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  1. I'm still shooting it. No problems getting brass. I even get my brass handed back to me. Lol
  2. My load runs the same. A hand loaded round always shoots lower than a gun fed round. I've found that the shorter OAL helps the temp sensitivity a considerable amount.
  3. I noticed you stayed away from the 470 club this time. What was the bullet, OAL and crimp on the rounds? 124pf is a little too close for me.
  4. OAL with a Zero 115 is 1.220". This eliminates the temp sensitivity. Crimp is .477 to .478. Use NO MORE than 4.8 grains. I cannot stress this enough!! This load is right at the edge of the pressure curve.
  5. I have received approval, from the match directors, to announce the East Coast Action Pistol Triple Cup Challenge. Matches will be as follows: Michigan Regional May 18, 2019 Pennsylvania Regional July 20, 2019 Virginia Regional September 28, 2019 Awards will be first, second and third in Open, Metallic and Production. A shooter must shoot all three matches to qualify. Awards will be presented after the Virginia regional awards in September. As soon as I get the Virginia match documents finished, I'll post them also. 2019 REGI
  6. Shoot a club match or a regional. I know they shoot in Hutch. There's also a club in Bates City, MO. You'll get more enjoyment out of shooting those instead of Bianchi.
  7. If it is a 1911 pattern pistol it has to have a grip safety. No ifs, ands or buts. Unless you want to shoot a Star!
  8. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/00146sm062/30mm-sport-rings-low-weaver-style-matte-finish These are the rings I use. They are the lowest rings I believe that are made. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Midsouth and they let me check all the 30mm rings with a caliper.
  9. I know you're joking but Vance Schmid had his wife pull a target with a rope so he could practice the mover.
  10. I hear they have 91 guns so far. Hope it doesn't rain!
  11. Haven't seen any results yet. I tried WSF many years ago. Just couldn't get the accuracy that I wanted. David, The temperature issue has been taken care of for quite some time now. Amazing what OAL can do. The only reason we get called to the chrono now is because the person running the chrono doesn't know that 9x23 can be fired in a super.
  12. Very true! Well that stinks. Sorry to hear y'all won't be making the trip.
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