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  1. I made some new ones as soon as I mounted a Luth stock on my rifle. Love it now.
  2. That's an interesting problem. Did the machine sit for a lengthy amount of time?
  3. Run them in every gun I have. Only setup worth running IMHO.
  4. The intent is to prevent a random guy with a home done sketchy trigger job going prone with a hot pistol, hitting the ground too hard and the gun going off. Yes it is rare but I have seen trigger jobs that would do exactly that. The idea is safety to the group of shooters behind the line of fire. Nothing more.
  5. Did you check the driver in the cabinet? Make sure you don't have any red lights on any of the drivers. Also check the wiring harness plugs that plug into the drivers. If they are fried so is your driver.
  6. We run a 60 second penalty for a firearm abandoned off safe. Its a steep enough penalty to encourage people not to do it and at the same time won't send you home.
  7. Lead Farm Range will be hosting a Run and Gun Biathlon on December 2. 5 stages requiring a rough count of 75 rds of rifle and pistol ammo. Course between stages will be roughly 5 kilometers(3.1miles) long. We will offer 2 divisions for this event. Minimalist and Trooper. Both divisions are run what you brung. If you want to carry it, you can shoot it. Minimalist is a basic division with no requirements. You may leave packs or belts at the start of the stage. No weight requirements for gear. Trooper requires you to finish with a minimum of 30# of gear. Rifle, pistol, mags, belts, packs and vests count toward your total. Clothing does not count. You may not ditch any firearms, packs or belts prior or during the stage. Only magazines may be dropped. Scoring will be 50/50 and scored using points. 500 points for the run, 100 points for each stage. Any weight time at stages will be subtracted from your total run time. We will do a staggered start with a new shooter starting every 5 minutes. You will self squad in November after payment has been received. Squadding position will determine your run time. If you have any questions let me know. Sign up is on Practiscore. Cost is $50. https://practiscore.com/lead-farm-2-gun-run-n-gun-match/register
  8. Looking for a match to fill your schedule in October? Look no further. 8 Stages in 2 days. $130 match fee. Max rifle distance of 600 yards. Will be a mix of natural terrain and bay style stages held at Lead Farm Range in Versailles, MO. This is the final match for our series championship. There will be no prize table but we will have a shoot-off for cash that is open for anyone to shoot. Let me know if you have any questions. https://practiscore.com/mid-west-3-gun-championship/register
  9. Thats what I remember as well. Just wanted to be sure there weren't any curve balls this year. Especially since the slug count seems unusually low.
  10. Have you barrel re-threaded for win chokes. Win-choke will screw in but its loose and sloppy until it bottoms out. We had some of our breacher chokes threaded for the match 21mm pattern but if you plan on shooting a lot of 3-gun have it reamed and rethreaded.
  11. UTAS has yet to settle on a final design for the gun. Of the last 10 we have gotten in for customers every single one has been different in atleast 1 way. Until a long run production version is settled on its not worth trying to work on the platform.
  12. Very common. You need to fit the safety to your trigger. Go slow and check often.
  13. So its a savage barrel system that accepts Rem700 parts? Looks like a nice option.
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