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  1. I can’t get 24 in my mags. The fit and finish on the springer stuff is good. I have used several of their basepads in the past. I’m not a big fan of the set screw, but it is what it is. I’m not overly paranoid about cleaning mags though. A push button would definitely be nicer.
  2. Just got the springer basepads and grams follower/spring. 23 easy with the setup. Haven’t run em in a match yet but will this weekend.
  3. Currently the only company manufacturing plates for the OR models is CZ Custom. If you can get lucky and snag one of those its going to be an awesome CO gun. As soon as I can snag a plate up I'll start running it in CO.
  4. For all the searching I have found, there isn't a plate available to actually mount an RMR to the OR model guns. I have the P10F OR and am just waiting for a plate to become available. The custom shop has some on their sight but they aren't available to buy yet. Even though the CZ website states they ship with a plate, they do not. As soon as I get the plate ill have one mounted up.
  5. You must not be looking at any of the actual good custom 1911 builders. It's not the slide to frame pic but the level of detail that went into the grip safety to frame fit should show you how well the rest of the gun is built. OP: http://www.rodgerspistolsmithing.com/1911class.html This is the class you wanna take. It's $$$ but you leave with a gun and learn from probably one of the best in the country. For the record: the picture was built by another smith that's on Bob's level.
  6. There have been some mentions by PT that they are working on selling the frames individually in the near future.
  7. Stoeger teaches that more finger in the trigger can gives more leverage. We teach our recruits at our academy, we carry Glocks, that have issues with trigger control to put in more finger. I am almost to the first knuckle on my glock.
  8. would you beleive me if I told you over 20k on a guys 1911 that I know? I routinely would go several thousand without cleaning on my 35. I would clean the barrel every few K shooting coated bullets but nothing crazy. Just oil it and go.
  9. Sure, at 3 times the price! No. I used STI edge should cost you around $1800. I probably have more than that into my glock. This. Been there done what you did. Buy an Edge and save the wasted time of going with a glock. Base Gen 4 35 $650 Lightened Slide/Work $3-500 Trigger and related parts $200 plus Magwell $85+ Sights $75+ Barrel $175 Didn't include base pads as they will be an expense for either gun. I went the route you are trying to go. I, like darkvibe, probably had as much or more into my glock than what I spent on my nearly new edge. You can be competitive with a glock but the 2011 is simply a better platform for Limited. That being said, if you are dead set on going glock, get the base gen 4, prob would go Zev slide, I really like the agency arms flat faced trigger and a Taran Connector (have it on a carry gun with factory connector), the magwell of your choosing and the Taran Tactical sights and basepads. A good trigger to check out with a flat face would be the DK idp flatline. I had one of his kits and like it but preferred the flat face, he didn't offer the flat face at the time. KKM barrel as well.
  10. .40 minor is pretty awesome. Might give that a try.
  11. There are also a few that replace or are attached to the cover plate.
  12. Are you selling the CZ to fund your 1911? What's games are you going to be playing with the 1911? USPSA idpa? Lots of variables that change how to answer your question
  13. I have dry fired a buddies and shot several thousand rounds through the stock trigger. That being said, the flat trigger is really nice. If they sold them without having to send in my frame I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  14. I tried a bunch on my 35 and settled on the TTIs. I ended up getting rid of my 35 for a 2011 but I would put TTIs on any glock I owned, even for a carry gun, I liked them that much. I would put em on my duty gun if I could.
  15. my brother Jeremy Reid. http://www.reidpistolsmithing.com/#2711
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