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  1. I chrono'd 147gr FP MG's and FP PD's - PD's avg was 883.36 fps , MG avg was 844.39 fps. Both at 1.1560 OAL, and 3.5gr of VV n320 - at 81F degrees. Out of 5" KKM barrel.
  2. Is that the piece in the middle under the disk , between the two flappers? With the shoulder bolt in the middle of it?
  3. Primer punch just stopped going up far enough to seat a primer. Which , sounds like an easy fix - but thru Dan, Misty, and even to Anthony - no one could figure out why. The stroke was coming fully down. The primer punch measured correct, dowel pin also , primer guide pin also. The only thing left I could think of was some kind of flex in the the primer rocker. Had me tear it down to the core, and the index pawl was bent. That wasn't causing the primer issue - in fact it wasn't causing any issue, but they think there were a few that didn't get hardened correctly, and I was just unlucky there. During tear-down and them sending parts, the rocker bolt has been redesigned, and I believe rocker itself and the index pawl are a little different as well. It was frustrating at times, but i'm of the general belief that - Every company/product has issues - as long as you have a plan to fix it and you stand behind your product, I'm okay. They did that.
  4. Kinda reminds me of some of the damage that was going around from the bad / recalled lots of Winchester primers a few years back. I think those were LRs though. But even those pics weren't as bad as OPs
  5. Me too, but i figure it’s not like I won’t shoot them eventually.
  6. Holy cow...are you shooting acid-filled primers? 2# Striker with 13# recoil doesn't sound right. I think I"m running 13# recoil and 4# or 4.5# striker on my g34.
  7. PD sale also on 147 RN FMJs. Case of 3100.
  8. Yeah, I called and ordered mine from Rick also. Sounds like he makes them in batches, so when he has them he has them - or you have to wait for the next batch. I used 3/4" pipe - but looks like 1" would be a better fit.
  9. Make sure it's very level - and I had good luck sitting mine on a piece of cardboard instead of directly on the bench. I tuned the plastic piece so its very tight letting primers in that final segment. I mostly use Winchester, and haven't had any more upside down primers - though I do still get them occasionally stuck at the plastic 'gate'. That's why I took the top off, so I can get in there and poke them free if I have to. And I felt it subjectively ran 'better' without the top as a side effect. If I widen the the plastic gate, it cures the jams, but then I get some flipped ones. I use 90% Winchester small pistol primers. I think they just aren't consistently as round as CCI which is why they get stuck. Oh, and I set the rheostat to just slightly above the lowest limit. As slow as I can that they still climb the ramp. I have 4 of the tubes, so I just round robbin them, having the RF100 on a bench next to my loading bench. it's loading the next tube while I'm running the 650 from the previous tube.
  10. Had a similar issue in the wifes M&P - and it was the load. I was using VV n320 , not TG - but where 3.3 Grains worked fine in all my 9mms, it was wasn't fully cycling her M&P . It looked like FTF and FTE intermittently. Though I don't remember it marking the case like yours is. Anyway, after trying a few other things - upping to 3.4 grains made a drastic improvement, and going to 3.5 fixed the issue completely. I kinda tried most everything else first - because I assumed if those loads ran fine in all my guns, most of which are full size 1911s....with heavy slides and lots of rail contact, surely it would work in her M&P. Just goes to show what assumptions are worth.
  11. No. I did one of my 34s and a buddies 17 at the same time. I sanded mine. No difference at all in adhesion. He thinks his is a little more lumpy due to not sanding it. I think it’s in his head. I can’t tell.
  12. My groups tightened up considerably with the new barrel, but to be fair I also changed trigger , springs, etc. My main reason was got tired of making separate short loads for it. It let me get back to making one common round for all my 9s. Except the Shadow2, which is out of rotation anyway.
  13. I didn't realize that was as difference in revision. I thought it was just a 'feature'. I've got both...one with the front serrations, one without. I'll take a look this week end and see if the ejector or breech is different between them.
  14. Yikes. For Blues, I was mainly shooting the 135 TCs, and they weren't that bad . Are you loading the 147 RNs? I moved to KKM pretty quick on my two 34s, so I didn't test alot of my rounds with them - but I see that I did test Acme 147gr FPs out to 1.1345 with success. Also passed in my AccuShadow-2 at that OAL. Though to your point, Precision Delta 147gr RN failed in my stock gen 5 barrel sooner than in my Shadow2
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