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  1. I use .355 for both 9mm and super. Thet work great and the accuracy is spot on. I've also used .356 for both with the same result. It's easier buying the same bullet for both guns just as you asked.
  2. landry92


    1.140 OAL on a 124 works perfect for me. It's long yet not too long that it wont get stuck in Glock mags or similar gun magazines.
  3. I've been running a steel rod for many years never had an issue. Even use a tungsten rod in my open Glock and everything works great. I havent noticed any damage on my frames and they have seen high round counts
  4. Do you know for sure the apex works?
  5. Does anyone know of an extended firing pin that will work in the 929? The 929 comes with a hollow firing pin which is different from standard SW firing pins. Has anyone tried an aftermarket extended pin they know works for sure? Thanks
  6. I have Glockworx's competition spring kit (3lb striker spring, extra power trigger spring, reduced power plunger spring) along with their skeletonized striker and race connector in all my competition Glocks. I've been using this set up for a few years and really like it. Today I decided to put my OEM trigger spring back into my G34 to see how much heavier the trigger would be with the OEM spring vs. Glockworx extra power spring. And from what I have always read and believed was that and extra power trigger spring it supposed to lighten the trigger opposed to a factory spring. However, when I tried the trigger after switching the springs out the trigger actually seemed a bit lighter. Not by much, but it seemed noticeable. The glockworx spring I had in my 34 only had about 500 or so rounds through it because I recently just replaced it with a new one, so thinking the spring was simply overused does not really explain this. Anyone else experience this or have an idea about it? Thanks
  7. landry92

    Berry bullets G22

    They work great, they are all I shoot and perform awesone!
  8. Anyone ever use these? I have the sevigny competition sight set with fiber optic front sight on two of my Glocks for competition and love them. I was wondering if anyone has tried them on a 1911. I'm building a 2011 and was thinking about getting these so my sight picture would be the same as what I have been used to and the fact I really like them. http://mle-shootingsports.com/Sevigny-Competition-Adjustable-Fiber-Optic-Mx-Sight-Set-for-1911 Thanks
  9. I'm looking at different trigger group kits for my 2011 build. Mostly looking at kits through dawson precision. Anyone have one they would suggest over others or different company for these parts? Thanks http://www.dawsonprecision.com/CategoryProductList.jsp?cat=TRIGGER+COMPONENTS%3A1911%2F2011%2FKimber%2FPARA:Trigger+Groups
  10. I recently bought an STI frame kit that I'm going to build into a 9mm stock gun for plate shoots. I know I'm going to buy a caspian 5in slide. My question is should I go with the more expensive stainless slide or the the carbon slide? Is there a benefit to either besides toughness? I think I'd rather have a dark finish to the slide but if there is really a much greater benefit to stainless slide I would consider it. Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone, I've decided to go with a 5in caspian slide.
  12. I'm picking up a new STI 2011 standard frame kit. I'm going to build it into a 9mm stock gun for steel shoots. My question is should I go with a 5in or 6in slide? Also I am not sure of the frame I want. I was looking at an STI, caspian or an already machined Brazo slide. I'm leaning towards a caspian slide, any suggestions why I should go with an STI slide instead? Thanks
  13. landry92

    light strikes

    OK thank you for the feed back, I'm going to try the stock striker spring but if it changes my trigger pull to much I'm going to try the glockwork extended striker.
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