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  1. Did you have any problems with accuracy with this load? I was under the impression that xtreme plated bullets had a speed limit of 1200 fps. I use these bullets over 4.4gr of Titegroup which cycles my three factory pistols reliably.
  2. I've have one along with 4 of the extra pic rail attachments for my other rifles. It works really well. I've used it for 22lr, 9mm, and 5.56 without any complaints, I reload so it save my brass from banging off the concrete at the range and also the bonus of not having to chase them around. I did make one modification to it. I used the thin plastic sheet that comes in the bottom reusable shopping bag cut and folded to fit in the top 1/3rd of the bag where the brass hits it as it ejects. It works fine without the mod, but I use it a lot and the only negative reviews seem to be the bag ripping from hot brass hitting it in the same spot and I want it to last because I like it so much.
  3. I know it's too late for the OP but, as an FYI Palmetto State AR10 buffer tube is the same length as the Vltor A5 and at least $10 cheaper.
  4. @MemphisMechanic What did you fill in your forward assist hole with? JB weld? I've got an Anderson 458 socom upper for my Guard build and I can't decide what I want to do with the f/a.
  5. Greetings, I've been lurking on this sight for a while(this forum in particular) as I'm new to reloading. Anyway, I've bough at sample pack of 147gr RN 9mm bullets from Blue Bullets and as I was making a test round for oal I noticed that the bullet slipped into the case up to the ogive with just finger pressure. I tried it with an unflared case and it did the same thing, grabbed the calipers and checked bullet diameter, out of the 20 or so I measured I got 0.353-0.354. I've loaded 1500 rounds of other bullet manufacturers and had no problems until now. Has anyone else gotten undersized bullets from BB?
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