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  1. Yeah. I think this was my problem too I posted in another thread about the Lee U-Die catching in station 1, causing case feeder to drop a case a tad early and sometimes bounce out of alignment. I have the bearing with plastic ball kit, and it mostly cleaned up the powder spill issue - but I still got the 'click' and a bit of a shellplate snap once the indexing pawl was on it's way up. It was bouncing my case out of the station 1 shellplate just a tiny tiny bit - enough so that it caught the corner of the 'less than generous' opening of the u-die. Did not have the problem with the wide mouth of the Dillon sizing die. So I've tightened down further, looks like the cases are staying put in station 1. It still isn't aligned completely true in station 1 to the sizing die, but without the little bounceback (and we are talking a tiny bit of bounceback) - the case goes into the die about 1/4" or so into sizing die before it gets 'corrected' by the sizing die. That should be enough to avoid the slight hitch in the stroke that was causing the case dropped from the case-feeder to sometimes bounce out of alignment with the body bushing. Looks good in testing anwyway, I'll run a batch tonight and report back. I sure hope that's it. Annoying to be cruising along, get a stoppage and have to poke the waiting case back in alignment with the body bushing. If there's a way to delay the case being dropped from the case-feeder until I'm further down in the stroke, so the case in the sizing die is further up - that would solve it too. But it looks like my only alignment there is flipping the case-insert cam between rifle and pistol?
  2. OptimiStick

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Yeah. That was the key for me too....had to sell some of the safe queens...so the wife doesn't know what it REALLY cost...she only knows what it cost after I redirected funds from selling off a few of the others I didn't shoot anymore.
  3. I'm running into this problem now. Love the U-DIE...between that and FCD, it's cut my failures to chamber gauge from about 3% to effectively 0. However, the 9mm case sometimes catches on the edge of the sizing die. Even if it doesn't stop the stroke and only delays it, the case dropping down from the case feeder sometimes doesn't align with the feed chute, causing the press to bind on it - so I have to poke the fed case back inline with the chute to be able to complete the stroke. Very annoying. Slowing down helps, but does not eliminate. Now I see the wide mouthed Dillon sizing die with the funneled edge was just masking imperfect alignment. I hate to go back. I ordered a Whidden toolhead with the uniquetech clamp, but I read that it's thinner so you cannot use lock rings on the bottom - which I have to do on my FCD because it threads down too deeply to use a lock ring up top. I tried re-aligning the sizing die with the shellplate fully raised and a case in station 1, but it didn't help.
  4. OptimiStick

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    also as a follow-up - I had a few things - questions, changes after the sale/delivery, and Adam and Cat were on it immediately. Absolutely thrilled how they support the customers and potential customers. Even the buying process - Adam asked my budget, and walked me through my options , pros and cons of each - even though some of those options were not Atlas. But i'm glad I took the plunge.
  5. OptimiStick

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    For my Titan, ordered on April 5th, and it arrived on 7/27. Out of curiosity - how many of you Atlas owners follow their recommendation on barrel cleaning of just shooting it out with jacketed rounds?
  6. OptimiStick

    New shadow 2

    great data. Thanks guys.
  7. OptimiStick

    New shadow 2

    I just got my Accu-Shadow 2 and am reloading - question, how did you measure the OAL ? I want to be sure I load optimum for my chamber. My first CZ. Always been a 1911 and 'other' SA/DA (Sig, Beretta, S&W) - but i'm super impressed by this gun. loading Berry's 115gr plated RN now at 1.1450 with 4.9gr CFE Pistol. About to run a batch of 124 gr , figured I'd dial in the OAL if I can figure out what optimum is for this baby.