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  1. I checked the spring and it doesn't seem unusually compressed. The firing pin is titanium, and still intact.
  2. PCC has Taccom bolt/buffer totalling at 20.6 oz cyclic mass. 12.5" Brekke barrel/comp/handguard, Rise Armament Rave140 trigger, using factory 115gr ammo from various companies. Have tried BOTH 223 carbine and 308 carbine springs. Total gun weight is 5.75 lbs at the moment, and it is short stroked so that the bolt stops at the rear top edge of the ejector. In both cases, I have gotten bumpfire intermittently, with the 308 spring actually causing bumpfire almost immediately upon first usage. I have tried gripping the gun harder. I have neverr had a bumpfire in 5900 rounds of the same ammo pri
  3. As title mentions, interested to see what options are on the market for basepads besides those made by TTI. Does anyone have experience with SSI basepads, or any recommendations on other alternatives for 140mm STI Gen 2s?
  4. Brekke Custom gets their barrels from Criterion. Nitriding is handled by a different company, not sure who.
  5. Only a data point of one, but I've been using an Iron City Rifleworks titanium pin in my PCC, with a Rise Armament Rave140 trigger. Currently 5700 rounds without firing pin failure, and I cannot see any cracks under a microscope yet.
  6. How many rounds with that buffer setup? I'm wanting to try the Blitzkrieg someday, but I've seen at least a few instances of broken piston rods near the front face of the piston.
  7. Under normal cirucmstances, that would imply that the trigger has enough spare space to allow movement despite the safety selector tumbler being (ideally) in the way. That's my understanding at least.
  8. Are you shooting Major out of it or Minor?
  9. This IS a Taccom ramped barrel. Also, the gun is 100% reliable with factory ammo over the course of the past year. I doubt that the gun is the issue.
  10. When attempting to manually cycle a round into the gun, the bullet will impact the upper lip of the chamber and halt. I am assuming that the easiest fix would be to swap to a round nose bullet, unless another alternative exists. I am using Taylor Freelance extensions, which apparently require an OAL belo 1.125 to function reliably.
  11. What capacity are you getting? What spring/follower?
  12. Buying a bunch of Blue Bullets soon, and I want to know which profile is the best option for reliable function in a PCC. Will be used in a Criterion barrel with integral feed ramp.
  13. Looking to see what people are using for their 9mm TSO mags. I'm thinking about trying a CZC basepad with Grams follower/spring, although the Grams setup apparently calls for tuning? Does anyone have a mag tuning guide for TSO mags specifically? What is involved?
  14. Will be using Taylor Freelance extensions which require OAL below 1.125" for best reliability. Will be using a Brekke Custom/Criterion barrel with a polished feed ramp ground into the barrel itself. Is there any reason I shouldn't go with TC to potentially do a better job with accomodating the OAL requirements of a load? The 125gr TC Blue Bullets don't seem to have too large of a flat face that could cause feeding geometry issues.
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