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    ammo help

    Blackwater Precision has ammo loaded long for 2011 guns and is tuned to competition shooters a long with any other pistol calibers for Uspsa and idpa shooters. I’ve been useing it for two years and have had zero problems. I believe they are going to be the match ammo for area 8 this year chrck them out Sorensen2018 discount code
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    Blackwater Precision is great product I use it in all my guns from 9mm to 45 it’s all great. Good prices also sorensen2018 will also give you a discount
  3. How do the slides fit on the PT frame?
  4. Anybody know where I can find one? Or does anyone have they want to sell? seems they won't be making more of these anytime soon
  5. Why? What makes them the best?
  6. What's everyone think of these frames? They were all the buzz no to long ago so I picked one up.... I'm on the fence
  7. Isn't it true with very little practice anyone can ba a master in idpa?
  8. How about at 1.180?? With a 165grbullet?
  9. Anybody have something close I can start with?
  10. Looking for a load to start of a load somebody uses to make major with wst and a 165gr bullet? Been using n320 but I'm not paying for it anymore and I have a ton of wst, I've heard there about the same so what are you guys using??
  11. 3.6 of TG with 165 BBIsnjust barely made minor when I chronoed over the weekend at 55 degrees. Gun is a stock 2 . 3.8 should do it.very accurate load. Not as softvasvthe 180s but I like the impulse ofnthe gun.
  12. What's a load for a 165 to make major with wst? Useing BBi Bullets any idea? Loading to 180-185
  13. I did the one On the right big time it's really thinned out, the other got more or a rounded grip
  14. Interested in this, never heard of this working
  15. Just got a room at sycamore motor lodge 4 mins from the range it looks like Thanks guys
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