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  1. AND- I have called and emailed them- NO response- the provided screws are to long- have a terrible head designed compared to the factory flat head designed, so how long and what thread for the Glock 48 MOS slide? with their plate? My other slides are milled direct- but just had to try the G48 MOS- with some regrets now because of screw length.
  2. YES- silver color, not really a flat head screw, some said they are for RMR setup and not Holosun
  3. I just got the plate for my G48 MOS and Holosun 407k x2 GR. The screws are too long and hit the ejector rod! Anyone else have this issue- PS just got it Saturday- and they where closed, so ill call Monday and see what they say- also the screws are not black but silver!!
  4. Rolex

    Preferred grip tape

    Talon Pro Grip
  5. yes- but i could not order any- sat at at 5 MT the web page crashed- lost out again.
  6. Finish- old ones could rust And- some rattled when loaded to capacity, new ones will have tighter specs- Not out yet- lots of us have been waiting for almost a year- for new product to come out.
  8. I have thousands in my S2 OR- with the buffer.
  9. Remember last summer at SAPSA? I installed the gas plug but never turned it into battery, wife had interrupted me!! We had to put new gas rings on it- lost that stage- but not the match!!
  10. 135 gr tc Blue Bullets Sport Pistol 4.5gr's OAL 1.130
  11. Rolex

    Shadow 2 twist rate

    Thank you G16-
  12. I have SP on Glock and other mags- all have worked fine over the years-
  13. Rolex

    Shadow 2 twist rate

    Any one know the twist rate on the CZ Shadow 2 .9mm Thanks
  14. All you mentioned are very good and will work fin for you.
  15. Blue Bullets 135gr TC run perfect in my CZ S2.
  16. Grams- shooters connection or Ben Stoger
  17. Not the best choice for major- HS6, CFE
  18. Dont bother with the case gauge- use the barrel you are going to shoot those with, Drop every round into the barrel. then with the fingers you should be able to turn the loaded round without force. Most of the rounds will just fall out of the barrel, when you invert it. And just maybe they could be a little long--- Try that!
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