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Which sights to get


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Right now I'm kind of stuck on what sights to get on my Glock 34. I'm planning to use this gun as is except sights for a little while before I touch the internals.

I'd like to run sights with a very similar sight picture on my G23. I want to run plain black steel sights on my G34, and something that catches my eye on the front sight of the G23. What height front sight does the G34 use? What height front sight does the G23 use?

I don't know if I would like the U notch or the square notch in the rear, I've only used square notch in the past. I spend a lot of time using peeps on a rifle, so I'm open to trying new things to see if they work. I have discovered that I shoot faster w/ a fiber/night front sight over a plain rear, and more accurate using all black.

Up in the running so far is: (Front/Rear)

Sevigny Comp sights G34 (black/black)

Sevigny Carry sights G23 (night/black)

Ameriglo Target G34 (black/black)

Ameriglo Hackathorn G23 (night/black)

Warren Tactical G32 (black/black)

Warren Tactical G23 (night/black)

Any other favorites to look out for?

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Like the Warren/Sevigny. Warren calls for a .245 front sight for the G34, but I found a .215 put me right on at an average IDPA distance. Since i have been shooting in moderate light conditions lately, I currently have the front sight painted day glo orange.

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I also prefer Dawson's with adjustable rear. I use FO front for USPSA and all black for GSSF. The quality is top notch, and you can really dial it in for any load with an adjustable rear sight. The variety of widths also allows you to choose which sight picture you like most.

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Just an update - Bought Trijicon HD night sights for the G23. They're very similar to the Ameriglow Hackathorn, but are a higher profile sight set with what seems to be a slightly larger rear notch in the shape of a U instead of a square.

I've found them much easier and faster to find the front sight on than the Hackthorn sets.


Also bought an Advantage Arms conversion kit, had a few teething issues, but that's common with conversion kits. I also didn't have any high velocity ammo, which the kit needs, so I'm sure that was part of the problem. I'll be putting the same sight set on the conversion kit soon.

I haven't decided exactly which sight set to get for the G34 yet, but it's down to the Dawson and Sevigny sets right now. When I get a conversion kit for this gun, I'll put the same sight set on it as well.

Both guns are currently running the stock internals, and have proven to be among the better of the Glock triggers I've shot in the past.

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