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  1. Well, by no means am in a GM status. But last year between practice, matches and work, I shot just over 19k rounds through a Glock. Other than those shooting production, about how many GM's shoot Glocks over a 2011?
  2. It comes with full power springs, the Wolff are reduced power. Makes for a lighter trigger pull.
  3. Zev, Glockstore, Vanek, Travis Haley Skimmer trigger
  4. After years of putting up with a mediocre trigger in my Glocks, I have finally found what I consider the absolute best on the market today. After spending hundreds of dollars on the big name aftermarket triggers, I have come to my final resting spot. It's the Arsenal Democracy "Switch" trigger. It came with a tuned and highly polished trigger bar, connector, ejector block and striker safety plunger. I went ahead and swapped the springs that came with it with Wolff competition spring kit. It instantly turned the mushy trigger I had gotten used to into a trigger better than in most factory 1911's. I know what most of you are thinking and I would have thought the same thing if I weren't holding it in my own hand. It has zero take up and to say it had an 1/8" of creep would be exaggerating. Just enough to allow the safety to be functional. It breaks as clean as my 2011 with almost no over travel. You will have to shoot a couple of hundred rounds through it to get used to it, it breaks that clean. According to my trigger pull gauge, it was breaking right around 2.75#. I'm not going to bash anyone's product, but it made all the other big name triggers seem like a stock Glock trigger when comparing them. It was well worth the money and then some.
  5. Anyone tried reshaping a plastic STI grip to feel more like the SVI signature grip? Is the only difference the grip safety? If so, couldn't you use the SVI signature grip safety and blend the grip the match it. Or is there something different on the signature grip that allows the grip safety to pivot more? Just a thought.
  6. payment sent

    Jody Day

    1553 Bass Rd

    Caryville, Fl 32427

  7. I have somewhat small hands. I decided to go with the SVI signature grip on my new 2011. It is quite a bit heavier. As for recoil, there's not that much difference to me. But as far as feel and comfort, it's worth every penny.
  8. I use bayou's for practice and never had any leading issues. Try Xtreme bullets, they group a little better out of my glocks and both my 2011's.
  9. I went to a Law Enforcement only pistol match recently. It states I the rules that you must use duty "type" guns. I had started building a 9mm 2011 myself in January, my first attempt to build anything. I was literally working out some of my screw ups at 10:30 the night before the match. There is absolutely nothing special about this gun, it's all off the shelf parts. Before we even start, the match director comes to me because some of the other guys are complaining about my gun, saying its a competition gun. I had to explain to him that the 2011 is used by several law enforcement officers including several Swat Teams. Most of the other guys are shooting glocks, but not thier duty glocks. One guy was shooting a gun he had sent to Wilson Combat to be customized, but no one complained about his gun. I was ultimately allowed to use my gun and won the match. It sucks that people complain about the gun someone is using and use that as an excuse for not winning. Man up and practice more than once a year. If it requires a mag change from a glock to clear the plate rack at 15 yards, it may be the Indian not the bow.
  10. How tight should the grip be once fitted? Should it be comparable to a polymer grip? Thanks Jody
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