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.38 SPL 158g RN Bullet Preference and Load for IDPA


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 The Blue Bullets run great  in my semi auto and I'd like to run them in my S&W 686 for IDPA but they don't make a 158g round nose. Just a semi wad cutter. Any suggestions on 158g coated RN bullets and load data using Alliant Sport Pistol ? Of course the PF in IDPA is akin to a hamster fart so making PF isn't a prob and I'd just bump up the load a tad for ICORE (120).

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I use the 147 blues in Short Colt. 3.6 American Select at 1.19 OAL gets me 130+ PF so good to go in all games (ICORE is 120)


I think Sport and Am Select are the same formula but ball vs flake.

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9 hours ago, jcc7x7 said:

Bayou 160gr rn

2.8 titegroup

2.6_2.8 e3

2.8_3.0 asp

Fed prime

I run these in sht colt cases, so you'll probably have to bump them up with your chrono to get what you need

Unfortunately Short Colt cases are verbotten in IDPA.

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I personally don't like Sport Pistol with 38 special, at least at IDPA power factor. I got large velocity deviations and unburnt powder all over the place. It's a shame because I love it in 9mm and stock lots of it. 

I used to use Win 231 pretty successfully, but I just recently switched to Claydot and like it much better.

The bullets I use currently are the SNS 160 RN 

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