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  1. I still just stick with the old 002 Cup holster from way back. It fits nearly every revolver I own. Big plus is...It never falls out, (unless you don't have your cylinder In your gun) but draws nicely. I think John B still uses his too and he's sure not slow. They are reasonably priced also.
  2. Information has been pretty slim. I'm counting on it to be the usual set up. I hope anyway. I think I'll check and see and report.
  3. I did have success a couple of weeks ago signing up for the match. I had to register first then sign up. It was a little bit confusing but I finally got it done. Maybe try again and see if you get anywhere.
  4. Yes on the Cup 002 holster. I've used one in competition for years. Works well.
  5. Like Toolguy said has worked for me. I do have two revolvers with two detent balls on them. They work fine also.
  6. Hey twister, I use mixed brass and full wad cutters quite often. Mine are mostly plain ole swaged lead ones. I seat to full depth or nearly so and roll crimp just a little. I run them about 700 fps or so. I get very little leading. You may not have enough bullet lube on your wadcutters. Maybe your taper crimp is squeezing a little too much. I do prefer harder cast bullets in my revolvers when shooting speedier loads.
  7. Rozedist.com is the sales arm of Zero bullets. I order from them direct for no tax or shipping charges. A few others have them also. They have had plenty of stock for awhile now it looks like.
  8. I use Zero Bullets from Alabama. Good prices and free shipping.
  9. I have a gun like Dean's. I like the way it handles but would certainly like to have my throats back even if they are pretty short. It takes a lot of experimenting with loads to get these revolvers to shoot well in this configuration in my experience. The throats do matter in revolvers. Gas loss, bullet alignment, accuracy issues big time. I have experimented quite a bit with my 627. If I did it again, (and I may) I would just get another cylinder custom made chambered in super or short colt. I checked several years ago and one place quoted me $500. If you were bulls eye shooting and stuck with full wadcutters that would probably work pretty good. Nothing wrong with experimenting. Troy
  10. I'm like Revoman, I was partial to the old way when you shot half days and had a shoot off at the end. I really liked the couple of side matches that were always offered too. I realize it takes some extra personnel on the side matches.
  11. My revolver shooting has been kind of rough the last year. I am working on that though. The shoot off at Rocky mtn is my favorite. See you
  12. Sorry I missed it. First time I've not attended for quite some time. Always enjoy shooting with the Colorado bunch and Dean and Mike. I'll be there next time. Troy
  13. I just signed up this afternoon. 18 years in a row, I don't want to miss spending a week with all my Action Pistol family. Kind of like Doug said, as long as we shoot the four Bianchi events I will show up to compete with everyone.
  14. Nice visiting with you again Chris, My eighteenth year in a row. I really like to see all of you coming back year after year. Not sure at this point if we are coming down in November yet. Will make up our minds soon. Troy
  15. I'm liking my ultra dot so far. Will put it to the test this season. Seems to be ideal for action pistol.
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