuff: .45acp, 9mm, .44mag, .38spcl, .30'06 and .45/70. Then I've seen some fun loads for my 270WSM.......and I'm sorta smitten with adding 10mm & 38Super 1911's at some point........ It'll be a hobby that I'll enjoy for the next 30 years. Time well spent.
  5. Thanks. That's exactly what I'm using. My dies for .30'06 & .45/70 arrived Friday.....had one of those powder "dies" and plastic funnel in the order. I should have what I need to get my 550c running next week if I can get a couple afternoons off work. I'm faced with an interesting decision with the 650. It sits in the unopened box as it arrived from Dillon. They've given me the option to return it to them and pay the $50 difference and get the 750. It seems like a no-brainer decision as I'm just getting started and haven't developed any habits or working knowledge of the 650. I need to make sure the aftermarket gear I've bought for the 650 will also work on the 750 (Inline Fab mount & roller handle, conversion kits, toolheads & etc).
  6. Awesome. That's very encouraging to see. I'm sitting on a good stash of Blue Bullets in 200gr swc & 125gr rn. Just waiting on me to either set up my 650....or send it back to Dillon to exchange for a 750. Good to know the bullets are running clean for you. What powders have you been using with Blue Bullets ? I've got some TiteGroup and HS6. Also, have you had to do anything different than normal on expanding case head prior to seating ?
  7. Dangitman......I'll quit my whining right about now, lol. 100-110 with high humidity.......no thanks. I don't know which I rather avoid....the heat & humidity........or the snow & ice that other parts of the country get. I should be grateful for the weather here.
  8. I called Dillon and spoke to a gentleman named Sam. He told me that I could be assured of 20+ years of future support with my 650.
  9. There ya go. Excellent logic. I see the need for multiples.....bought my first progressive last month, an XL650.....two weeks later I bought a 550C. Both still in the box just waiting for me to get a couple days off work to set 'em up. Will be running y handgun stuff on the XL650 with the case feeder. My hunting rifle stuff will be done on the 550C.
  10. Just bought a 550C & XL650 w/ case feeder within the past few weeks, lol. They should more than cover my needs. It will be fun watching everyone go nuts over the new stuff, though.......assuming there actually is new stuff.
  11. I have the same question. Whidden is in my home state and I'd prefer to give him the business....but only if the quality is up to expectation.
  12. Appreciate your insight. Trimming is certainly going to come into play at some time in the near future. How much or how little depends on if I finally get bitten by the .223/5.56 bug. I've been holding off getting too deep into that direction until I get my handgun range fodder and hunting ammo dialed in. Some of the extruded powder I'm planning on using has me wondering how constant the drops will be from the Dillon powder measures. The good news is that it'll be easy to pull the filled case of the 550C and weigh it.......could always set the drops to be slightly low....trickle up to exact. I'll still be way more efficient than I was with the single stage. 2 XL650's and another press for rifle has to be a sweet layout. Your time is spent producing ammo vs setup time. I'm hopping this will work out well. I'm excited to get back to running my own ammo in my guns. Getting closer on getting the rifle stuff I wanted to start with: .30'06 & 45/70 and shortly down the road maybe 270WSM. Been picking up manuals, primers, bullets, brass, case gauges & powder. These DVD's have been helpful, too. Back in my prior handloading days the basic stuff was what I used to clean & polish brass.....figured I'd go back with the similar for starters this time around. I've not done enough research into the ultrasonic cleaners. I've not added the rifle dies just yet. I'm checking into some options and waiting on some reply emails. I had some questions about using the powder funnel that comes in the Dillon conversion kit with various other brands/types of dies.
  13. Forgive my ignorance.....but are you using the Dillon powder funnel or an aftermarket version ? I've got a learning curve ahead of me. My prior experience with handgun rounds was always with smaller expansion and jacketed hollow points for hunting. Coated lead and plated is a new territory for me. Really grateful for the knowledge that's shared here at B.E.'s shooting forums.
  14. My thought process when I recently bought my xl650 was to add the parts kit to my order. This way I'd have the normal stuff to keep the press running if any of the usual suspects wore out. My plan was to call Dillon and let them know and have the part used from this kit sent in for replacement. This way I'm never out of commission. That's the plan, anyway. We'll see how it works out when I finally get my stuff set up. Work schedule has been crazy....able to pick up additional 12 hr shifts on my days off and am taking advantage of it while I can.
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