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  1. Nope. Bought an Atlas Nemesis and installed on it though
  2. Tough to get a good pic. I put black pen over where gunsmith machined. It was just a small amount where marked. Hope it helps.
  3. How are you getting 21 in there. I which followers and springs? Only getting 20 max in the Gen 2 that came with my Atlas.
  4. Anybody out there install a Nitro Fin on a Shadow 2. I see they make one for CZ but on the SP-01. I installed one on my Atlas Nemesis, and love it. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Shooting-Sports-Innovations-Nitro-Fin-20-19112011-STISV-Slide-Lock-Thumb-Rest-P5393.aspx
  5. My Atlas Nemesis is tight and solid. The only movement is where it should be. When I had an Akai as a demo the fit was no where near the Atlas.
  6. My Atlas Nemesis love the Blazer Brass 180. Running low. Does anybody know the overall length of these? Wanting to see if these will run the same before ordering? Blue Bullets: 40S&W 200 blue bullet that makes major power factor out of a 5″ barrel. These cartridges use a Federal premium small match primer and every round is chamber checked before being packaged. They are loaded to an average overall length of 1.125.
  7. Interesting. I ordered the 2.0. Does this mean it will drop in or still need to be fitted? Thanks for all the replies.
  8. Thanks for all of the replies. Would you recommend I send to Atlas to have installed on my Nemesis or is this something my gunsmith is familiar with and can do without missing next weekends match?
  9. Can anyone provide guidance on the fitting required to install the newer version of the Nitro Fin 2.0. Adam from Atlas told me it had to be fitted on my new Nemesis. Really don’t want to send it in for fitting, and miss next weekends match. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Shooting-Sports-Innovations-Nitro-Fin-20-19112011-STISV-Slide-Lock-Thumb-Rest-P5393.aspx
  10. So my first match wasn't planned. I put my Shadow 2, holster, and some ammo in the car heading to practice range. The night before I saw there was a match about 30 minutes away, and thought I am going to go, and just watch to see what it was like before practice. Found the match director, and asked what would be the best way to watch. This was 10 minutes before start time. He said - did you bring a gun, and holster. I said yeah but I was NOT planning on shooting. He asked my name, and said I just signed you up. Go to stage 4 and, ask for this shooter. I ran to the truck, got my holster on, and went to find the stage. Told them I was new, and everyone was great in helping me. Of course he put me in the squad with all of the GMs and Ms. Thought I was watching a John wick movie seeing these guys shoot. Biggest adrenaline rush I have experienced in long time when I heard that "beep". Didn't DQ.. Ran two mags dry on a far away plate rack. Saved them a ton of pasters that day by missing so much. Been hooked ever since, and have done several matches, and new guns/gear purchases since. Since then I have got 2 friends more hooked than me. Great sport.
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