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  1. hi, Is this range open to anyone? are there any weekday matches? Thanks
  2. Federal brass won't stick when ejected, win. does for me..
  3. Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming the rules. That said, this is an accident, let's address the issue at hand. I feel a rule change would address it going forward. This was a dropped gun by whatever reason, the likelihood of a discharge would be less if this type of gun was placed on half-cock if available. Wouldn't you all agree?
  4. In my experience, if/when the thumb safety is engaged the 1911/2011 and CZ's, Beretta's and Witness's are all safe even if dropped-- that said, of course anything can be broken. Also, I have seen many people drop a this type of gun cocked, without the thumb safety engaged and the gun did not discharge. The issue in my opinion is putting the hammer past half-cock onto the firing pin as a start position. This is a rule change that needs to be addressed ASAP.
  5. Very, Very Sad! Condolences to both families. I feel strongly about this. That is the double action production guns should be lowered to safe cock position (half cock). Why, because we are lowering these guns to a hot position, hammer resting on the firing pin. Also, while in the act of doing this you slip off the hammer and the trigger is fully depressed because it must be to lower the hammer all the way, the gun will fire with the persons hand back of the slide and the gun pointed hopefully, down range at a berm. Or if the gun is dropped for some reason, there is nothing to stop
  6. Thank you, Good information.. My first call will be Springfield on Monday..
  7. thanks again,,, I will grease the heck out of it!! Thanks, Thanks
  8. Thanks for this important information. I just bought it from a dealer so I will take it back to see what they will do.. my guess it the person that owned it could not figure out what the issue was and traded or sold it off cheaply... Thanks again!! JOHN
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