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  1. Looking into load data for the above components. Will be using Federal Magnum Pistol Primers since that's all I can really find at the moment. Any recommendations on load data maintaining an OAL of 1.125"?
  2. Update: I called Precision Delta. Their payment method will not actively charge my card until after the order has shipped. I'm guessing the "returned" payment from PD on my card was just to check wether the payment would go through when they shipped the order. They definitely can confirm that orders of all sizes are being heavily affected, including the smallest ones.
  3. I will call them when I get a chance, although it may be a while due to scheduling.
  4. If that were the case with my order, I am not sure why they would refund my money instead of allowing the payment to stay with them.
  5. A week or two ago, I ordered some 124gr JHPs from Precision Delta. As of today, the charge to my card was reversed, and the company has not returned my email or Facebook messages. Are they affected by the quarantines in various states?
  6. I'm just getting into reloading, still buying most of the equipment. 9mm is what I will be focusing on, and I'm looking for a few loads to start off with. The OAL requirement is because of my plans to use the same components for use in my G34 and my PCC. Any help would be appreciated.
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