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Finished a few 2011's


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Looked on your site. Couldn't find pistols. Are they listed under products.

We will have them on there before long, My poor photography skills weren't up to par :sick: , We had some professionally taken, should have them this week.

Send an email to - josh@toothandnailarmory.com , or call him at 573-378-9070 , he will send you a build sheet with all the options.

We will most likely only have several basic models on our site, too many options available to 'build' one online I think, still working out the , online build process

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I bet those cost hundreds :devil:

More like thousands.

But- they are priced in line with other made to order 2011s.

I sent them an email requesting a build sheet and had it right away. This morning I spent some time discussing a possible build with Josh. He took plenty of time to answer my questions and offer suggestions.

So, if you are interested I'd say contact them and discuss options and prices.

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If you haven't shot a 2011, it WILL make a difference in your stage times.

Before I got mine, I always said it was more the shooter than the gun, and it still is, but there comes a point where a guy can out shoot his gun.


Here's a recent build getting ready to get Hard Chromed.



Another ready for Black nitride.



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