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  1. I use both a guard glock lower and a regular ar lower with endomags. The marks are definitely from extraction as the scratch marks go through the soot on a fired case.
  2. Any Guard owners notice that the barrel extension leaves two large gouges on brass from extraction? I was loading a batch of freshly tumbled cases and got half a dozed split cases after the belling station on the press. They all split right along the scratch/score marks on the brass. Has anyone sanded or filed the specific lugs of the barrel extension to knock the sharp edges off?
  3. I've been shooting Xtreme 100gr rnfp over 4grs. titegroup in a 16" guard. Sights move about half as much as my 147gr plated over 3.2 titegroup, and the action feels like it cycles quicker as well. It will shoot a 2" group @25yds, possibly better if the indoor benches were long enough to get a bag under the stock. I developed this load as a cheap pcc plinker round to use at the pistol cartridge only indoor range at my club when in the winter. I'm not a competition shooter or anything, I just shoot for fun.
  4. I used a PSA nickel coated mil spec trigger with a bobbed hammer and JP enhanced reliability red hammer spring in my blowback franken ar9. No reliability issues in thousands of rounds. Not as nice as an MBT 2s I have in my ar 15, but for $40 all in I can't complain.
  5. You could also try swapping out the 308 spring for a regular carbine spring. My NFA glock lower franken AR9 build did the same thing you mention your's did even with fmj rounds. Failures to feed rounds jammed half way into the chamber leaving a smile shaped dent from the bottom edge of the chamber. The carbine spring has just a little less force trying to slam rounds into the chamber giving just enough time for the round to straighten itself out for a feed instead of a jam. My best guess anyway. It's something easy to try and all I know is it fixed it. Spent brass would
  6. Did you have any problems with accuracy with this load? I was under the impression that xtreme plated bullets had a speed limit of 1200 fps. I use these bullets over 4.4gr of Titegroup which cycles my three factory pistols reliably.
  7. I've have one along with 4 of the extra pic rail attachments for my other rifles. It works really well. I've used it for 22lr, 9mm, and 5.56 without any complaints, I reload so it save my brass from banging off the concrete at the range and also the bonus of not having to chase them around. I did make one modification to it. I used the thin plastic sheet that comes in the bottom reusable shopping bag cut and folded to fit in the top 1/3rd of the bag where the brass hits it as it ejects. It works fine without the mod, but I use it a lot and the only negative reviews seem to be the b
  8. I know it's too late for the OP but, as an FYI Palmetto State AR10 buffer tube is the same length as the Vltor A5 and at least $10 cheaper.
  9. @MemphisMechanic What did you fill in your forward assist hole with? JB weld? I've got an Anderson 458 socom upper for my Guard build and I can't decide what I want to do with the f/a.
  10. Greetings, I've been lurking on this sight for a while(this forum in particular) as I'm new to reloading. Anyway, I've bough at sample pack of 147gr RN 9mm bullets from Blue Bullets and as I was making a test round for oal I noticed that the bullet slipped into the case up to the ogive with just finger pressure. I tried it with an unflared case and it did the same thing, grabbed the calipers and checked bullet diameter, out of the 20 or so I measured I got 0.353-0.354. I've loaded 1500 rounds of other bullet manufacturers and had no problems until now. Has a
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