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  1. I have the bladetech holster for the stock 3 i picked up from BSPS. Works pretty great for the Lim Pro.
  2. I was actually curious about this myself. I sold my Stock 2, and now run a pair of IFG Limited Pros instead. Havent really had any issues with either pistol, and have had one of them for a year and a half now.
  3. BigAm

    Cz rami issues

    Typically when this happens its because the leading edge of the runway has a slight too sharp of edge to it. It pulls the round forward in the magazine when the slide moves forward. Diamond file, and a little time will fix it. Round off the front edge ever so slightly, and that will normally fix that issue. Also polishing the runway as well tends to help. This is a pretty common issue on Tanfos, and Ive managed to make all my pistols not drag rounds forward with this fix.
  4. If you want to watch and great how to videos on complete disassembly, and polishing the internals check out the videos by Memphis Mechanic on youtube. Great detailed videos.
  5. Extractor, trigger spring, are the two parts I hear mentioned most. I keep both in my parts bag along with some extra various springs and an extra firing pin just because I'm paranoid about that. What sorts of upgrades are you looking to do? Most of them are very easy to do yourself, and as far as I know there are only a few good places to get upgrade work done. And not a lot of gunsmiths seem to be very familiar with Tanfos from what Ive seen. Practically Perfect Performance in Texas J&L Gunsmithing in Virginia Patriot Defense in Texas
  6. Did it look like this? Bascially a long slide stock 2. This is the Aus model of the pistol.
  7. Amazing! Thanks everyone!
  8. Thats pretty rad! Is it gold colored? My Lim Pro came with a one piece sear which was a nice surprise as well.
  9. Thanks! That was an option I was thinking about. I didnt see anything for sale on the site, but since they are importing them it would be fair to guess they would have the skinny! Thank you! Haha thanks! Yeah I'm talking about the German made X5 not the P320 X Five.
  10. A friend picked up an old style X5 in 40 for a suuuper good price. But is curious if anyone makes an extension for the X5 mags to boost capacity, and be legal. Does he need to buy the X5 mags? Or can he get the 226 mags, and add basepads? Very very new to this, and couldn't find much on the forum. Thanks in advance!
  11. I’ve fit BOLOs in the past. They aren’t hard at all. 30 min with a round file and im normally done. And cool! I’ll give it a shot. The Delta hammer is nice, and I’ll see what kind of reliability I can get out of it!
  12. My Stock 2 had a small hole all the way through. Never was an issue...and honestly made attaching a dawson front sight even easier. Not sure if its something they do all the time on other guns...but I will see neither of my Lim Pros have the hole all the way through, but my Stock 2 and 3 both did. Does the hole look jagged or not machined well?
  13. Hey all, Just curious. I have a second LimPro I am looking to do some work on. I dont have an extra titan hammer laying around at the moment, but I do have a take off Xtreme Delta hammer from my S2X I had to part with this week. On PDs sight they say to use the titan hammer, but will the xtreme delta hammer work with the BOLO? Or is it just not recommended since its not as heavy, and doesnt hit as hard. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.
  14. Ive been using a Limited Pro a lot lately for IDPA competition...and am thinking about making the switch for USPSA as well. The Limited Pro feels the most like a 1911 to me, but the Match is super similar as well. I think youd be doing good with that pistol for sure!
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