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  1. Fan of the 3M Safety Walk Tape. Super cheap, and pretty durable. I spend an afternoon cutting out the tape to the contours of the gun, and save the tape backside as a template for future copies. Grip is grippy but I am curious on what else is out there that may be grippier still. -Brian
  2. leeb10

    P320 X5 Thread

    Shot my P320 X5 for the first time today. Maybe approx. 200 rounds, had 5-6 failure to feeds. The gun is super tight and hopefully these FTFs are because of it and go away when it breaks in. On the upside the sights are phenomenal and the accuracy is fantastic as well. Was able to print a 2.5 inch group at 25 with cheap reman. ammo! On the otherhand, thinking i prefer the curved feel of the standard grip module. Will be putting up my x frame and magwel for sale methinks.
  3. Novice-level powerlifting. Right at the edge of the 1000lb club!
  4. As fast as possible to maintain your desired points percentage obtained out of possible points available (typically 90-95%+).
  5. I will also put my hat in for the p320 as well. Great recoil characteristics. Tracks well. Much more accurate than a stock g34 (2-3in, 5 shot groups at 25 yards). Slide lock functions as a production-legal *thumb rest [generic]*. Inexpensive.
  6. Don't forget that chick from the Kickass series! Shes not kicking ass necessarily but its great seeing her in another action movie.
  7. leeb10

    Sig P320

    Awesome! thanks for the info guys.
  8. This is a tangent, but if the goal of a bullet out setup is to help reduce belt space, someone should invent a "magazine for magazines" catering to the comp. market. I understand that a company made someone of that sort for ar15 mags, but that device would really help save belt space and provide a consistent index point for reloads.
  9. The short of the answer tends to be whatever grip circumference allows the middle part of the first pad of your trigger finger to naturally fall on the face of the trigger.
  10. This sport is still unprofessionalized, ie. no spectator draw, advertisement dollars, formal training organizations, extensive sport science research, draft process, etc... What this means for is that the ability gap between a beginner shooter and one at the top level is far narrower say sports like baseball, golf, football, etc. I am confident that with 2-3 years of dedicated practice, and min. $1k in initial fixed costs, one can hit top 16 at USPSA nationals. That statement would not hold true in many other competitive sports.
  11. If I recall correctly from the precisionrifleblogs.com's post about PRS suppressor usage at major matches, Thunderbeast was the clear winner. Might want to give them a hard look.
  12. Was a huge fan of the film, found the plot line engaging and daring. The use of concepts like the 5th dimension, time dilation, etc was a expertly included into the plotline without seeming forced. Was well acted by all involved. 4.5/5, will definitely want to see again.
  13. 2/5, really did not enjoy it as much as others have in this thread.
  14. leeb10

    Sig P320

    I've heard that only a select few p320 slides can be successfully milled for dawson adjustable rears. Something about there not being enough material on top due to the deep internal lightening on most slides. Can anyone confirm?
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