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  1. Thanks for working the match Charlie. That was a tough one even just shooting as a competitor!
  2. Great shooting with you. Looking forward to seeing the Crack Panda in action again in the future!
  3. Argh. I cut my chamber with 3 thou excess headspace with a Manson reamer. I only get a smidge of black around the case mouth, they stay pretty clean. I'd rather not go any tighter than that. I set my crimp as little as possible to get the most accuracy out of plated bullets. OAL is 1.18. I didn't think I'm pushing max on this load given the extra length? I loaded some up with SPP, haven't gotten to shoot them yet. We'll see. It isn't really a big deal, I don't get any weird SD or ES variations. Just something I've never seen before.
  4. Anyone have this problem? After I shoot even 100rds I get a bunch of flakes of what looks like burned powder on my forearms. I've looked at high speed video testing recoil springs and firing pin stops and I can see it just dumping flakes of crap out of the chamber like a damn volcano, it gets everywhere. I've been shooting TG in 9mm for years and never had this problem. I'm loading about 4.8 of TG behind a 180gr Berry's FP with CCI SRP. I'm thinking it's the rifle primers burning too hot or something?
  5. Two things: One, there's a difference between not seeing your sights and not REMEMBERING seeing your sights. I've done some pretty crazy stuff without remembering a single sight picture afterwards. Two, most of the work done on run and gun speed intensive targets is done with the body, whether that's standing on your tippie-toes and hunching your shoulders to bring the gun up and over a high wall, or using your hips to drive between targets in a wide transition, whereas with a 15 yard partial you'll be consciously steering the gun to the A zone with the sights. In the former the sights are m
  6. No doubt and hopefully you'll be able to watch it as it happens at www.liveshots.net The Ladies title will be interesting too; Julie, Randi, Jessie and Tori will be shooting polymer guns, while Sara, Maggie, Maria Gushchina, Christine Burkhalter will all be shooting steel guns. Interesting from 2nd place down maybe. Maria will beat every other lady by at least 10%, if not 15. LOL Top 2 overall will be shooting Tanfoglios.
  7. If you cut it, it will most likely break. Polish and lightly bend. If your port job was too "aggressive" on the side opposite the shell latch this will also contribute to the issue you're having.
  8. This. The answer is yes - BUT - to get good at anything really, one aspect of the mental conditioning required is the ability to recover instantaneously from failure, even in the middle of a performance, not just over the course of the next stage. Say you're fighting for the lead at Nationals and you just drilled a no-shoot in the face. You can't shoot the rest of the stage, or even the next target any differently. If you choke up and go conservative, you will fail. If you speed up to try to make up for it, you will also most likely fail. Make up the shot, move on - instantaneously. Same t
  9. This is 10 year old Justine Williams shooting. Her and her sister (just turned 12) both are knocking on the door to B class. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=838187829578786 They started shooting a year ago, and as you can see don't use any special technique like a more aggressive stance, etc - they just shoot. They shoot just like me, and I'm a 6'3", 260lb GM. Their hands can't even reach around their XDMs but they make it work. Awesome, right? Just goes to show that teaching shooting is pretty universal, barring any significant orthopedic problems. Anyway, have her stop moving her he
  10. Posted this on IP's Facebook wall. IP DeTurk vest in action: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152664010958423&permPage=1 Purgatory Flats "Hard as Hell" Multigun together with the MGM Ironman are unique in that you have to do stuff - like proning out with rifle, running through tunnels, carrying stuff, climbing walls - before or after loading a crapton of shotgun shells. That's why the vest is awesome, to give you the flexibility of getting bulky caddies out of the way when you don't need them. Here I had it flipped around on my back for the rifle shooting and traversing t
  11. I've never adjusted the powder measure on any quality reloading press I've got. I just load rounds and get to work.
  12. The dovetail in my Limited gun is a Heinie cut, with a .305 x .062 dovetail. NOT the STI standard .300 x .060. The last Dawson sight I got (Part # 020-128-00 for SV/Heinie) was not big enough and fell out with no fitting. Any ideas? I'm going to try the Brazos Microdot next as apparently they are machined .005 big from a .300... which gives me zero room for error... Oh well.
  13. This. I have to use my weak hand thumb to drop the slide on my Stock 2, which sucks, but is not really a big deal. But #2 is the fastest because as you can see, it adds an imperceptible amount of time to the actual reload. #3 adds a perceptible, but inconsequential amount of time to the reload. And yeah, #1 sucks, forget about it, unless you're a lefty! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On47qnk5YeA
  14. Based on the other stuff you put in there, there's probably room for a lot of lint.
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