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  1. Here's a guy who claims it works... Sure looks like a slow process. Doesn't seem like it'd be enough ignition, but apparently it is. Anywhere. Here ya go! *note - this is no way an endorsement. I've not tried it. Just passing on something that caught my eye. Note the second guy who had a rust warning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjc9LOBHlkE And another one using caps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InnFDDdtXP4
  2. no worries. That combo makes plenty of PF for minor too. I have some chrono stats on several different pills with it , if you want it send me a message. at 3.2gr I was having some FTF/ FTE with a few of my plastic guns (M&P and Glock). So I stay at 3.4 and above and alls good. It tightened up my groups a little too
  3. 3.4 - 3.6gr of n320 with 147gr FPs at about 1.15 is my go to load. Very accurate for me.
  4. I would not disagree - for myself. G34 is my wifes main shooter, and she much prefers the tungsten. I'm of the opinion - that I get used to whatever I'm shooting after I shoot it enough and figure it out. My g34 is really her backup gun (not officially, but you know how that goes...), so I keep it configured pretty close to hers.
  5. If you go Tungsten, the one labeled PURE TUNGSTEN GUIDE ROD FOR GEN4/5 GLOCKS from Glockstore.com is the better of the two I tried. It's a heavy one-piece uncaptured, and doesn't need the little shim adapter, but it ain't cheap. The Double Diamond Tungsten one is cheaper - thinner , not as heavy, and its a two piece. I broke the screw in part at the end. Probably within 5,000 rounds. Luckily it was @ practice and not a match. If you do go with the first Tungsten one I mentioned, pay attention to the springs. There's a link for the correct diameter springs, since it's a thicker guide-rod
  6. yeah. I switched to n320 and sport pistol. Much cleaner, (subjectively) softer.
  7. Man that's a good idea. I never thought of that. I don't like leaving primers in the mag in between sessions either. I always have cases in the hopper, so I just load until I'm out of primers. After the alarm hits I have like 5-6 in the disc usually. As others have said, you can tell by feel when you get to no primer. Especially since you're 'looking for it' after the alarm goes off. Then I just pull the cases from station 2 a few times as I index the last few rounds around and out. Then shut it down and done.
  8. Yeah, we talked about it a few years ago when I took his class. At the time he said he still shot Nationals and a few big matches, but mainly traveled and taught.
  9. 3.5 gr VV n320 147gr Precision FPs 1.140" 138 PF PF / Chrono was out of 5" 2011, but it plunks fine in my X5 Legion, I'll verify PF with out of the X5 next week probably.
  10. Hows the trigger on the 2.0 COREs? Apex still a must-have upgrade?
  11. Man I must have gotten lucky. Winchesters work just fine in mine - no real difference from CCI and WSPs Must be karma paying me back for the countless hours I've spent fiddling with the RF100, that most people don't seem to have issues with like I do.
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