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  1. I just thought of another question. Do you all use Loctite on your bolts? Normally I would use the blue (242 maybe?), But wasn't sure if it's needed.
  2. Is this the plate you have? https://shop.springerprecision.com/SP-Sig-P320-X-Five-LEGION-SRO-RMR-Mount-SP0257.htm
  3. This is all great info. Thank you all!
  4. I have a "newer" X5 with the additional holes drilled in it. I'm wanting to put an SRO on it without a plate, but I wanted to see if there is anything to worry about. Has anyone had ejection issues or anything that would cause concern? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with SVT ammo? A local shop just received a pallet of 9mm and the price isn't bad all things considered. I know nothing about it and was looking for some feedback before I get a couple cases. Thanks
  6. Latham44

    Slide bite

    I realize this has been talked about a lot, but I came up with something that’s helped me and I wanted to share. I have larger hands and grip very high on the frame. It seems obvious that all I would need to do is add one of the beaver tails and everything should be ok. Problem is, when I have a beaver tail on, I seem to shoot left. If I take it off I am now back on target, but the slide gets me. What I’ve done is cut the beaver tail off about 1/4” below where the pinhole is. This is so I can get protection from the slide and hit my target since it’s not “altering” the way I grip the pis
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I'll go ahead and install the TTI spring. I did order the Wolff springs, but they were not very expensive, so I'll throw them in the tool kit for now. You all have been a big help. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I ordered the Wolff 4.5 lb spring and I will install it with the other parts from the TTI spring kit.
  9. Recently purchased this kit for a Gen 5 G34. Should I install all the springs (striker especially) that come in the kit? I shoot factory ammo and probably won’t reload for a long time (if ever). I will be using the factory striker, but was wondering if I should be concerned with light strikes on factory ammo.
  10. Thank you. I’ll probably start looking into cameras.
  11. I'm just wondering how you all feel about using a camera for improvement? This year will be my first actual competitive shooting and I do want to improve. I'm taking a lesson from Bob Vogel so he can tell me my weak points and what I need to work on. I do shoot weekly at the range, but I'd like to have someone film me so I can actually see the differences. Do you think I'd be wasting time filming myself?
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