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  1. here’s what I did to my Dillon and it runs like a champ. 1. Take out plate. trim opening on bottom back of feeder bowl. You’re essentially letting the cases drop quicker from further back. Make sure cut is straight and not angled. 2. make funnel smaller at top. I just used cardboard from primer box and taped it in. I only did one side. Left side of funnel as you look at it. 3. bevel underside of plate for each case slot. I used a sharp box cutter and cleaned up with dremel. 4. make a stiff arm out of cardboard and tape to inside of bowl several inches before opening. All it does is flick brass that’s bunched up. what you are doing is letting the brass fall straight down and not giving it enough room if it tumbled to get lodged. Beveling plate openings seem to lessen case extractor grooves getting caught on rough plastic of plate. i don’t have that press any longer or I would send pics. I got the ideas from a post with pics somewhere. im running a Revo with 14” feeder now. Zero issues. Hope this helps.
  2. I’ve never heard of anyone breaking the sleeve. They do shoot nice but it’s an expensive option. Hybrid barrel accomplished same principle in different fashion.
  3. Depends on length of barrel, hole size, caliber, comp, load. At some point the holes will take away gas from allowing the comp to work most effective. I have 4 on 5” 38 barrel with Akai gill comp 3 on 5” 9mm barrel with Akai gill comp 3 on 4.65” 38 barrel with Akai shoto comp Also depends on what you want. There’s more to it than just flatness. Like dot movement, how hard it hits your hand, dot tracking, return to zero. 5” 38 barrel with 4 holes and gill comp tracks the best. 4.65” 38 barrel with 3 holes and shoto comp is the flattest, and fastest return to zero but hits the hardest. Both are running AA#7 with 125gr BB
  4. I’ve had about 4 of them. There is a difference between them. I’ve had some that will make a pop on the upstroke and some won’t. Brass is lubed. No change to press other than each die. Weirdest thing. I’ve since used a Dillon or MA to decap then use the Lee as a hold down over swage. This combo seems to works well and not stress brass or machine. Both are adjusted to shell plate then backed off 1/4 turn.
  5. I did the jump from 1050 with autodrive to Revo. Mine has all the options. Digital powder measure, primer collator, large case feeder. It runs like a champ. Didn’t have to make an adjustments to case feeder. Powder measure is accurate to .5 grain. Primer collator runs great but you have to keep it full or adjust speed to number of primers or I’ll get an upside down primer once in a while. Easy to fix before it gets loaded. I load at 2500/hour with no issues. Other than keeping everything filled.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/609033382832289/?ref=share
  7. I only load two calibers. Also have a Manual 1050 Incase I don’t want to change at all. I just shoot way more 38SC than 9mm.
  8. Good to hear. I have a Revo coming and I’ve heard from a few people that case feeders are hit or miss. I know they keep improving their stuff. The Dillon feeder works great for 9mm but it’s a little slow for 38SC.
  9. Anyone have one? If so, are you happy with it compared to case feeders from Dillon and Mark 7?
  10. So firmware fixed it? Wasn’t loose belt or sprocket?
  11. No difference in point ability. New Cheely aggressive is same as PT Evo aggressive. Cheely comes double undercut. Only thing you will notice is your grip needs to be good. Not as easy to fix on the way out as plastic. Also, the felt recoil will be a little difference because it’s metal vs plastic. The heaviness feel will go away after awhile.
  12. I’ve had the MBF. Just got the Karl Bibb bullet feeder and it works awesome. Half the price of MBF. I was skeptical at first about a printed BF but this thing works surprisingly well. And it’s super quiet.
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