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  1. Is there a place I can find videos to download covering these topics
  2. what’s the difference between a 556 case gauge and a 223 case gauge thanks
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I have bought from some of these places, was looking for any place having a deal or specials going on, want to make a purchase soon.
  4. Looking to get some coated or plated 9, 40, 45 bullets. Just for casual shooting. Anyplace have and deal or specials going on.
  5. A stock SP-01 works great for production especially if you are starting out. Upgrade as you see the need or want. I did it and now shoot CO with it.
  6. Thank you. About to set up my 650 and rock chucker to do 223.
  7. Yes that I know. Does your normal buy at any store 223 ammo have crimped primers. Or does it vary by brand.
  8. Does 223 brass have to be swaged or only if it is military brass
  9. Do you install the auto drive yourself or send the press to them.
  10. ronn

    Making a SPO1 a 9m from 40

    I was shooting production with the SPO1, not as much as I wanted this past summer because of work but plan to get back into it next summer. Because the eyes are getting old I decided to switch to CO, had the slide milled, installed DP Pro, shoots great but figured with 9mm I could hold more rounds thus exploring the possibilities of switching it to 9mm.
  11. ronn

    Making a SPO1 a 9m from 40

    I want to keep my slide, it has been milled for a DP Pro.
  12. What do I need to do to make my .40 SPO1 decocker a 9mm?
  13. ronn

    SP01 threaded barrel

    I am thinking on a threaded barrel for my SP01 decocker. Is their such a thing, would prefer a top of the line type barrel thanks Ron
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