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  1. Tension. It's most likely cause by tension in your hands/arms. You tend to see that more in a match than in practice.
  2. Saloman Spikecross is a good one. It is a soft cleat with some small metal spikes about the size of the head of a screw. I've been wearing those for years now and if not those, you could try the speed cross. they are really popular in the uspsa community.
  3. I've said it on here before but I prefer a heavier rifle. I think it is more steady and yields better results than the lighter gun for me. Under the clock I was never able to see much difference transition wise compared too my light guns on all the close stuff but at distance I could tell a difference. My 18 rifle with optics weighed just under 11 pounds and I shot it better than any other rifle own.
  4. So the answer is no to the adjustable gas. That will have a lot to do with the ejection pattern you are seeing. If you do suppress it you could still run an adjustable gas but if its will have a dedicated suppressor you may just wanna put the suppressor on and see how it acts with it and the factory gas block.
  5. Do you have an adjustable gas block on that rifle? Definitely sounds over gassed and I had a similar experience with a rifle a few years ago. WAAAAY over gassed and a quick adjustment made all the difference in ejection pattern.
  6. I pulled the pin out of all my lowers that use the SCS. Makes no difference really if its in or out but it does make removal a bit easier. I'd say if you are going to stick with that setup (the scs) and take it out regularly to inspect/clean I'd go ahead and remove the buffer retainer.
  7. As mentioned above, keep them lubed and you shouldn't see any wear other than the typical spots that you'd see on any other carrier. I've ran a JP for a while and have only noticed some finish worn off where the hammer contacts the carrier but no material wear. And yes, they do shoot nice. The JP is a bit pricy but I'd recommend one in a heartbeat!!
  8. What distance are you zeroing at? I have run micro dots on 45 degree mounts and sometimes they can be a pain to zero ESPECIALLY if you are trying to zero real close like say 10 yards. I've never had one that I couldn't get zeroed because of running out of adjustment.
  9. Clint U66


    Another vote for the VTAC padded sling. Never used them for PRS but have used them on ar 15/10s and they work great.
  10. Don't have pics of mine handy but Mark Roth opened up my TTI and did a great job. Give him a look!!
  11. This is one that I feel is a matter of preference based on the sight setup, rifle weight/balance and need for adjustability. I prefer and have pretty much always ran a magpul PRS but on a light short bay gun I run a CTR with a riser.
  12. I know right!!! I kinda thought this season was gonna be lame after the first couple episodes but turned out pretty good!!
  13. I run the Wilson mags with the DP basepads that work with the no gap insert ice magwell. Basepads have plenty of material to insert the mag and they fit the box.
  14. Do you have any idea if this is a "newer" sight? There have been a few revisions to keep things like that from happening. Early on there were a lot of problems with the dots going off and staying off. Not sure if yours has the latest updates but you may consider contacting CMore to see if they can help you out.
  15. Not sure how true this is but I believe there is a difference in 9mm vs. 45acp slide stops with SOME manufacturers. I've never paid it much attention but I just found where some are made with a longer pad on the inside that reaches farther onto the follower. Google it and see what you can find but I believe there may be a fix in another slide stop. FWIW, I have an old STI trojan in 9mm that I use wilson mags with and they work great........never had an issue with them getting hung on the slide stop. May even consider trying a wilson mag OR one of their followers if you don't have any luck with the slide stop.
  16. You can you put an empty in the gun and pull the slide to the rear and maybe see if it sticks then. Could be that you will actually see where it is sticking. Also, do you know if its the same mag that it fails with each time?
  17. Oh yeah, the Bottom Feeder is a MUST have on the MPX!!
  18. Posvar pretty much covered it but you may look into adding a magwell also. Most guys I see are running one and it may not be neccessary BUT would be a nice addition.
  19. Look at the bright side............you can only go up from there!! In all seriousness, its probably safe to say that everyones first match doesn't go as well as they had envisioned. Now you know what you are in for next time and you have an idea of what you need to improve on. Now go out and have a better next match!!
  20. Those are the ones you want. I'd also recommend picking up their handheld kill switch. Much easier than trying to hit the stop button on the tablet if you need to stop the machine quick. https://www.markvii-loading.com/Mark-7-Wired-Remote-Stop-Switch-_p_214.html This will be handy too: https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/product/shell-stabilizer-3/
  21. Take your time and make sure everything is setup and adjusted properly before you start cranking out rounds. I think the initial setup is crucial for error free loading. Not sure that you "need" index pawls or upgraded shell plates but I added those to both mine. Not sure what caliber you are loading but super seemed a little more troublesome for me than 40. just took a little more attention to detail to get it to run error free. I don't lube brass because I load what has already been resized and deprimed which is super smooth and there is almost no friction at all in the 1st station. If you don't want to go to all that trouble, you should definitely lube cases to keep from possibly spilling powder from the "bump" that is caused in station 1. Also, keep an eye on the shell plate as it indexes and make sure you aren't getting any powder splash at speed. If you do, there are a few things available now to stop that OR you can use zip ties. One last thing, make sure your expander die in station 2 is doing its job and that will cut down on the friction from belling at the powder measure station.
  22. What LMS said...........I added thumb rests to my limited guns after becoming accustomed to them on my open guns. Ran Nitro Fins on all of them so there was no need to drill the frames on the limited guns.
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