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  1. my new digital has been within .1 with n320. 9MM, ordered as 9MM, so I assume it came with the small drum.
  2. Funny, when I got the kit and saw them in there, I took a quick peek to see how it was held in - and didn't see anything holding it. I assume it's from the bottom?
  3. Yes. I think so. On my second Revo due to issues, but it's running smoothly. I just processed about 30K 9mm over the last week without a hitch, and probably about 50K total loaded / processed with no issues. . I had a press swapped out due to an issue. The items on Tanks list have been updated/modified. Also the shoulder bolt and rocker assembly. different/deeper shoulder bolt, and I believe different hardening process on the rocker. improved hardening process on index pawl. Different (smaller) housing for the powder-sense. Different (coated) case-feed adapter. My toolheads do both now have the primer guide-pin. I had stacked primer originally, but upgraded to the collator when the press was swapped out, and it's the 'new' version. Electronic powder throw has been within .1 consistently. I was mechanical originally when a lot of folks were complaining of EMI issues. Only issue I've had is some case jams at the feed adapter due to some corn-cob media still being in my brass and causing jams....but that was poor quality control on my part. And I occasionally get an upside down primer - maybe 1 in 3 or 400. Mostly when I'm below 100 primers in the bowl. When I'm doing pure processing and turn on decapsense, it can get dirty after a while and the sensor needs cleaning. Note that I have pro versions of case and bullet feeder, never had the Hornady case feeder which seems to be a common cause for complaint. I had some downtime for sure on the first Revo - but M7 stood behind everything and got it all taken care of. Sometimes not as quickly as I'd like, but I had cranked out a ton of ammo before the switch anticipating some down-time / learning curve, and I still had my 650 running so it wasn't a big deal to me overall.
  4. Yeah, I just got mine too. 2 shell-plate springs plus 2 of the short springs for the case-feed shuttle. Mine probably has 50K on it or so, and it was just a freak accident that took it out in the first place.
  5. I just called M7 and ordered a couple. Had an obstructed case that bent the decapping pin which then caught the spring and took it for a ride. You are correct, I did not see it on their website either , but you can call them to get it. $9.95 each (don't shoot the messenger). It's listed as spring kit, so I think it may be more than just the shell-plate spring.
  6. Same. Though I never had the old model. When I first ordered my Revo i was advised the electronic had some emi issues and to stay mechanical. My first Revo had issues ...after much remote troubleshooting, I got a new one and sent the old one back. I upgraded the new one to digital powder measure and primer collator with new style bowl. I get about a .1 max deviation also. I was testing every 10th round for the first 5,000 or so. Now about every 2-400. I keep mine on 3stage, and it has that ‘waggle’ programmed in at the top of the stroke. For primers , I get a flipped one maybe every 1-2000. I notice it’s a higher rate of flips when the bowl is nearing empty. This new Revo has been virtually trouble free. I’ve only loaded about 20 thou on it, and processed another 40 thou or so. My only complaint is even on clutch setting of 1 I still bend or break MA decapping pins in an obstructed case. But that’s my fault. I’ve got a lot of outdoor pickup and occasionally a piece of crushed granite from the range is hiding down in the case and didn’t come out during my dry tumble session. Like others have said - sometimes it’s not as fast a resolution as you’d like, but the M7 team is great to work with, and they’ll stay after it to resolution. I’ve had Misty and Chris text me after hours or on weekends more than once to answer a question. I’ve had Anthony and Misty on a FaceTime session till midnight working thru an issue on the old press.
  7. I am not confusing anything. Not sure why you are hell bent on being an a-hat about it, but whatever. I’ve fixed my problem , and you can continue stomping your feet and demanding you know all the answers as much as you want, since it seems to be real important to you.
  8. I made several changes trying to fix my OAL variation, but only one of them fixed my OAL variation - sorting by headstamp .. I seat and crimp in different steps, and I crimp just enough to take the bell out of the case. I don’t know why it fixed it. Case length , powder stack , case thickness, whatever. To me it shouldn’t matter because the distance from the end of the seater to top of shellplate doesn’t change - and the force of the press should overcome those other variables. My point was - it didn’t make any sense at all to me , but it solved my issues.
  9. I know. It doesn’t make any sense at all. When Sarge told me that would fix my problem, I didn’t believe him. It just didn’t make any sense. But he was right, and it fixed my woes.
  10. Yeah. It drove me crazy on my 650 - I tried everything to tighten the OAL variance - Widden clamping toolhead, different seating dies , etc etc etc. Only thing that really made a difference was sorting by headstamp.
  11. I usually order 3-6000 at a time, but first thing I did was make friends with the mailman. A friendly chat or two and a small token of my appreciation at Christmas. Luckily he's a shooter too, so we catch up from time to time . His backup is a really small lady who I let know that if it's too heavy, leave it at the PO and let me know and i'll come pick it up. She actually does deliver them, she just leaves it in the carrier box they have on my porch and I return it to her the next day. They've even helped me track down missing packages (not bullets, that's never happened) by routing me to the right people who 'give a s#!t' avoiding the people who don't.
  12. Can’t help you there. But I am curious, how far over weight limit is it?
  13. I emailed EGW a month ago and they told me it was the same as the Lee die. Brass measures identically too. It may have been different at one point - I saw people referring to the EGW as being less undersized as the Lee , but apparently that is not the case. At least not now.
  14. I have a bunch of Labradar (chrono) data and powerfactor calculated for n320 with a variety of coated and jacketed pills. PM and I'll send you the spreadsheet
  15. Yeah. I don't really use decap sense. Just never really needed it. Sometimes I get brass that's been processed/deprimed and I mix it in with my normal OF brass. Swage sense has been enough to catch any of the offenders
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