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  1. anbrumm

    Aggresive grips for RIA pro match?

    I have these on my 1911. To be honest though, I am not sure if they will fit the RIA or not. I looked, and it looks like it uses regular 1911 grips. These grips are very aggressive. I even smoothed a little part out a bit due to it being so aggressive when shooting. https://vzgrips.com/pistol-grips/1911/vz-recons1
  2. anbrumm

    At home kit for custom ear plugs?

    I got a custom set made at an audiologist office. They have a baffle built in that cuts off noise above 80 db. I think they were like $180, but I think it was worth every penny.
  3. anbrumm

    Newb from central IL.

    Welcome to the forum, where you been shooting at?
  4. anbrumm

    Dawson Ice w/ Dawson basepad not fitting?

    I verified with Dawson a while back the the competition ready base pads only come in the gap magwell option. If you want the no-gap you have to specifically go order them on their own. I was wanting the no gap magwell, but wasn't willing to pay an extra $10 per mag to buy the base pads by themselves. Editing to add email: Andrew,No sorry you would need buy them separate no package available in no gap. Tech Department Dawson Precision 866-300-1911 On 1/3/2018 10:25 AM, Andrew Brummett wrote:
  5. anbrumm

    Hello from SO IL

    Where is your first match?
  6. anbrumm

    Illinois Guy

    I don't. I typically shoot at Sparta, Loami, and Wright City, Mo.
  7. anbrumm

    Impossible Mag Release

    I recently got Wilson Legendary mags, and it took a lot of force to seat them and to drop the mags. People kept saying to wait for the springs to break in, but I left one fully loaded for 2+ weeks. Still the mag was hard to drop. After doing some research, I saw that quite a few people cut 1 could off the mag spring. I decided to take the risk and try it. Seating and dropping the mags are a lot easier than before, and haven't noticed any feeding issues. Are the mags easy to drop unloaded, or still hard to drop?
  8. anbrumm

    Hello from IL

    Welcome, what part of IL are you?
  9. anbrumm


    Totally off topic... Sorry OP. Here's the link. http://www.gunnuts.net/2011/09/16/what-your-uspsa-division-says-about-you/
  10. anbrumm

    1911 Mag Pouches

    What'd you use for the relief cuts?
  11. anbrumm

    Springfield Armory Mainspring Housing

    So glad I saw this. Fought with putting a longer spring into my 1911 for a while the other day. Ordered the correct cap and retaining pin this morning.
  12. anbrumm

    Illinois Guy

    Welcome Doug, what part of IL are you from?
  13. anbrumm

    Hello from South part of Illinois

    How far south are you? Sparta puts on some great matches.
  14. anbrumm

    Shooting <9mm Pistol in USPSA Match

    I'd have to agree with most here. I think it is probably up to the MD if they would let the person shoot for no score. If they aren't holding up the shooting I wouldn't see the harm as I am assuming it would be a kid or girlfriend/wife. It wouldn't hurt to be able to show someone good safe gun handling.