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  1. With respect to expensive moonclips, I think that if you buy the BMT Mooner tool, you can get away with fewer expensive clips because between stages, you can very quickly de-moon the good clips and refill them with that tool. Similar to topping off semi auto magazines. This is my theory anyway.
  2. Sound like you are onto a fix! The recoil of firing a live round is moving the loose cylinder back/forth. I’m interested to see if your tightening of the cylinder fixes it, good luck!
  3. How long are your loaded rounds? Could they somehow poke out too far forward and lock up the gun? Are the primers seated below the surface of the back of the cartridge? if you loaded up some dummy rounds can you dry fire them? did it feel different thumb vockingbthe revolver into single action feel different with empty cases than it did with loaded cases? I’m wondering if your thumb on the hammer has more mechanical advantage than the DA trigger and your thumb could overcome some obstruction that the da trigger pull can’t. with dummies in the gun if you feel the cylinder with your hand as you pull the da trigger .. does it feel different than with snap caps or empties? does this alpha project gun open up like a S&W where you can see the lock work moving as you pull the trigger?
  4. They will fit the same holsters, since both are N frame revolvers. If you plan to get the performance center 627, it is a five inch barrel so you’d want to get that to also fit your four inch 625. I’m not use if the open front on a five inch holster works fo a four inch gun but the closed holster certainly would.
  5. Gomar83, they all look similar. Buy the cheapest one! Then just practice with it. I don't think any of them is worse than any other one. The one I bought has an enclosed front/top so I can't swing the barrel forward until it has cleared the holster completely. I just have to practice with it ... the holster draw is a pretty small part of the game.
  6. I wish I bought that one. I have the closed front N-frame one that I bought from Speed Beez for my 625 4-inch, but have since bought a 5" 627 and it's nose sticks out the front, which is fine except that I'd prefer that the muzzle be covered to prevent damage from bumping into stuff. I think a glued on piece of plastic might work, but your holster seem speedier!
  7. I have some Sport Pistol too. (I buy powders whenever PV has a hazmat free day and often go overboard). But I like Sport Pistol in 9mm so I'll save it for that. (off topic, maybe PM if you want)... Also, you're in Toronto? I grew up in Mississauga! How is the pistol competition scene up there? I started after I moved to California. I have a friend in Mississauga/Oakville area that has some nice guns that I can't buy in California (Shadow 2 for one), but he's not into IPSC, which I keep trying to push him to try.
  8. Sound like something I need to try. I have a jug of ram shot competition because people said it was “poorman’s Vv320”. Then was later warned that it can’t make major of in .40 without going quite a bit beyond the published max. I don’t know if that is true but as a result I just left the jug unused. I’ll test my way up with it in .38 hopefully it will work. I also have a jug of clays to try as well. Thanks for all the tips guys, I’ll work some of them up to see what works for me and the 627!
  9. There is nothing stopping you! I don’t know if you handload or not but i’d Try and find a load that makes major power factor and not much more and use that. When you make ready you could probably just plop six rounds in by hand and save the speed loaders for the stage reloads. I mean that there is. Or rule that prevents you from doing so. The 327 would be much better (assuming it’s cut for moon clips). You won’t be reloading anywhere near the speed of a 625 with moon clips but make good hits and you’ll have a good time!
  10. Hi, maybe this should be in the reloading section, but since 9mm and .38 are lumped together, I thought I'd go directly to the revo shooters and ask. So today I brought my new 627 pc (5" barrel) to the range to break-in. I wanted to make sure everything worked from the factory. (And sad to say I got 3 light strikes on winchester primers ... from the factory!) The only ammo I had was some I loaded up for SASS, and it's basically .38 special loads in .357 magnum cases (they magnum cases are more reliable in a .357 lever gun). Anyway, I had the standard 158 gn lead semi wadcutters (Bear Creek Moly) with 3.5 gn Bullseye powder (OAL was whatever put the rim into the crimp groove). and I had the same OAL, primers etc but with 3.5 gns of Trail Boss. Normally, I'd just shoot the bullseye (powder) load because the Trail Boss load is bunny fart and will in no stretch of the imagination meet minor PF for USPSA. But ... I did notice that my groupings with the Trail Boss were noticibly tighter than the bulleye load. Usually I shoot whatever load works OK, but the noticable difference (was it because I wasn't flinching on follow up shots from bunny farts versus seeing the flames of bullseye flash out the cylinder gap?) has me wondering if maybe the load really actually makes a useful difference. So.... I'm asking here what some of your favorite loads are. Now, I get that posting load info is a touchy (liability wise) thing, but maybe just powder recommendations then. In anticipation of USPSA and moonclip loading, I bought a bunch of 160gn rounds nose coated bullets from SNS (my go to supplier for no real reason other than I've used them for years). I have jugs of Bullseye, Clays (just clays, not international or whatever), Win 231 (and HP-38 since HP-39 USED TO BE cheaper at Powder Valley than 231 for some reason, but they caught on - my 9mm powder), WST (my .45 acp powder) and some smaller containers with N320, Power Pistol, WSF, Unique, and probably some other stuff I can't recall right now because i'm a hoarder, and of course I have some Trail Boss which I'll reserve for cowboy stuff if I ever get around to going again. If this really should be kicked to the reloading forum for 9/.38 then mods, please banish it there. However, I'd like to hear the experience of the revo guys. Oh, and I'll be loading .38 special cases, though I did buy some Long Colt to try (and maybe cut down) later, and someone was very nice and sent me a sample of .38 Short Colt... but never mind the colt stuff for now, I'll be using .38 specials mostly. Thanks so much in advance! Vince
  11. Do you clean the primer pockets when you clean the brass? I mean, do you deprime the cases, then wet tumble them so the primers are sitting on bare brass? Or do you decap them on the press and seat primers over the crap (which should still work).
  12. I walked into my work shed, looked at the mess and unfinished projects laying around and decided to buy the moon clip server because I’ll never build my own rack. The truth hurts!
  13. I really want to make some magnetic posts now, but I know that realistically I'll never get around to it...
  14. I bought the PC version of the 627, I opened the cylinder and it's like "Wait, I thought they said they chamfered the chambers?!" LOL, it's like, they lightly scraped the edge off each cylinder with a popsicle stick and called it good. Now yours looks like a proper chamfer!
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