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  1. Thanks for info here. I'll have to look into e3 as well as WST, both sound like they have the characteristics I'm looking for.
  2. I was going to list this in the reloading section, but I'm specifically looking for performance with revolvers. I'm going to start load development for a 625 in IDPA and am wondering what powders are best for the ~160 pf that I'm looking to make with 230 grain RN. Specifically, I'm looking for a powder that won't leave unburnt flakes in the cylinders. I'm looking at Clay's, Clay Dot, or Red Dot as they seem fast enough to burn fully in this power factor range.
  3. I have a set of Ready Tactical speedloader holders for Safariland comp III's. I like them a lot, but I'm not sure if they're still being produced. I use a Comp Tac holster for my 686. It works fine for IDPA but I was not very impressed with it's fit, there is some wiggle front to back. Not enough of a problem for me to get something else, but if I was doing it again I would try a Bladetech.
  4. I went with a mix of 60/90 because that's what I could find on Amazon. If it's too aggressive, you can always knock it down a bit with diamond files to get it right. You may want to do this in certain places on the grip anyways to provide the level of traction that you're looking for.
  5. yes that should be fine. But again, I would recommend checking for yourself using an IDPA box at a club match to verify.
  6. The 17 rounds will not fit in the box without shaving the base pads. Yes you can load 8 rounds in your regular mags and shoot ccp, but it still has to fit the box with the longest mag you are using. You can also run any trigger mods you want, it's basically ESP rules as far as mods go. I would recommend borrowing a box and testing for yourself. Most clubs I shoot at have a box that they will bring to the match if you ask the match director ahead of time.
  7. Fobus holsters don't have the best reputation for consistency in their retention. But if it works for you to get started then that's all that matters. As you continue in the sport you will see plenty of other options that people are using.
  8. I'm at around 20k on a P320 and just replaced the extractor and spring to fix some weird ejection pattern that was developing. I replace my recoil spring every few thousand rounds but that's it. I find that the factory magazine springs are terrible so I swap those out as soon as I get new mags
  9. I tell people that juggling helps my shooting. I don't know if it's true or not, but it doesn't stop me from saying it. I think you'll find that a lot of people have some other activity that they think helps their shooting performance, but the reality is that using your brain/muscles in any activity is good.
  10. Yes, I agree that they're more expensive than CZ or Tango, but the quality makes the real OEM mags worth buying. The finish that Sig uses is really durable which is nice if you're used to having rust issues.
  11. I use the regular extended mag release and have no problem getting to it with my thumb, but people with smaller hands have said that it's an issue for them so they go with the paddle. Both styles of release use the factory spring and retainer, so I would think that the table start issue is the same. That being said, I've never had this table start issue although I have heard of it from others.
  12. ajblack

    75 Shadow Custom

    Yes its legal, its on the production list as a CZ 75 shadow, which is made by the CZ factory and then re-worked by CZ custom. I've shot one for a couple years and have had it looked up on the production gun list multiple times at major matches. It's also IDPA legal as-is for SSP, but most people who modify them to their taste for USPSA production end up doing something that bumps it to ESP for IDPA. I shot mine in SSP until I beveled out the inside of the magwell, then I shot it in ESP.
  13. Never had that problem. But with a loaded gun on a table start, the gun position is the same as without the thumb rest so I don't see how it would solve that problem.
  14. Whenever this topic comes up I'm reminded of the amateur ski racing points system, which I was involved in when I was a teenager. I'll post the overview below in case anyone wants to read it. Basically, you score points from every race you enter (like a classification score) based how hard the race course was, how many seconds you finished off the winner, and how good of a racer the winner is. Every race provides the opportunity of scoring points whether it's a weekend club race or the state championship. You're ranking (classification) is an aggregate of these points. https://my.ussa.org/alpine-programs/parents/ski-racing-101/points That being said, I think the system is fine the way it is. If you want to think of your class win as an accomplishment you can. If you want to ignore it and think of your division win as an accomplishment you can. If you want to shoot pcc and make up a high overall win you can. USPSA is what you make of it.
  15. Medium course, I believe it was like 16 rounds. I agree, but I wasn't really trying to hash out MD decision making processes. I was just trying to determine the legality of that requirement. I suppose that it's not something you would really see in a major match since those stages go through a vetting process.
  16. At MPSA, it was stage 6, "Claustrophobic Aggression". The way it was described in the match briefing, after stepping into the shooting area, any steps outside the shooting area prior to "Range is Clear" would result in a PE. I know how this goes against the whole "freestyle" idea of USPSA, but there are plenty of standards stages that specify shooting boxes, reloads, etc. I was more curious about how you would be able to get a penalty for an action with no shooting (as pointed out by others in this thread).
  17. Thanks for the clarification. If I'm done shooting and then step outside the shooting area to unload and show clear is that subject to a procedural at 10.2.9? I'm not sure how it could be since there's no shots fired. This particular stage ended with a target that required a lean, and the WSB stated "Competitor may not exit Area A during the Course of Fire". If a shooter takes the last target while falling out the shooting area then there is no penalty correct? The shooter will be outside the shooting area by the time they unload and show clear, but a procedural can't be applied for falling out the shooting area as they make their last shot?
  18. At a match the other day, a stage description stated that the shooter may not leave the shooting area during the course of fire. I had never seen this before, and I couldn't find anything in the rule book to state one way or the other. This particular stage didn't leave any reason to leave the shooting area, so it didn't come up in my squad. But is this legal stage design? I've been under the impression that you were free to leave the shooting area in between shots.
  19. I believe it's considered an ESP gun since IDPA does not recognize the custom shop as a manufacturer. So the bushing that's added is not SSP legal. When I started shooting IDPA I was told that there was a big issue made of this where the Accushadow was determined to be SSP illegal right before nationals some years back.
  20. I've used fluorescent orange Testers modeling paint on front sights in the past. It's brighter than factory white, but it's nowhere near as bright as a fiber optic.
  21. I ended up asking my AC about it and he forwarded the question to headquarters. They confirmed that it's legal as long as the gun fits the box and makes weight. I'll admit that I don't know how they come to that conclusion based on the allowed mods.
  22. Thanks, and are these ruling published anywhere?
  23. What does RACL stand for? I've seen it used a couple times and assume it's some NROI equivalent.
  24. Right, it's not listed by name but "thumb shields" are allowed so I'm not sure. I guess I have to ask the AC about it directly, it's a shame that's it's so ambiguous.
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