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  1. For me so far the Lim Pro and the S2 feel like they balance very similarly. The lim pro has a longer barrel but shorter dust cover, and the stock 2 with the shorter thicker barrel and long dust cover. Really at this point for both guns I feel like its apples to apples. Both area great. Both shoot awesome, and accurately for me. Really comes down to if you wanna game in IDPA, and which one you like the look of better. Good luck! You'll be happy with either!
  2. I dont think mine would be legal for SSP since I changed out the hammer, and the safety...but it might be. Can anyone take a look at the pic I posted and let me know? The safety is a unica part which is offered from the factory, and the hammer is an xtreme, but I figured in SSP those parts werent allowed to be changed out and keep it in SSP.
  3. They mentioned on there IG that the barrels are oversized in the back of the hood, and around the very end of the barrel where it locks up. That leads me to believe they will need to be fit, and not a drop in part.
  4. I have a .150 tall x .115 wide on my Stock 2 which I LOVE the look of, but its maxed out as far as adjustment goes which is fine. Then I have a .160 tall x .100 wide on my Stock 3 and Lim Pro. Both rear sights are turned all the way down as well, and POA vs POI is spot on. You should be A OK going with anything between a .150 and .180 tall sight depending on which width you like, and what width youd like. I personally love the look of the .115 wide front sight, but most people like the .100 better it seems. I dont mind it, but its not my preferred.
  5. A little bit...but its worth it. I am currently using mine for ESP in IDPA, and as a backup gun for USPSA. You'll be very happy with it! BSPS and Patriot Defense seem to have them in stock most of the time.
  6. I have LOK grips on mine right now, and it baaarely makes weight. Im going to trim the inside of the grips a little to try and save enough weight to use good base pads. But yes they will make weight! PD LW guide rod Unica Flat Safety Titan Hammer Xtreme Trigger LOK Grips (.080" thicker than normal)
  7. I have an S2X and honestly I would just buy a regular Stock 2, and upgrade than buy the S2X again. I got mine for waaaay cheaper because of luck, but yeah...get the stock 2, and either send it in to get worked over, or buy some xtreme parts, and polish the s#!t out of it, and call it good.
  8. I started with IDPA shooting what I had...and finally started to settle on a few things now. USPSA was a little aimless at the start, but I got it sorted out a little quicker. IDPA Para USA GI Expert CZ SP-01 (found out it was illegal at the time) Sig P229 Dark Elite Sig P226 SAO Springfield Range Officer 9mm Dan Wesson Valor in 45 STI Eagle 5.0 9mm STI Marauder CZ P01 Shadowline (current CCP) Tanfo Lim Pro (current ESP) USPSA STI Edge 9mm in limited STI Eagle 5.0 in limited Tanfo Stock 2 Xtreme in Production Tanfo Lim Pro for back up in production Figured out limited minor was stupid pretty fast haha
  9. I had LOK make some grips are are the same as the boogies but with .080" added to make them as thick as the wood grips. I like a bigger gun, and this really helped a LOT. You can email him and get them custom made. I got min in full checker instead of the boogies grip texture, but thats up to you.
  10. Not gonna lie...this thing does feel heavy as hell. I think I might just have a slightly heavier one or something. But hey...could be worse!
  11. I already have a one sided safety, and it is a unica safety! I added a titan hammer which add a little weight. As long as I can keep it under weight i'll be ok if I doesnt have the shockbottle base pads on it. Thank you for the advice though!
  12. Also what trigger pin are you using? You get much slop in it? Looks like a canik one from CGW.
  13. Yeah I would like to get mine to where I can use my shock bottle base pads as well! We will see. Im thinking if I relief cut some spots on mine i'll get to where I have a little more wiggle room. I dont want to change the grips out since they are the same ones I use on my USPSA rig as well.
  14. Im not sure...but they are pretty heavy. They have an extra .080" added to them to make them as thick as the wood grips...so that is probably whats keeping it on the fat side.
  15. I think I nailed this one on the head... I do need to find a more accurate scale, but the PD light weight guide rod made a huge difference...and my LOK extra thick grips are pushing me back up again. Oh well... I cant think of anywhere else to cut to get it more within the weight limit without making a few drill press marks on the inside of the grip panels. What say y'all?
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