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  1. most of what has been mentioned do not make one for my gun
  2. looking for all leather since kydex will not hold up. http://www.ritchieholsters.com/ can not make one. any other suggestions ?
  3. also if you look close you can see a crack in front of the worn spot.
  4. You can see in the pic where kyex has worn off. It will eventually crack at that point. This holster is about 1 year old. This is where the rear sight is.
  5. i have used many over the years. my current holster is from white hat holsters. my problem with every one so far is the kydex brakes or wears thin from use. I use my holster every day. all have been comfortable they just dont hold up from the use.
  6. I'm looking for a good iwb holster. Currently carry a custom sti with a commander length slide. I have not found a holster yet that will last over a year. What do you recommend?
  7. I have used nothing but cci small rifle primers in my open guns. Im using VV n105 powder and have never had a problem with the primers.
  8. ok thanks. was not sure if the grip would fit the ghost holster or not.
  9. I am currently building a new open gun with a ck arms metal grip. I currently use an old style ghost hoster with the pin in it. Whats a good similar holster for the ck metal grip?
  10. i use a shooters connection bag
  11. i have used oakleys , rudys , and revision i like them all but for the price and protection you can not go wrong with the revision glasses.
  12. mine shot very flat with 135gr bullet and 8gr n350
  13. i use berrys 135 with 8.9g VV n350. plenty of powder to work the comp and they are accurate enough for what we do.
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