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  1. I run the FW Arms dies in my Revo and yeah, they are super tall - and built like a brass Sherman tank. I had MA dies originally which worked great too, especially after I added the flicker spring. I did have an occasional crushed case in station 2 prior to the FW. And I don’t think I’ve had any since. They keep up with my Revo no problem.
  2. Agree. For your use case, I’d go straight to the 650/750. I started with the 550, added a 650 - and the 550 began collecting dust. 550 Has recently been resurrected for rifle rounds during the shortage , but, for pistol - the 650/750 all the way. You can expand it with the case-feeder and bullet-feeder. If I had it to do over again I would have skipped the 550.
  3. Right to left reload is probably the most common 180 break there is. Maybe the most common DQ. Even without a stumble. Sorry man. But I think you've earned a frosty beer or two to drown your sorrows and numb the pain while not mowing the yard !
  4. Wife changed guns and sold the X5, but was shooting Precision 147 FPs over 3.4 gr of VV n320. OAL was 1.150
  5. I use WSP more than any others. No problem in my 550, 650 or M7 w/ collator. It did take some kajiggering of my RF100 to get them reliably, but once I got the gate set just right they've been okay. WSP has been fine in my DAA, but I notice they're a little slower than CCI in travel-time down the chute. Not a lot slower, but some.
  6. I’m not too far from Dave and met him to pick up 4 cases on Wednesday. We chatted a bit. His employees are back and they are all pulling 15 hour shifts to get caught up. He was working 15 hour shifts while they were gone to try and keep up. His big issue has been materials availability. Covid has been shutting down his usual supply chain , so he’s been scrambling to keep the supply chain flowing. He’s just got a good bit in and they are working their asses off to cut down the back log. Dave’s good people and I always learn more about the bullet making business every time I meet with him. Interesting stuff. And I sure was glad to get my hands on 4 cases.
  7. ‘they are rushing to market their Staccato RB(tm). Rubber bullet model.
  8. Nope. I had it set up to size 223 for a few that failed case gauge, and that worked fine. I didn't' remember the 9mm, so I went put my new Lyman Pro Series 9mm sizing die in there and ran a quick batch a few minutes ago. Works fine. If you're using the Xpress shell-holder, which you need to for the auto-loading part, it doesn't support the entire rim - so you need to be careful. Not so much with 9mm, but full length rifle. Resistance going down onto the case is noticeable, but lifting off the case isn't bad. Mine were all lubed (even pistol). I don't know if they have any priming add-ons for it or not though. I really just use my as a universal decapper and swager for small batches that I don't run thru one of my bigger presses.
  9. I sized some 9mm when testing it- and then some 5.56.
  10. more speed available than my conservative settings.
  11. Close, I just fired off a batch to check. 1610 rph at 3000 RPH setting and 1728 @ 3500 RPH setting. Lots more speed available there for those of you that need it, particularly at the bottom of the stroke.
  12. I ordered a a new primer guide - that little plastic guide piece for the primer collator, and some extra nylon-tipped screws for the shell-plate nut. so like....$20 worth of stuff? and they sent me a new bullet-sense and mirror. Heh.
  13. I just have a spare toolhead with a MA decapper in station 2, MA swage backer in 3, sizing die in 5, and then Lee U-die in 8, dump in the brass, and let it go. I'll set it up that way for a week or so and just dump some cases in every night, then load off that processed bucket for a while. I can process faster than loading. it's amazing how much time you get back from no occasional stoppages for upside down bullet, or bullet that fell off on index, or upside primer, or whatever. No loading bullets, primers...just make sure the brass hopper is full. I have the large commercial case-feeder, so that makes things easier. But lately, I haven't had the time. And it really doesn't do anything but satisfy my OCD. So I've been dry tumbling and just doing one-pass loading.
  14. Yep, at 2. Loading 9mm and I lube my brass. Mine never goes off at 2. Well that's not true - it has gone off at 2, but only when there's a problem like a crushed case. I generally preprocess my brass, but lately have not been and it's still at 2 with no problems.
  15. Mine's a Revolution with the commercial feeder, MBF Pro, primer collator, Digital Powder Measure. I run it at: index speed 3 Top Dwell 2 Bottom Dwell 2 Bottom Slowdown on the Third tick from left (Two over from min). Torquesense on Digital Clutch: 2 I load 9mm and I usually run mine at the speed setting of 3000 RPH. Sometimes I slow it down to 2500. I forget what the net output is, I'll look at it next time I make a run. Those settings give me the most consistent OAL and Primer seating. and no powder spilage. I can run it at 3500 RPH - but it just sounds so violent, and I just don't have a need to run it that fast. I usually get some powder spillage too. I'm sure I could tune it out with index speed if I ever needed to run it that hard. For sensors, I have decap sense, swage-sense, primer orientation, bullet-sense, powder-sense. I almost never have decap sense on because I generally preprocess my brass , so at least some of the brass int the hopper is decapped already - and swage-sense catches any ringers that get thru (which almost never happens). Mines been super solid at those settings. I just turn it on, hit my quick lube points, dump in primers, bullets, brass and go. I occasionally get stoppage due to a .380 Auto stuck in there, upside down primer, or upside down bullet. But in general it just runs.
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