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  1. You might have more luck in there for sure. There are ways to adjust the direction by facing the ejector...but unlike a 1911 or 2011 there isnt much surface area on the face of the ejector so that is gonna make it more difficult to do it. I am super curious what can be done to sort this out!
  2. Johnbu is very correct on the making sure your primers are set below flush. I used to have some light strike issues with my stock 2 with a god know what super light spring in it. I started using winchester primers for practice and federals for matches and upped my spring to a 15# wolff spring and it sets everything off as long as its set below flush. Even the elusive CCI primers.
  3. The main issue was that they didnt want to hear what we had to say. I think they thought we were giving them s#!t or something, but we really just tried to inform them of how it goes at ANY uspsa match.
  4. I agree with you totally. Part of the issues is they were all wearing there fancy shooting shirts, and were telling people they are part of a marine corps shooting team...I dont think anyone noticed there wasn't anyone higher than C among them all day. Someone should have checked in with them for sure.
  5. It is nice to get the holster and hanger from BSPS because they do add thumb screws to the holster if they don't normally come with them. Also if you want a pretty slick holster a friend of mine got a Stock 2 holster from silverback gun works...and its extremely nice. They dont list the Stock 2 on the site...but he does make them if you get ahold of him.
  6. OH the best part is when the guy in our group with a CRO cert made them all stop and yelled at them for a bit about all the s#!t they were doing...I was cringing so hard I missed the part where he was talking about start positions...I also remembered they were all marines as well. What a f*#kin day that was!
  7. Very interesting. It was a cluster f*#k in that group the whole day... We would have had to make those guys go back and reshoot at least 2 stages I think. I also saw them starting a stage with there hand on the gun as well which is another no no. Guess thats what happens when you have a whole group of D and U class shooters. Thank you all for the replys! And thanks for finding the rule in the book for me as well!
  8. Shot a match last weekend, and the group in front of us (either LE or MIL I dont remember) besides doing other things, to slow the pace down...seemed to be doing things all on there own and interpreting rules as they saw fit. One thing our group noticed was on a table start they were leaving the pistol with the slide open...I didnt think this was a legal way to start a pistol on a USPSA stage. What would be the penalty for this? Procedural? Something harsher? I tried to look it up, but I couldn't find anything on that specifically. Thanks in advance!
  9. I currently run a DAA belt (premium model I think...super stiff, and I love it) CR Speed Mag pouches BSPS BOSS Hanger with Blade Tech Holster If I had the option to do it over? Id probably get a different holster, like a Patriot Defense or a BSPS Unicorn one. I would also probably bite the bullet and buy the DAA Racer plastic mag pouchs as well. By the way...the blade tech holster is just a Stock 3 holster...its a little long for the Stock 2 but it fits great, and the Lim Pro wiggles around in it a bit too much but draws awesome.
  10. Also DAA makes the PDR Pro, and Ghost makes the Thunder as well. Plenty of options it seems now!
  11. I know you are right about this. But what are the differences. I'm just curious mostly. Does it have to do with the trigger bar interface with the notches in the slide? Or does it go deeper than that.
  12. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop has blade tech, and there own holster that fit the Lim Pro, as well as the stock 3 and 2. But anyone that makes a Stock 3 holster makes one that fits the Lim Pro. Red Hill Tactical Steadfast Holsters (i believe I know he just got a stock 3 for that reason) Those are the ones I know of off the top of my head. I will say the Lim Pro can tilt forward and back in a stock 3 holster, but Ive not had any issues with binding or draw stroke out of my blade tech holsters I bought from BSPS.
  13. I have 2 different 1911s that do that. One of which is about 12k rounds through it, and never had an issues. None of my tanfos do it, but its one of those things that if I see if I don't really concern myself with it! Keep shooting and enjoy!
  14. For me so far the Lim Pro and the S2 feel like they balance very similarly. The lim pro has a longer barrel but shorter dust cover, and the stock 2 with the shorter thicker barrel and long dust cover. Really at this point for both guns I feel like its apples to apples. Both area great. Both shoot awesome, and accurately for me. Really comes down to if you wanna game in IDPA, and which one you like the look of better. Good luck! You'll be happy with either!
  15. I dont think mine would be legal for SSP since I changed out the hammer, and the safety...but it might be. Can anyone take a look at the pic I posted and let me know? The safety is a unica part which is offered from the factory, and the hammer is an xtreme, but I figured in SSP those parts werent allowed to be changed out and keep it in SSP.
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