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  1. Someone must know, Can I ship Hi-Cap mags to a State that doesn't allow them? Can I ship them to an FFL in a State that doesn't allow them? Thanks for the help!
  2. Koppi


    Not all powder is made the same, some are slow burning, some are fast burning. A lite load of a slow burning powder will act as you describe. Match the powder to the bullet and power factor your trying to achieve.
  3. Koppi


    Hi, I have put oil and water on a primer. Both went off for me.. you can try it.. just load the primer in a case, leave it empty, fire the primer only ... Bad gun powder smells citrus'y, but I have powder that's is from 1990 in a barrel that is still good..... that would be rare for the powder to go bad, in my experience.. Maybe Hi-Power Jack is correct.
  4. Koppi


    Problem solved, use good primers-----
  5. Who is doing the trigger work on the Ruger, if anyone?
  6. Hogueinc.com Talk to Pat...
  7. I like your thinking, just have both, I have a 627 in 38 super, I have been thinking to get a 929 and having it done up!!! hahaha
  8. It seems that all the top guys are shooting the 929 now, I think I've seen Mr. TGO with one this last weekend while shooting the WSSS&revo match. And the prices have come down to earth with them. Good Luck!
  9. Hi, I like E-3 also, Clean! use the heaviest bullet.
  10. Try a bandaid or tape, then after some time you won't need it. you'll become used to the grip. And I like the bigbutt X grip
  11. David O. Did mine, I’m very happy with his work.
  12. HI, Go to S&W directly they will help you out.
  13. HI, Check the rules on the 38 short colt for IDPA out of the 38/357, it may be an issue.
  14. I have got to add this, I love Big Butts. There is more to hold on too!!!!! I got one made by Pat after Revo Nationals. Just shot my first match with it. Loved it. It just makes a fast draw easier! Thanks again Pat!
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