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  1. I’ve been shooting 135gr Xtreme rnfp and hp in my stock II for a couple of years. I switched from Montana Gold 124 hp which I’d been shooting for years prior to that in the Stock II, glock, M&P, and CZ Shadow. While I loved the soft recoil impulse of a 147gr bullet in minor, I always felt like I was waiting for the gun if that makes any sense. I switched to the 124gr bullet to get a faster impulse and just dealt with the snappier felt recoil. When Xtreme came out with the 135gr rnfp I did side by side testing and found the accuracy to be the same while the impulse was fast yet soft. Pretty
  2. Got it! Thank you and my apologies for the naive question. ?
  3. Haha no offense taken at all! I don’t keep super current on this forum. Just subscribed to it recently. Seriously is the limpro no longer being imported but EAA? I have a lim Pro (or at least I thought it was a lim pro) that’s been sitting in my safe for ages now. I shoot my stock II in Production so the other gun never sees any time in a holster.
  4. So as soon as you can get your hands on the limpro that’s got a new name but is identical to the current Limpro you’ll take pictures for us of the identical gun that we already know? Am I missing something? Is the limpro currently not available through EAA or something?
  5. Yep looks illegal to me too. Too many shots required from the last shooting position. With the back port as tight as it is, from what I just saw, it's too close to be considered legal. Push the first barrel-hidden target out a bit so you can see it coming across before you get to the last port and it makes the required shots from the last position just the plate rack and the other barrel-hidden metric.
  6. Okay so here is another method entirely that works really well and takes only a minute to lay out all of your fault lines with no stretching or placing individual pieces. First forget about using fault lines as a specific prop. You're just going to draw the lines on the floor of your bay and then make them into a grouped object. I'm working from memory on this so let me know if something is left out or doesn't seem clear. First I like to make sure I have a layer for the floor of the bay and a layer for a 1' grid sitting on the floor of the bay. I lock these layers so they can't be acciden
  7. FORGIVE ME!! With us not publishing a printed matchbook this year I COMPLETELY forgot that I needed to get the digital version online. I can only beg stupidity and a crazy real life work schedule lately and ask for your patience. http://www.gastatechampionships.com/img/2014/2014GAStateMatchbook.pdf The link is live on the website as well for those that are looking for it. And special thanks to Chris Moore for the polite email jogging my fuzzy memory that the damn thing wasn't published yet. Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!
  8. Anyone up for taking off their al Eric grips and measuring their thickness with a caliper? I'd like to check the thickness against the stock wooden grips. Thanks! Kevin
  9. The silhouette is a GI model all the way down to the spur hammer and the crappy sights. Def not a Sig and def not production legal. Obviously I meant a 226 or something similar but you already knew that before you posted, right?
  10. I noticed it too and brought it up to USPSA. They replied back to me and said they would try to make it look less like a 1911 but that was about it. With Sig being the match sponsor it would feel like a smack in the face if they didn't have a Sig as the gun silhouette if I were Sig. Kevin
  11. 3.2.3 says you can change it and refers to 2.3 which has some options on what to do once it is changed. At that point the RM opens himself up for a lot of issues. Just so we are clear on how I meant my comment about changing the WSB. A good staff of RO's, CRO's and even the occasional RM who is working the match, can find most of the loopholes during the staff shoot and before they shoot the stage. They can keep the match RM busy as he approves changes to the stages and the WSB. It is better to catch them before they shoot, or at the very least before all the staff has shot the stage.
  12. Agreed. Hence the reason I used the words "possibly" and "arb'd". But you and I know that trying to call back everyone that had shot the stage for a reshoot would have murdered the match flow for that day and turned it into a total cluster. The simple fact was there was nothing wrong with the stage. The shooter is responsible for keeping their muzzle safe. The stage in no way prevented that or forced any shooter to even make a risky shot unless they pushed the envelope.
  13. Actually if they did that the stage would likely be arb'd and possibly thrown out due to 2.3 This did occur during staff day but I disagree that staff day is for troubleshooting the stages. It's a competitive day for the staff and anyone else squadded that day. Stages are troubleshooted before the match starts. The notion that the 180 should not have been breakable is a fallacy. 3.1
  14. I ran Stage 2 all day on Saturday and saw most people skipping the drop turners. I shot it the day before and went for one of them and not the other. In hind sight I'd love to have had a chance to reshoot it to see how I would have come out skipping them entirely. The trick seemed to be if you could save about 4 seconds or so, then you were good to skip them. Getting hung up shooting the star really killed you if you skipped them though. You had to shoot it clean and quickly to make it work. The shooter, the one reloading his mags, and the one on deck that's getting their final walk through.
  15. Website is now up to date with the match results links including the combined overall results. Check out how you did if the match was a heads-up competition. http://www.gastatechampionships.com/index.php/results
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