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  1. Shooting factory 115gr FMJ from various manufacturers (S&B, Fiocchi, Magtech, Blazer, etc). I found that a temporary solution to do download to 38 rounds instead of the 41rd max. Do you have any images on what portions you modified in your extensions?
  2. Currently using a set of Taylor Freelance +10 extensions, which jam HARD if loaded past 38-39 rounds using factory ammo. This is due to TF marketing their extensions are reliable only with 1.125 OAL or shorter. Any recommendations for another suitable extension that works 100% with factory ammo in the 1.15 OAL range? I have used TTI before, but would prefer to buy from a different company if at all possible.
  3. That is exactly the firing pin that I am using. No damage is visible to me on the firing pin.
  4. Got a hold of a few hundred rounds of standard 115gr Federal 9mm, nothing special. Took my PCC out to the range and noticed approximately 3 or 4 pierced primers out of a hundred fired. Should I be concerned about using Federal 9mm in my PCC in the future? Currently being used with a Hiperfire Eclipse trigger with the weaker red springs, paired with a Taccom 9mm bolt and a Brekke Custom barrel.
  5. Got a hold of a few hundred BR-4 primers, which are CCI's harder rifle primers. The gun will be a PCC with a Hiperfire Eclipse trigger, so ignition will not be a problem. I am aware that SRPs are often used for 9mm Major by some people. Will there be any issue with use in a minor loading for a few hundred rounds (breech face erosion or something of the sort)?
  6. It's pretty much just the coating from what I can tell. I have not used the competition model myself, since I ended up getting the Eclipse. The coating is touted as increasing trigger pull quality, but I can't speak for it myself. I believe Max Leograndis made a youtube video covering how the pull weight was measurably lighter in the Eclipse model.
  7. Installed the 5020SS buffer with a JP 308 Carbine spring. Compared to the Taccom 3-stage I used prior, I am getting a major increase in smoke and debris from the ejection port. This has made the use of most standard velocity factory ammo very uncomfortable, as I am a lefty. Considering that I have already used the product and thrown away the packaging (my mistake), I am sure there is no way I can return the buffer. Any suggestions for ways to fix the issue, without buying another $140-160 in buffer components or swapping back to a Taccom buffer? I believe that with all the mass of the buffer being behind the piston (compared to a shorter buffer w/ the weight added in front), the bolt is able to collapse the piston before the rest of the buffer can move rearward. This would explain why the action appears to open early despite an overall weight increase. Currently using the 5020ss buffer, JP 308 carbine spring, Taccom bolt, and a Brekke 12.5" barrel/comp system. Short stroked to 2" from in-battery position. Tested with 115gr ammo from Blazer, Remington, Fiocchi, Winchester, and Federal of velocities ranging from 1250 to 1400fps. Bolt/buffer combined mass is 22.6 ounces. Recoil is perfectly tolerable despite the visible similarities to overgassing/underweight system.
  8. What issues did you have, what exactly was the solution?
  9. Looking to buy a great trigger for a PCC that I'm sharing with my significant other. Currently considering a PCC Gold, and was interested to see what experiences owners have had with this model before I purchase one myself. Currently using a Taccom bolt in the gun, in case that is a factor with this trigger. Any malfunctions/issues experienced? Round counts?
  10. Recently bought a KE Arms KE9 lower, with the ejector installed using the standard "2 screw" method. I'm looking to ensure that the ejector screws are tightened properly myself, and I'm looking to see what torque people typically tighten their ejector screws to? Blue loctite is involved I'd imagine. Also, has anyone had to dimple their ejector to ensure proper engagement with the ejector screws? The KE Arms ejector lacks any dimples/holes to accomodate the ejector in its slot, leaving friction as the only method of ejecto retention.
  11. UPDATE: Found the issue. Trigger spring had partially rotated on its hole in the trigger bar, allowing it to collide with the plastic of the trigger housing when trying to reset. Fixed by being careful with insertion of the trigger bar/cruciform into the trigger housing.
  12. Originally, my G34 was having issues with the trigger stopping its reset just short of engaging the trigger safety. took the whole frame apart, cleaned it the best I could, and reassembled according to a mix of reassembly videos (ensuring to reinstall the trigger spring in the proper "S" configuration). After reassembly, the trigger will halt its reset immediately after clearing the connector, much too short to return to its originaly position. It feels like there is a "hitch" in the trigger traveling forward when I manually try to push the trigger back to its original position. Any ideas or solutions?
  13. I have noticed that the overtravel on a CMC 9mm trigger is a bit longer than the RA140 i came from. Is that also your experience?
  14. Yes, I have just now recently determined that the trigger was likely the issue. With the lower separated from the upper, I pulled the trigger, recocked the hammer while holding the trigger back, and then quickly released my thumb from the hammer. The hammer was able to override the disconnector and "fire".
  15. I checked the spring and it doesn't seem unusually compressed. The firing pin is titanium, and still intact.
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