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  1. Thank you... we will do that. We welcome advice.. sorry I didn't get back to you sooner... had a very busy last month.. we have the facility.. are testing the interest because of the investment involved.
  2. Thanks everyone... sorry I didn't get back to you sooner... was busy... we have the facility and want to get a feel for the interest... we will keep you posted here. Any advice is welcome.
  3. I posted this in the announcements area, perhaps it will be better seen here. Would there be any interest in NRA action pistol matches held in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. If so, how would you like them to be scheduled and what would you view as an reasonable match fee. Right now we are just testing the water for possible interest.
  4. Would there be any interest out there if NRA action pistol matches were held in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area? If so, how would you like to see them scheduled and what would you consider reasonable match fees? Right now we're looking to see how many might be interested in attending.
  5. Thanks a bunch...sort of figured that might be the one.
  6. Has anyone used a Bowen rough country rear sight with the stock front sight and if so what size? I'm guessing the .400 would be needed. Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. Load the round as normal, leaving out powder and the spent primer. Then take a trip to the hardware store, go to the plumbing section. Look for replacement o-rings for larger valves. They are usually in the little drawers near the faucet repair supplies. Find an o-ring that when cut in two has a diameter that pretty much fills the primer pocket. Cut the o-ring about an 1/8th of an inch longer than the primer pocket, fill the primer pocket with super glue gel (after cleaning it well), insert the piece of o-ring, wait for it to dry, then use a razor blade to trim it off flush with the case. The o-ring piece will stand up to thousands of snaps and is easy to replace even if it does wear out. I've never had one fail. It's also a good idea to mark the round as a dummy somehow or other.
  8. I've used mine for well over 25 years and have never had a problem with brass. I use mainly range brass, (.38 Special). I've also never had problems with any brand of primers. Just a suggestion, if the machines have been sitting for a long time you might want to tear them down and give them a good cleaning. It seems if they sit, the accumulated gunk tends to harden up. This goes for any machine though. I have Dillons and love them but I have never had any problems with the Star that I haven't caused myself. Great machines.
  9. Has anyone found out if the trigger block for the L-frame Racemaster holster will work with K frame Smiths? I've taken measurements on both and they seem very close. Just was wondering if anyone has a definitive answer.
  10. The Star is a great press. I also have a Universal in .38 Special. I've been using it for approximately 25 years and they are practically indestructable. I especially like the fact that the primer depth can be adjusted. This comes in handy for light actions on revolvers.
  11. I have a Star Universal press that was made in the 70's and is still going strong and I'm the third owner. I've used it alot over the years and have never had anything break. It's the Rolls Royce/Sherman tank of reloaders. With all that said, everything that was stated in above threads is correct. It has to use Star dies, you need a Hulme casefeeder to speed things up and an indexer would be ideal but I've heard some bad things about the indexers. You'll also need to find alot of charge bars or a Hogue adjustable powder bar for it. I have a casefeeder on mine and it works well. I shoot mainly revolvers with light actions on them and the Star is great for that in so far that it seats primers on the down stroke, just like a 1050. This allows the primers to be seated to achieve optimum sensitivity. Just something to ponder on. It's a great press. You won't break any speed records with it,(I can turn out about 400 an hour), but the quality of the reloads are second to none. I load also on a 1050 and the quality of reloads from both presses are equal. It's also not the easiest press to changeover for other calibers, if you want to load alot of different calibers a 550 would be better. Parts are still available on the Star website but expensive. Knowing all that if it fits your needs and you can get it for a good price I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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