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  1. If I remember correctly the 4" 625 had a full under lug, the JM had a tapered under lug.
  2. I typed in the name and this came up https://icore.org/icoreclubpage.phtml?ClubNumber=84 had the ICORE Club & ICORE Logo so I'd jumped to that conclusion. The Club is, but the Match isn't, on the ICORE website.
  3. 1.170" with a 160 grain bullet gave me an occasional case bulge, I've since settled on 1.180 to 1.185 oal with 160's. I could go shorter with lighter bullets though.
  4. Link to a website? Here's one on FB, which I don't participate in. Also on the ICORE website.
  5. Looks like Rich Wolfe in Open, James McGinty in Limited, David Olhasso in Limited 6 and Jerry in Classic (shot a snubby I heard). Big shout out to my bud Joe Sutton for taking B Class, and 4th, in Limited 6. Heard the Shoot Off today was good too, nice to see the format back.
  6. So cruel....the wife says my trigger finger is running all night, while I dream of Alpha's!
  7. I've migrated to whatever my guns prefer. I look at the accuracy results and availability now as the 2 prime factors. But then I'm not trying to eke out that last .01th time for a win at the top. My guns seem to be a shade more accurate with the heavier bullets, 160 RN's can be found at virtually every manufacturer, at least the ones who carry a wide variety, and reasonable costs.
  8. After 40 years of Action Pistol Courses, everything tends to either look the same or be full of carnival tricks. It all comes down to shooting ones own game with no mistakes, oh I wish I could do that!, regardless of the course lay out. It still looks more fun than mowing the yard, mending fence or working! For myself I tend to make my own fun from a COF, or drag myself down with one. Though I don't blame the COF"s anymore if I'm not having fun, or if I'm falling apart. It all rests on me. Good luck to all shooting the IRC!
  9. You've been there for us for so long....and I've appreciated your input, knowledge and efforts! Hope you're still able to compete, but we will all face that door someday. Thanks for all you've done!
  10. Yep I nixed Social Media in 2020! PM sent with some emails, hope it helps. Good Luck, I'm envious as all heck!
  11. 38 short colt has about 10% more capacity and especially in a 357 magnum there are no issues with bullets up to 160 grains. I've used clays/claydot in my 9mm glocks/1911's and it did seem to reach a point right at the 130 pf where it quit increasing velocity. A sure sign that it's reached it's potential limit, but that was about 3.0 grains at an oal of 1.13. In a Revolver you can load out further and case capacity is where I thought my loads were peaking out. Never saw any pressure signs, just ran out of case at the shorter lengths needed.
  12. More likely the dry firing. I like to use fired cases or some of those orange dummies for general snapping.
  13. Trying to get an ICORE club started and first step is scheduling the IPM and a field course for August 29 with the MCPSL at the Mill Creek Rifle Club just outside of KC, KS. A second match will be scheduled on September 26th and may have the IPM and 4 Classifiers. Didn't have a lot of date options and conflicts abound. So if anyone is interested, or knows of anyone in the KC area who might be interested let them know. https://practiscore.com/mcpsl-icore/register
  14. Yep, but I figure if I have to go to that detail. I'd probably be better off begging someone to use their back up, if I didn't have one. But then Murphy is always looking over our shoulder.
  15. Extra FP, FP Spring, Cylinder Yoke Screw, Strain Screw I know will give me ignition, that little stud screw for the rear sight, maybe another proper FS if you have a Classic FS (never lost one in a match, but had one come out in practice).
  16. Couldn't agree more. Theory always gives to reality.
  17. You can run out of adjustment on the Rear Sight with the wrong height FS. I like to pick a FS height that allows the RS to be a couple of full turns above bottoming out. That allows changing bullet weights, powders and charges, and power factors without changing FS's. I don't like the Gold Dot as much as the FO FS's. I'll usually paint a serrated FS red before I'll use a GD FS.
  18. For non-compensated guns the lighter the powder charge the better, as it influences the ejecta, and faster powders can give a better recoil impulse. In compensated guns you want a longer volume of expanding gasses. So a slower burning powder with heavier charges leaves more expanding gasses at the comp to work it more effectively.
  19. pskys2

    What if?

    Now THAT is the Truth!
  20. Big to do about nothing. Issues: 1) Unless exact measurements are included, it's a crap shoot on setting up an identical course. Most times the stage diagram has to be changed "on the ground" due to angles, safety and range considerations or the deviousness of the match crew. 2) Unless it's a pre-set, measured course like the Steel Challenge or Bianchi style courses it just does very little for memory settings needed for indexing or pace of shooting. 3) Name the number of times a re-shoot has gone well? And practicing a stage over and over tends to be a similar situation. 4) With only a very small change all of the practice you put in on a stage can easily end up setting bad memory actions into your stage plan. If the IRC crew feel they have to do this, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. After decades of competition the only issues I tend to look for in major match course descriptions are the oddities. Like a lot of WH/SH, gimick targets, extreme distance or difficult presentations, maybe odd positions and items to be handled like briefcases, ropes, handcuffs, etc... Have seen some pretty wild gimmicks. The practice I think more appropriate is the basics. Then string those, hopefully, mastered basics into a string of actions at a match. The novelty of that particular set of requirements tends to cause me to focus better. One reason why re-shoots don't always go well, you can lose that focus. Then again re-shoots are something to be practiced under match conditions, which are quite different (stress, focus, mental state) than practice. But then I'm not a world class competitor and maybe at the top they can gain?
  21. I knew they're different lengths, never realized it was the round butt vs square butt. I'd get the longer square butt and whittle it down to what you need! I inadvertently did that very thing. I ordered some for my M29 and they all got thrown in a bottle together, the only difference was the length.
  22. Re-strikes on FTF Primers don't always ignite. I've been able to do it with Fed's but others are hit & miss. Usually if it doesn't fire at the 2nd strike chances are it won't. I've had some I've hit 5 times and they wouldn't fire. A few I've done 3, cocked the hammer SA and it did finally go off, and a few that didn't. I ran into this when I was playing with getting the lowest action weight possible.
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