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  1. OptimiStick

    Which Romeo1 for X5?

    man I wish i had read this thread before I bought the wrong Romeo 1 kit. Even though I bought the X5 and Romeo1 together the gun store clerk (nor I ) realized I'd be stranded by lack of a couple screws. Why the heck didn't sig include them with the X5? Anyway, off to find the damn screws and put the plate back on for now.
  2. OptimiStick

    Time to upgrade....Dillon or Mark 7?

    Thanks. While I certainly won't rule out automation and anything I move to will be automation capable - i'm one of those wierd ones that enjoy the process. It's my de-stresser to tune out the world and go bust out a few hundred rounds here and there when I can.
  3. It's time to upgrade the trusty ole 650. Well, augment really. I'll leave the 650 set up for .40 and the new press will be for 9mm - which is the largest volume I load. So having a swage station, and extra station for powder check are important. So my decision is 1050 or Mark 7 Evolution. I know alot of guys are still waiting for their Evolutions- but for those that have them, what's the verdict? I see some complaints on powder throw and primer issues, but i get that people usually don't post 'hey everything is working great'. Is the Evolution polished and ready to go for prime time and multi-thousands trouble-free rounds or are the kinks still getting worked out of the new platform? I load ~ 3k a month. And considering how much I load and how long I plan on keeping the investment, the relatively small cost spread between the two isn't an issue.... so cost aside, press for press - love to hear feedback from those who have both or have had both. I suspect alot of guys traded in 1050s to go to the Evolution.
  4. OptimiStick

    Light pf loads for M&P

    I was trying to find a good common 9mm load between my guns (2011 and shadow 2) and wife’s guns (p320 and M&P core 5”). Using 147 grain coated and VV 320 with a COL of 1.1350, the M&P wouldn’t run on anything lighter than 3.4 gr. This was with a 12lb spring. Constant stove pipes and you could feel the slide short stroking. All the others ran fine down to 3.2 grains
  5. OptimiStick

    Dan Wesson PM9 vs STI Trojan

    I've got both. Fit and finish is a little better on the PM9, and I definitely prefer the hard chrome finish on the PM9. My PM9 is a little more accurate in my hands, and had a better factory trigger. Both have had EGW ignition parts and a trigger job, so that doesn't really matter. My PM9 gets used all the time and my Trojan is turning into a safe-queen. No knock against it at all - I just like the PM9 a little better so it gets all my trigger time for SS. I'm glad I have both, especially since STI dropped the Trojan , but if I could only get 1 - it' d be the PM9.
  6. OptimiStick

    ACME 147 vs 145

    Interesting results. Accuracy wise the 145 RNs were a little better than the 147 FPs. But they were smoking heavily in my wifes gun - M&P Core 9L. So I loaded up a batch of Blues 147 RN ( new coating style) and the Acme RN 145s . VV N320 is my powder,I loaded them to the same OAL. I also ran a batch of Montana Gold 147s and did some comparisons. In my 2011 with KKM barrel, no problems - but in the wife's M&P - the Acme's smoked much more heavily than the Blues and MGs.
  7. checked out the alignment issue, and I just don't see a way to keep the cases from dropping from the case-feed too early. The insert slide doesn't seem adjustable,other than flipping it for rifle and pistol. I'll give Dillon a call Tuesday. For now, I added an o-ring to the body bushing, that drops it down lower a bit, so the case drops still within it's interior and unable to bounce around out of alignment . It just barely clears the station 1 locator. it's not elegant, but it'll cover the symptom until we can cure the underlying issue.
  8. Ran 200 and case gauged last night, but I didn't get a chance to measure samples until today. Sorting worked. Extreme spread was 1.1375 to 1.1420 , with the vast majority at 1.1390 and 1.1400 . I had a few I ran through an empty shell plate, so that probably accounts for a few of the outliers. I sorted and just ran the WIN cases through. I measured a sample of the empty cases before I ran them through , and they varied a bit in length also a few thou. So I think that solves my OAL mystery. Thanks for the input on that one guys. I'll probably sort out match ammo and then just live with the spread on practice rounds.
  9. Yeah,I had read that about X-Treme. I had about 200 or so and none of them had a ledge. IMT and Maxxtech are the only ones I saw with the internal ledge.. My problem with the U-Die, I posted in another thread - is because of the less generous chambfer than the Dillon die, it didn't cover up the mis-alignment as much as the Dillon did. I actually switched back to Dillon last night in my run, and I'm having the problem there too now. Just not quite as bad. My station 1 case is slightly mis-aligned, so when it goes into the sizing die, it goes in at a slight angle. Usually gets corrected, no problem. But it will occasionally 'catch', when it does, the case from the case feeder drops when the ram stroke hitches, and that case that drops bounces out of alignment with the bushing. So I have to stop and poke it back into alignment with the body bushing so the ram stroke can complete. I'll tinker with it today and put a call into Dillon next week. Somethings amiss for sure, and getting worse. I used to be able to hum right along, only stopping for an occasionaly (1 in 2-300 hundred) upside down case. Now i'm lucky if I can get 5-6 in a row with the U-Die before I get a stoppage. Maybe 10-12 with the Dillon sizing die.
  10. OptimiStick

    ACME 147 vs 145

    Always used Blue, but wanted to give ACME a try with it's .356 sizing. Anyone have any strong preferences for 147 RN vs 145 FP ? Pretty long chamber in my primary, so OAL not really a concern.
  11. Yeah, I have Lee FCD and Lee U-Die for 9mm. The U-Die has slowed me down a good bit because of some station 1 mis-alignment issues, so i may have to go back to the Dillon sizer. Hate to give up the U-Die,but if I must I must. Anyway I just sorted 1200 cases today by headstamp, i'm about to reload a few hundred and I'll let you know how it does in the consistency department. I have separate groups of R-P, F C, X-Treme, WIN, Blazer, then a couple of misc piles for everything else that I just had a few of each. i'll report back. I'm not gonna lie, it was a bit of a PITA to do it.
  12. Shooting for 1.1550 I was getting 1.1510 to 1.1690 at the extreme. Most falling in the 1.1540 to 1.1620 range.I see some guys commenting they get.002 consistency. I'd be thrilled. in my Atlas I have alot of chamber length to work with so it's not that big of a deal except for my OCD and desire for consistency. In my Acc-Shadow 2, the chamber is so dang short, that to make sure I could chamber, I just didn't load many 147s because it would get so dang short and .300 or deeper into the case one some of the rounds. I ended up shooting mostly Blues TC 135s because the profile was forgiving in my short chambered CZ. But now with the Atlas I'm getting to experiment with a bunch of different profiled 147s. Just ordered a batch of ACME 147 RNs and 145 FPs to try them out.
  13. My OAL has been all over the place lately, and I've been trying to get tighten it up a bit. I know it doesn't matter that much in what we do, but i'm also one of those guys that can't stand having dollars not all facing the same way, and in order of denomination (on those occasions my wife lets me have money). I'm about to sort a big chunk by headstamp and see if that helps. I've gone to clamping toolhead, micrometer seating die, tightened all the wobble out of the shell plate, re-aligned everything with rounds in every station. Honestly, I'm getting no more consistency than I was with dillon seating die , dillon toolhead, fair bit of slack/wobble in the shell-plate, and adjusting my seating die with only the case in the seating station. This is on a 650. Thanks for the education on sorting. I'll go give it a shot and see it cleans stuff up any.
  14. Question on this - With the mixed headstamp brass being different length, wouldn't the seating die still seat to the same OAL, but just pushing the pill deeper into longer brass? To be clear, this isn't a 'you're wrong' post. This is a 'please educate me' post. I'm about to sort by headstamp and give it a shot in search of a more consistent OAL. I knew guys sorted by headstamp, but I thought it was mostly guys sorting for major and weeding out some of the ledged and less desirable brass for 9mm major.
  15. Yeah. I think this was my problem too I posted in another thread about the Lee U-Die catching in station 1, causing case feeder to drop a case a tad early and sometimes bounce out of alignment. I have the bearing with plastic ball kit, and it mostly cleaned up the powder spill issue - but I still got the 'click' and a bit of a shellplate snap once the indexing pawl was on it's way up. It was bouncing my case out of the station 1 shellplate just a tiny tiny bit - enough so that it caught the corner of the 'less than generous' opening of the u-die. Did not have the problem with the wide mouth of the Dillon sizing die. So I've tightened down further, looks like the cases are staying put in station 1. It still isn't aligned completely true in station 1 to the sizing die, but without the little bounceback (and we are talking a tiny bit of bounceback) - the case goes into the die about 1/4" or so into sizing die before it gets 'corrected' by the sizing die. That should be enough to avoid the slight hitch in the stroke that was causing the case dropped from the case-feeder to sometimes bounce out of alignment with the body bushing. Looks good in testing anwyway, I'll run a batch tonight and report back. I sure hope that's it. Annoying to be cruising along, get a stoppage and have to poke the waiting case back in alignment with the body bushing. If there's a way to delay the case being dropped from the case-feeder until I'm further down in the stroke, so the case in the sizing die is further up - that would solve it too. But it looks like my only alignment there is flipping the case-insert cam between rifle and pistol?