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  1. I was planning on preprocessing all my brass first on a different toolhead, so in theory, all my loading would be on brass already decapped and sized once.
  2. Well,, my Evo got to me, but there was an issue that kept it from working correctly, and it had to go back. Right about that time, they started the USPSA member sale on the Revo. So.... long story short, my Revo should be here in a couple weeks. Meanwhile I have been running a lot of extra rounds on my 650, in preparation of the switch over and time it will take to dial in the new press, etc. so glad I did, because the priming station went down and I’m waiting for parts. I did pick up an extra toolhead for the Revo. Figure I will run all my brass through and pre-process on that. Decap, swage-, size. Then flip toolheads for loading, and size again as a hold down die. For sensors i got got the swage sense, bullet sense, and powder sense. Any reason to get decap sense too? Seems like swagesense would catch a bad decap too
  3. I was told early April by Dillon
  4. Not for the sensors. For my eyes. A LED light kit like the UFO kit or even the Skylight kit from Infline Fabrication.
  5. That’s a thought too. I wasn’t sure how the head changes were. Anyone make a light kit for the Evo tool-head?
  6. I changed to a KKM drop-in barrel and my accuracy improved dramatically. With stock barrel, my gen5 g34 patterned like a 12 GA shotgun. After the barrel swap it’s close to my 1911s and Stacy-Shadow 2.
  7. No. I had a RL-1100 on pre-order, but cancelled it to get the Evo. I think I want to start pre-processing. I will do it for a little while on my 650, but there’s no native swaging, so I am trying to decide between a CP-2000 and RL-1100 for preprocessing. I know the CP is made for that and is a little cheaper,.... but if I go with the RL, I have more flexibility because I can load with it too if I need to. My Evo has been built for a while and sitting on the dock waiting for the die packs to come back in stock. I just told them to ship it next week witnout, and I’ll use my existing dies for now. I also have a mighty armory order in that’s backlogged, so I think that’s the holdup on the M7 die-pack too. I talked to Wayne at MA and he’s burning the candle at both ends to fill orders. I had loaded a bunch on my 650 to hold me over, and then broke it down in prep for the Evo to slide into that space.... but I am running low on ammo. I can shoot 1 match and a practice, but I can’t hold off a Zombie Apocalypse.... so I want to get this new puppy in here and cranking.
  8. It works well now, but I had to modify it. I had to cut a relief angle on the corner where the case first comes into contact with the stabilizer.
  9. I was using TG for 9mm minor for a long while , and it works well. I tried VV n320 on whim, and I never looked back. Both are very accurate for me , both meter well in my Dillon powder throw, although n320 is slightly more consistent metering, but n320 is so much cleaner and less smokey. Especially with coated Bullets. Now, subjectively , to me, n320 is softer shooting. It’s worth the price difference to me. If if they were the same price, it’s a no brainer. The only downside to n320 I noticed , is it seems to be a lighter powder than TG. Before I tamed the 650 shell plate snapping, it was more prone to powder spill. But, it doesn’t stain your hopper like TG does.
  10. Other than the above mentioned dual-swaging and the price difference, is there a reason to choose CP2000 over RL1100 for case processing ? I’ll be doing predominantly 9mm, with some 5.56. I was thinking the RL gives me the option to pick up some loading duties too if needed.
  11. No, you can still get the Evo in manual.
  12. Anyone have a coupon code for Precision Bullets in Kemp, TX?
  13. Yeah. Remember earlier in the thread how I said I’m really good at talking myself into something when I really wanted it? Case in point. At the end of the day I figured if I wanted to automate as my next step , it was the better option. And while there is a huge cost difference , spread over the life of the press - it’s fairly small. The usual complete bulls#!t I use to justify other stuff I want but don’t need. I’ll let you know how it goes.
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