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  1. I need some advice from the sight challenged among us. I don’t wear prescription glasses, but the last couple of years have required reading glasses for up close work. My intention was to shoot two guns at the Crawfish Cup this year and have been working up a metallic gun. The problem is I can’t get a clear focus on the front sight. I tried reading glasses, which were great for the sight, but the target is just too fuzzy. I tried taking one lens out of the readers and that kind of seems workable. Is this basically what everyone is using? Do you use one eye for long distance and the other for the front sight? Are you able to walking around with getting headache or fatiguing your eyes? Sucks getting old!
  2. My brother and I decide we want to start shooting more. I shot a few action pistol matches in Pensacola Florida when I was a young knucklehead flight student, so perfect discipline to start with. Problem number one, the closest match is 200 miles away in Tallahassee. From 2014 until the Crawfish Cup in 2015, we drove over every weekend. They have a great range with a cable mover, but no turning targets. We both attended the Crawfish Cup/bath in 2015 and wet our pants with the turning targets. It would seem we might have been favoring the buzzer a bit to much at our normal monthly matches. I think my brother was cheating more, but not good either way. We started working on better equipment after the Cup in 2015 and as a result we are now solidly mediocre in the score department. To tell you how bad our sickness has become, we started driving 6 hours each way to Lake Charles to shoot with George and the gang pretty much every month. But we really needed a way to practice and not just go shooting at the local range. So when George wasn't looking we copied every thing we could and then stole and much as possible to build our own stages. The only range available in Pensacola, that will allow you to draw from a holster, would also require us to bring our own junk each time. So we started with a jet ski trailer and build the plate rack. Next in line was the barricade and it bolts to the trailer. Obviously we hadn't pissed away enough money yet, so next on the list was a turner. It also attaches to the trailer and we can set it up in about 10 minutes. Not sure if our score are getting any better, but no one can waste ammo like we can now! The mover is next, anyone have any great ideas?
  3. Not knowing the internal politics of the NRA, is this a good or bad thing for the completion side and the Cup?
  4. Hey I went to school at Illinois State and my family are all from Bloomington and Hudson. Looking forward to meeting you in Louisiana.
  5. The Crawfish Cup is less than 2 months away! George, Gary and the gang have the range looking great and new this year will be a second rail mover. My brother and I drove over for the Feb match and are planning to be there again this month. Looking forward to shooting with everyone in April.
  6. Pcgunner, Tallahassee has an action pistol match the 4th Sat of the month. My brother and I shoot it very month and they usually have about 10 shooters. We drive over from Pensacola if you are near there.
  7. Tallahassee has a match the fourth Sat of the month. My brother and I usually drive over from Pensacola and they usually have 10-12 shooters.
  8. I had the same problem with mine, but it was with 4 chambers. I sent it back to Smith and 1 1/2 weeks later, all is good. All cylinder are in time with an unloaded cylinder.
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