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  1. I doubt many people would since CO is scored minor, and there really isn't an incentive to shoot 38 super or 38 super comp.
  2. The EAA Stock 1 is different than the IFG Stock 1. The IFG Stock 1 comes in 9mm, 40, and 10mm. Patriot Defense has them. Youre gonna want the large frame version. Also the IFG Limited Pro comes in 10mm as well. Longer barrel, and can make weight in IDPA if you change a few things out. But if you like the look of the EAA Stock 3, youre gonna like the look of the IFG Stock 1
  3. As far as the guns go from Tanfo the Limited Pro is gonna be the only option that is good for IDPA. LOK grips with the light weight treatment, and the aluminum guide rod from patriot defense gave me a pistol righ at 42.5oz with a mag, and a BSPS easy off base pad in the gun. If you dont care about shooting major matches, and you local IDPA club doesn't care if you shoot an illegal gun go for it. But srrch is right. Stock 3 can't be made to make weight in my opinion. Main reason I got rid of mine. Amazing gun though!
  4. So it seems that the full size uses P10F and P-09 mags which is interesting. Compact version will use CZ 75 mags...not sure if they are the 14 round or 16 round versions. Basically looks like a shadow 2 bottom with a 1911 top. No caming link as well. Uses the CZ style barrel lug. Comes in 40 and 9...and literally says on the website they made it for USPSA limited haha. Pretty cool piece in my opinion. Looks like retail is 1800 off the rip, and I'm guessing street price would come down off that after the roll out slows down. Very interesting! Makes me wonder if CZ magwells will fit on it as well.
  5. They are pretty dang close...but the cut outs on the sides of the FM lowers are deeper for sure. The extra plates that you add to hold the PWS magwell on are very very thin.
  6. Here is how its attached. Obviously most of y'all know how this stuff works, but this is exciting for us PWS guys who have been left in the dark on parts for competition!
  7. Fresh off the presses, and I think just added to the webstore at Techwell. For anyone running one of the PWS PCC-9 rifles or pistols this thing is looking pretty sweet! Gonna give it a test out tonight at an indoor match, and see whats good.
  8. Also that weight for the Stock 1 looks crazy heavy. That is a small gun to weigh that much.
  9. Stock 1 2 and 3 are all on the list under Tanfoglio. Limited Pro is as well. But I dont see the Witness P Match on there...which is odd.
  10. Been running one since January of this year. Been fantastic for me. I got mine from Ben Stoeger Pro Shop in a large frame version. Lok factory lightened grips Patriot Aluminum guide rod Titan Hammer Xtreme trigger Unica flat safety Dawon sight 9lb recoil spring 15lb wolff hammer spring Makes weight for IDPA as well with an ounce to spare!
  11. Haha yup! As soon as the Lim Pro came back I hopped on it at the newer lower price, and I am very very happy with my choice. The Stock 2 and Lim Pro feel very similar to me, so its nice to have a gun I can have as a back up for uspsa, and use in IDPA as well.
  12. Would be strange to have surface rust on the S2X since its cerakoted.
  13. Doesnt seem like IFG is being as strict about it so far. EAA on the other hand is really going after companies listing stuff for under MAP.
  14. I agree...and honestly I feel like my Lim Pro transitions very similar to my Stock 2. The shorter dust cover, and non bull barrel make the balance of the gun feel very similar to my stock 2. I think the Lim Pro will be the go to gun for people looking for steel DA/SA production guns that dont wanna pay a ton for them.
  15. Wow that is really strange. I have an S2X and nothing really sticks to the slide at all...but your finish looks a lot darker than mine too. Do you know what got on it to stain it like that?
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