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  1. Did a quick search, and Wikipedia (assuming you trust it) says that .303 Savage is .308, while .303 British is .311. Here's a site that has load data at the bottom of the page: http://www.reloadersnest.com/frontpage.asp?CaliberID=231 Good luck!
  2. You've probably already checked, but any chance you might stil have PM's or email notifications from the transaction? Granted, that was a long time ago, but just in case... Another thought is to check your transaction register for your checking account, if you keep those records. If he accepted a personal check, you may could get a copy of it from the bank.
  3. I shoot both USPSA and GSSF and have always preferred to sight in at 25 yards from a rest. I've never had problems with head shots, Texas stars, plate racks, or anything else that could be attributed to the gun/sights and not my shooting skills (or lack thereof).
  4. I also prefer Dawson's with adjustable rear. I use FO front for USPSA and all black for GSSF. The quality is top notch, and you can really dial it in for any load with an adjustable rear sight. The variety of widths also allows you to choose which sight picture you like most.
  5. chemepharmd

    24 or 35?

    I can't disagree with the others, but to me, the trigger and sights are much more important than barrel length. Assuming these are the same in any of the options, then I agree with G24 for L/L10 & G35 if you would like the option to shoot Production.
  6. I have both and can shoot my G17 more accurately than the G34. The G17 has target sights (wide black front and adjustable target rear), while the G34 has a fiberoptic front. I agree with the posts above and would recommend getting the best sights for bullseye and using the 17. I actually shoot a G36 (sub-compact .45) more accurately at 25 yards than any of my other Glocks, primarily due to a phenomenal trigger that I have not been able to duplicate in the others.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your help. Sounds like this one will be used on the carbine that I intend to purchase soon.
  8. Not sure, but it's the factory spring that came in the gun. Any suggestion on a spring weight to try? Thank you.
  9. I just got a 9mm suppressor (YHM Wraith), and tried it on my Glock 17 with a threaded Lone Wolf barrel. My 124-grain ammo loaded for USPSA production cycles perfectly in my G17, G26, & G34. It also functions in the G17 with the Lone Wolf barrel but no suppressor. As soon as I install the suppressor, the gun goes into "bolt action" mode. I added about 0.4 grain of powder to a few rounds and got the same result. I also tried some factory Winchester 147-grain bonded PDX1 personal defense rounds, and it still did not cycle with the suppressor installed. Before I try loading hotter ammo, does anyone have any suggestions about what I might be missing? Thank you for any guidance.
  10. Welcome back! It's still as fun as it has always been.
  11. Not a clue how many rounds might be added, but with people pushing their mags for every last round, I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm actually in the minority and only load 18-19 in my limited mags and 26-27 in my open mags. I also haven't seen a Surefire firsthand and didn't know they were having so many problems. No intent to rile anyone up
  12. Does anyone know if a mag manufacturer has attempted to design a big stick that widens at the bottom like the Surefire 60-rd AR mags? Granted, there isn't a lot of room below the magwell, but if such a mag could be designed to work, there might be room for a little more capacity.
  13. I have 3 Vanek's, all production legal, and really like them. I'm sure there are plenty of other options out there.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I enjoyed talking to you the other day, and you'll find this forum invaluable for your new hobby.
  15. Welcome from another bulldog. Class of '96.
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