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  1. I have a JP GMR-13 and it has been very reliable and fun to shoot. With that said I bought a PSA GX on a Black Friday Sale and it really impresses me for a rifle that cost under $400.00. The finish is basic, but the balance and function have been great.

    DK Triggers?

    I have been running a DK Trigger in my Glock 34 Gen 3 for the last 2 years and really like it. I also have a Glock 35 that I pieced worked on with springs and a 3.5lb connector. Both accomplished the same thing for me and that was a reduction in pull weight, which improved my group size at the range. The DK Trigger just adds the benefit of cleaning the slop and overtravel that you have in the factory Trigger. When shooting for speed I can't tell a difference.
  3. Since It is now legal in Iowa to own Class 3 Firearms, I have been wanting to purchase a couple of items. I have done some research and found that a Firearm Trust is the way to go. Problem is, since Iowa is new to Class 3 Firearms, I have been unable to find any attorneys in my area with any experience or background in Firearm Trust. Several companies offer Firearm Trust Online and some of the Supressor Companies offer discounts when you purchase the Supressor and Trust through them. Largest benefit to on-line Trust is cost and speed (Free-$175) have the form in minutes. With a private attorney, I will have to drive 150 miles and pay about $400-$600 and wait possibly up to 30 days. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences that would recommend one over the other.
  4. +1 for the "jelly roll pan". I have used both Dillon lube and Hornady, both seem to be equally effective, but I like the aerosol spray of the One Shot.
  5. 3.2 TG with a 180 BBI has been working great for me.
  6. I have had great luck with KKM. When I switched over to a .401 Bullet , the throat and chamber was a little tight. I sent them a couple rounds with the barrel and in a couple of weeks they throated my barrel and returned it to me for free.
  7. Black Bullet International has been working well for me using Tightgroup for powder.
  8. I like the 125 gr. in all of my Glocks, from the 26 to the 34 they all seem to shoot the 125 gr. best. I am thinking about ordering a 1-10" twist barrel from KKM and see if it improves the accuracy of my 147 gr. loads.
  9. I've had good luck with Win. 231 and Universal Clays.
  10. Ordered the Jager this morning, thanks for the help.
  11. Do you need one of the adapters on each end if the guide rod ?
  12. I had a similar problem recently. I was using up some Missouri Bullet Company uncoated cast 200gr. and they would stick in my EGW case gauge and in my Glock 35 with a KKM Barrel. After measuring the bullets, I found most of them measure .40175 compared to my BBI that measure .40050. I contacted KKM and they advised me that the barrel could be throated to accept my ammo with the larger .401 bullet. Sent the barrel out with a couple of my inert cartridges and received it back a couple of weeks later. Now all my ammo passes that plunk test without any problems. I also found that the Dillon case gauges are a little more open and will work to measure the ammo loaded with the .401 bullets.
  13. I have a Model 40 that I am installing a .40 S&W conversion barrel in and will need a lighter recoil spring. I was looking for a 1 piece recoil rod and the only one that I can find is a Jager. Does anyone else make a one piece Gen 4 recoil rod?
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