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ICE Magwell singlestack


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Just now, Clint U66 said:

I run the Wilson mags with the DP basepads that work with the no gap insert ice magwell.  Basepads have plenty of material to insert the mag and they fit the box.

This is what I run as well, although I have the gapped magwell due to buying the kits with the bases that don't work with the no gap.

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On 1/9/2019 at 7:57 PM, triumphrider said:

Tripp mags

Dawson basepads

I second this. The Tripp Cobra mags with dawson pads are fantastic.

I also used to use the Wilson Combat EMT mags with the aluminum base pads, and they worked pretty good too...not as good as the Tripp/Dawson combo, but good.

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