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  1. No I didn't. Didn't have any issues. Used all Dillon dies that came on the 1050.
  2. I didn't have any issues but I only loaded about 200-300 of those rounds.
  3. I have shot both of these with a 124 JHP. The 3N38 is a little softer and flatter but a pain in the ass to load. AA#7 is closer to HS6 when running a 124 bullet. 9.9gr AA7.....124gr PD JHP.....1.180".....WSP 8.9gr 3N38....124gr PD JHP....1.190".....WSP.....compressed load Tried in 2 different guns: 5" KKM barrel with 3 holes 4.5" SV Hybrid barrel with 2 holes Hope this helps.
  4. I have owned 2 of them. Probably the best new open gun you can get for under $4k. They don't do any of the new designs like stroking and whatnot. Its a great gun to get started in the 2011 open world before you decide on a top of the line gun, Akai, etc.
  5. 3.2gr VV310 under an RMR 147gr bullet at 1.145". WSP and mixed brass. 130pf out of a Glock 34 with S3F barrel. It was super soft and clean. My VV310 and Titegroup loads were the same. VV310 was just cleaner and cooler. I have a buddy that has shot thousands of rounds with 2.8gr VV310 under an Xtreme 165gr bullet. He has never had any issues.
  6. Did some load testing with different powders see below to help you find a comparable starting point in your gun. Black Dog Gun Works 2011 open gun 5" slide with 3 popple holes, KKM barrel All around 170pf. Mixed head stamp. WSP. 124gr MG JHP. 7.0gr WAC @ 1.165" 7.5gr Silhouette @ 1.165" 7.9gr HS6 @ 1.165" 8.9gr VV 3n38 @ 1.190" 9.9gr AA#7 @ 1.180" WAC- snappy but easy to load Silhouette- meters great, shoots about the same as WAC HS6- easy to load, dirty, feels same as WAC but dot wiggles VV 3n38- shoots great, full case, about 1mm of case left when loaded AA#7- easy to load, 3/4 full case, shoots about the same as 3n38, dirty
  7. I have Citi so that is perfect. I just need it to buy from places that have card issues but super good prices. Or I might just switch to RMR since everyone has said good things about them.
  8. So my info was stolen and I received a new card. The first 3 purchases with the new card were with 2 online places I've used all the time. The third was the bullet company. Ive spoken with several local people who all had it happen. The card was a debit card. I will look into the one use CC number. I really like the bullets and would like to purchase them from the company.
  9. I was checking those out and the RMRs but haven't spoken to anyone who used them yet. Good to know.
  10. Does anyone know of a place that sells 9mm 124gr JHPs for a pretty good price? Ive bought from PD and MG and Im tired of having my card info stolen. Its happened 3 times and I just don't want to deal with it anymore.
  11. Ran HS6 for awhile. 8.0gr under a PD 124 JHP at 1.165" for 170pf. I have tried WAC, HS6, and Silhouette. When loaded to the same PF they all feel about the same. HS6 might be a tad softer but the dot wiggles. WAC and Silhouette run cleaner and the dot goes straight up and down. 7.0gr WAC = 7.5gr Silhouette = 8.0gr HS6
  12. Email Tiffany at PT. She will return your email and get your order going that same day. Roughly two weeks to get it. No issues.
  13. I think I found the problem. There is only one screw that holds the holster in place on the ball. There is another place for a screw and its missing.
  14. I load Everglades 147 plated with Titegroup then did some testing with VV310. The load data for VV310 is the same as Titegroup. Same PF and fps. 3.2gr VV310 @ 1.150 with Everglades 147gr plated - 129pf Glock 34 MOS with S3F barrel. My barrels seems to be slow compared to any other barrel. So start where you need to.
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