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2 Sports rolled into one - golf ball clay pigeons

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You guys cant do that?

I was pretty decent a while back...got down to the mid-single digit handicap, so I guess if I tried it long enough, the odds would eventually work out for me. Then again, I came super close to an ace a number of times (hit the pin, lipped out, stopped an inch short, etc) and never quite managed it, so maybe not!

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Epic. But golf is lame :D

You're lucky G-Man's a nice guy and not a moderator :roflol::roflol:

Are you saying Moderators aren't "nice guys?" ph34r.gif

The beatings will continue until moral improves !

LOL, negative but when given that POWER, one might be tempted to click the "button" if one is not a nice guy. :devil:

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