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  1. Really appreciate all of the help! No I just have to find the MRH thigh pad, and stainless screws since Everglades are backed up for 2 weeks.
  2. I have an Atlas Chaos shipping out tomorrow. It has the new Cheely grips on it. Adam said they are moving away from the PT.... My question is this. I have a PT Evo Insert for my DAA, and wanted to order the Everglades holster, but they say the fit could be 50/50?? I liked the PT grip on my Atlas Nemesis, and thinking I will tell Adam to just put the PT Evo on before they ship tomorrow. Anybody out there have the new Cheely, and get it to work with Everglades holster, and which DAA insert works? I attached pics. I guess my main question is - is the Cheely worth it possibly not fitting in the holster that you want, and also having to buy another DAA insert. Thanks ahead of time for your help. Waited a long time to get this kind of gun, and want everything to fit.
  3. Appreciate it. Yeah, just saw the other JP posts.....
  4. Saw that as well. There are a few on Gunbroker, but want to be sure I order the right setup. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Going to give PCC a good try for USPSA. Going to order a JP GMR this week and wanted input on getting a regular or ultralight and barrel length. What are the have to have accessories? Magwells, mags, grips etc. Will use a Holosun if possible. Appreciate the help.
  6. Nope. Bought an Atlas Nemesis and installed on it though
  7. Tough to get a good pic. I put black pen over where gunsmith machined. It was just a small amount where marked. Hope it helps.
  8. How are you getting 21 in there. I which followers and springs? Only getting 20 max in the Gen 2 that came with my Atlas.
  9. Anybody out there install a Nitro Fin on a Shadow 2. I see they make one for CZ but on the SP-01. I installed one on my Atlas Nemesis, and love it. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Shooting-Sports-Innovations-Nitro-Fin-20-19112011-STISV-Slide-Lock-Thumb-Rest-P5393.aspx
  10. My Atlas Nemesis is tight and solid. The only movement is where it should be. When I had an Akai as a demo the fit was no where near the Atlas.
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