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  1. We did a review on the Razor (I tagged it here with a time stamp to show 6x vs 10x):
  2. ^ This. I've not had a single barrel that'll shoot blaster ammo reliably less than an inch with 5+ shot groupings. Most are shooting 2-2.5" with ball, while being sub 1-1.5" with match ammo. My current game gun has a 16" Bartlein done up by the guys at Lone Star Armory - With match ammo I'm generally shooting 5+ shot groups between .5-.8" depending on the ammo etc...it's still a 2-2.25" gun with ball ammo though.
  3. I'd imagine that the stock itself does not doom a setup and that Kurt is referencing its specific current configuration - if you raise the shoulder pad to the top of the buffer tube, implicitly you should feel less recoil on the same setup (or at least I do). For reference, I use that stock on my own comp rifle but have it adjusted to the highest position so it sits almost in line with the tube...the video is long and about a different brand rifle altogether, so forgive me for that, but you get the point:
  4. If you're only getting one can for general all around use, go with the S. The K is a purpose built can for longer rifles to keep the weight and length impacts as little as possible while being "passable" as a suppressor. - owner of both S and K cans
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Obviously agree the FOV on those is giganto - that said it's very hard to put these in the same category for review in a 13 minute video though being FFP vs SFP (that's why we tried to focus almost unilaterally on other FFP optics or the Gen II for comparison). We're going to try and pull in as many optics as possible to create a library of sorts of LPVOs with down-the-reticle footage and will obviously hit on those. On the March, the reticle at 1 power, at least as far as I'm concerned, just isn't usable in the same manner at all. That's just my .02. I
  6. Hi All, Figured I'd share this here. I recently went through and finished a fairly detailed review of the new Razor. I'm sure there have been many questions on it and how it stacks up. Hopefully this helps some people out who are considering picking one up.
  7. 2019 Texas PCC Shootout It's been a full year since shooting my last PCC match and my first match of any sort since my last posting. So, I dusted of the JP GMR and headed out to the 2019 TX PCC Shootout... I'll admit straight away, not practicing on the gun with any sort of regularity at a match was detrimental (duh). I was slow on settling the sights and I was less than confident about calling my shots. Now, this was exacerbated by the fact that all the targets were cut to only be 1/3's for the whole match. A neat/unique thing I hadn't seen before. It apparently al
  8. Another vote from me - I feel like the texture, angles and swell allow me to hold the firearm one handed very easily, and align with the trigger where I want.
  9. I've shot with both the titan and the RT. Both are great. I like the angles in the ports and the top porting of the titan...it's a bit more effective for me when controlling recoil. Here's my rifle equipped with it:
  10. A Brief Return It's been almost a year since my last posting in the journal. I've only shot 1 USPSA match in that time period, just a few weeks ago, and 2 night matches, also just a month or so back where I shot "tactical guns" instead of my normal match kit...My time has been devoted heavily to the launch of a new youtube channel: 9 Hole Reviews and a new company, Slate Black Industries. Alright, enough on where I've been, let's talk about the match. At this last local match, I shot Open. It's only my 2nd??? maybe 3rd time shooting open at a USPSA match, and only l
  11. One of the things that I'd work on, as mentioned above, is driving your support hand higher, and slightly less forward, putting the base of the metacarpal directly into where your thumb joint and meat of the palm intersect on the firing hand grip. From there, torquing down hard with the meaty part of the support hand should be both easier and have more impact on recoil control. Eliminating this gap was very important for me when I was first starting out and looking to improve recoil control.
  12. People talk about pointing the finger to "point at the target"...honestly, I've not found that to be the case, although admittedly it is why I first tried it. By pointing the finger, you're rotating your wrist back slightly from the "hammer grip" that you've described. For me, I find there is less tension being applied to my wrist by pointing, which I prefer. That "hammer" wrist alignment is similar to how I shoot pistols, but when I extend out on a long gun, I've found no advantage to torquing on my wrist.
  13. In my experience, best recoil control on long guns / best way to secure repeatable and predictable dot movement comes from eliminating as much slop as possible between the stock and shoulder - I achieve this by applying reward pressure to the gun with my support hand, and forward pressure from my shoulder. If you think about it like tug of war, where you're pulling on a rope...at what point do you believe you have the greatest ability to maximize your "pull strength"? Is it with the elbow locked, slightly bent, significantly bent? Is it with the elbow below the rope, above the r
  14. You guys are awesome - thank you for all the info - going to do some additional digging into the publications and such!
  15. Hey All, Was having a conversation with a friend regarding the origin of putting red dots on modern handguns - I know that open shooters have been doing it for a VERY long time in the various action shooting sports. Does anyone know approximately how far back you've had to go to find the original open 1911s/2011s with original red dots? Any photos people have would be amazing! Would love to see some of these old/original setups! Thanks in advance
  16. Had the opportunity to run a converted Sterling on a USPSA style course for 9 Hole Reviews. Was a lot of fun!
  17. The difference in impulse between a "non-tuned" (gas, bcg, springs, etc) 18R and 16M is, in my opinion, quite noticeable. When you look at the tuned variations, I believe that gap shrinks quite a bit, but does still exist; you will feel slightly more recoil on the 16M gun...whether it is material enough to effect your stage is another matter. Now, 16I tuned, for me, is almost impossible to notice a difference against 18R. I've wanted to do away with an 18" gun for some time because I shoot a lot of bay matches, and need the shorter setup...so I went with a 16I to test. Here ar
  18. This is my 16" gun going out to 800...you won't be handicapped if you're maxing out at 400, by choosing a 16" gun, especially one which can push 77grn projectiles. I would suggest some research on gas system length and associated dwell time with the shorter barrel, though. The rifle length gas on an 18" gun will provide a moderately softer recoil impulse. But if you're doing the whole adjustable gas thing, it becomes nearly a non-issue.
  19. Yes was shooting on 10x and no, I've not tried paper at that distance. That said, this rifle groups between .5 and 1" depending on ammo, at 100.
  20. Historically, the long range portion of 3 Gun was always a weakness of mine, because I never had a place to practice it. Over the last year, I've put in the time and effort to secure a training location and get out for consistent practice. Man, it's a lot of fun when you figure out your dope and wind holds. Recently got a chance to shoot with my buddy at 9 Hole Reviews and put the Lone Star Armory rifle on display for one of his practical accuracy vids...I know you can probably stretch this rifle out even another 100-200 yards but this felt really good; maybe that's what I'll work to next.
  21. I have - the vortex has a far superior eye box. That said, the NF has a place - it's extremely small and compact. I just don't think it's THE 3 gun choice. Maybe the atacr version.
  22. I took my JP out to 100 off a rest last weekend. Did about 3" for 5 shots using an Eotech with 3x magnifier. Shooting 100Grn projectile at about 1270 made by BullsEye Cartridge Co. No idea what or how this stacks up, but sounds to be a bit??? tighter than what others are getting.
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