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  1. Joe D

    Slide Cut

    Does the Vortex Venom use the same slide cut as the Burris Fast Fire 3?
  2. Gun locked down at the range yesterday with the 3.5 gr load. The LW slide stop has too much left to right movement. Did not have that issue with a Glock slide stop. Ran out of daylight for more testing. There was one total failure to extract with the 3.2 grain load using the Glock slide stop. Fired case was left fully in the chamber.
  3. My G41, with stock frame, feeds and ejects the 3.2 gr load with both 11 and 13# ISMI springs. I put the stock recoil spring back in last night. It cycled with a 3.5 gr load of Clays. Only fired three rounds in the basement before my trophy bride yelled at me. I don't see the need to polish the chamber as it runs without any issues using the stock frame.
  4. I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago to play with. My G41 runs flawlessly with 3.2 gr of Clays and a 200 gr SWC using the stock frame. The Lone Wolf fame is causing a major issue. Every few rounds or so I will get a failure to extract. The slide will pull the empty case out about half way leaving it laying on top of the next round in the mag. I run an aftermarket guide rod with 11# ISMI spring. I tried a 13# ISMI spring also. I changed the extractor, load bearing plug and it's spring. Nothing works. I even replaced the ejector in the LW plastic block with a stock Glock ejector. I have been shooting Glocks for 25 years. Have done over 200 trigger jobs. I bought the assembled frame rather than the bare frame. This one has me stumped.
  5. 3.0 of WST with a 147 grain "painted" bullet goes 860fps out of my Glock 34. OAL 1.150". 2.8 of Solo 1000 went 870fps. 3.2 of Solo with a 147 plated went 854fps. 3.0 of Titegroup went 862fps.
  6. $25 Uncle Mike's from Amazon. Plenty stiff.
  7. Make sure you wear your N95 mask at all times. Oxygen will be available for those that pass out due to carbon dioxide poisoning.
  8. I installed a 12moa dot into my $32 Chi-More sight. Works perfectly.
  9. I do hate the, if you can see them, you can shoot them rule. Setting up stages takes twice as long now. Bad rule IMO.
  10. I usually set up one or two stages at our local IDPA match. I make certain that my stages are PCC friendly. I will have several "surprise targets" that require no fault lines.
  11. The Rock River or Arsenal #100-020-432WB at Brownells two stage triggers can be turned into 2lb single stage triggers if you know how.
  12. POS. No need to change from the regular Ruger. It's just a gimmick.
  13. I have less than $600 in my 9mm AR build. Bought everything on sale or clearance. Most expensive part was the complete Joe Bob complete lower. Barrel is a Midway $49 closeout. Hand guard is a $30 Chinese version off EBay. The DPMS stripped slick side upper came from Midway also. It's $89 now. Think I paid $69 a few years ago. The Stoner stripped upper is $79 at Midway. The $93 Rock River two stage trigger is good enough for me. It can be turned into a single stage if you know how. I have never had a failure with the Midway barrel using 147 gr Everglades plated bullets. I did create a semi feed ramp with my Foredom. I only shoot IDPA. Pistol length barrels are not legal in that sport w/o a long tube. Not worth the effort to me.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I actually shot a Chi - More with a 12moa dot the other day. You have to whittle on the module a touch to get it to fit the Chinese copy. Dot stayed centered on his 9mm AR.
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