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  1. I run it on my X-Carry but i'm not sure if it will fit stock mags... I run Spring base pads on all my mags so I can switch between my x-five and my x-carry as needed. Great magell by the way.
  2. I just found this on the Holosun web page: "How do the solar optics work? – In automatic mode our solar optics automatically switch to battery power whenever there is not enough light available to power the reticle. In manual mode, the optic will always use battery power. The “solar panel” on top of our optics is actually a photo-diode array (basically a light sensor). It controls both the auto brightness adjustment and provides solar power to the product. Sometimes our customers try to test if battery power is working by covering the panel to see if the reticle will still be there. The problem with that test is that you trick the optic into thinking that you are in very low light conditions. The optic then lowers the reticle intensity down to night vision mode, which means that the user is unlikely to see the reticle in normal lighting conditions. The best way to test if the battery is taking over is to go into a pitch black room and see if you still get a reticle. (In darkness, you should be able to see the night vision intensity setting.) Since the solar panel is also the light sensor, be careful not to cover it up when testing reticle brightness. Also, keep in mind that the reticle intensity will be set to the lighting conditions of the shooter, not the target. If the target is in very different lighting conditions, you should switch the optic to manual mode and adjust the brightness to the appropriate level"
  3. Serious question, have you ever had to change the battery?? I was under the impression that the solar cell would extend the life of the battery and this wouldn't have to be done all that often.
  4. Couldn't you just order a full set of X-Five replacement sights from Sig and swap them out? Seems like it would take some of the guess work out of it.
  5. True, but for people who live in places with restrictions on what you can own / how many you can own / how many guns can guy in a specific period of time the X-change kits could be a great answer as they are not classified as a firearm... Blaser has been doing this with their rifles and that is part of why they have had the success they have..... That said, for folks in places with none of those restrictions, your observations are spot on....
  6. Thanks for the post, I've been toying with sending one, or both, of my X-guns to them for this service. Quick question, which version DPP do you have, the dot or the triangle? Thanks
  7. S391

    SIG X Five rear sight

    If this is such a problem it seems to me that this might be a great opportunity for a sight company... come up with a replacement rear plate that either accepts other sights or different plates that come with different sights....
  8. S391

    P320x5 or....

    The new gun does not come with the magwell, frame wegith (both can be added) fiber optic sights, 21-round mags (the new one comes with 17-round mags) or slide cuts. However, the rear sight stays on if you install a red dot sight.... Same basic gun just some tweaks to appeal to a broader market than just gamers IMHO. Addressing the OP.. I have a VP9, an X-five and I have owned multiple 320's in the past... the X-five is a target machine. Very easy to shoot, very light recoil, super accurate, etc. the VP9 is a fantastic gun but I the X-five is just set up as a target gun and does that job a bit better.
  9. S391

    Wheelgun Photos

    One after a session at the range that the other from a time I was playing around with a new camera....
  10. This is my 1 year old Clumber Spaniel.
  11. Thank you all for the great advice and thoughts. Quick response to some of the very good points raised above: I have never loaded anything other than small primers so I know I have the correct parts in the press. could be crimped pockets... I was reloading some very old brass that someone gave me... loaded so more recent brass and only had a couple of issues. The press is bolted to my bench... no vibration... The "paperclip spring" seems like something i should look at.... it looks like it is bent out of shape somehow and that seems to make sense....
  12. I have a Dillon 550B reloader that I've been using for the last 8 or 9 years. Due to family schedules I haven't used it much the past 2 years... I took it down and packed it up for about 18 months be recently set it up to start reloading again. Since I've set it back up I've been having some major issues priming.... close to 20% of the primers are going in sideways and, to a lesser extend, upside down. Since then I've cleaned everything, replaced the tip on the of the magazine tube, I've cleaned the primer magazine tube and cleaned the primer pocket and slide. When I reload I can watch the primer sled going forward and the primer is in the primer cup correctly.... but I am still getting 5-8% of my primers going in sideways.... What am I missing??
  13. Mr. Kelly, Great review (as always)... Quick Q.. what are your thoughts of the P30L compared to the CZ P-09 which you also reviewed? Just curious as I've owned P-09's and the feedback / comparison would be helpful. Thank you.
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