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  1. I have had many Shadow 1 and also a few Shadow 2...........Yes, the Shadow 2 at first seems very front heavy and like a "boat anchor"....but it always seems to only take a couple months and it feels "normal" and you actually perform better with the added weight in Production and Carry Optics (Production Optics) due less recoil, plus maybe slightly more accurate.....even for people with small hands and getting used to a longer DA reach (which can be corrected with the RRK)......However, pick up a Shadow 1 after getting used to the Shadow 2 and you notice how more "balanced" it feels and much easier to transition with.......................it's almost personal choice as they both are very capable, however the Shadow 2 eventually wins out performance wise and is an "improved" gun over the Shadow 1........NOTE: alot of more responses and info you are looking for if you use "search" on this site "Shadow 1 vs Shadow 2 for Carry optics"
  2. ...it is my understanding that in the original form it is approved for Production and ONLY in its original form by either using a mounting plate to replace the rear sight , or having the slide milled to accept an optic would it then be legal in IPSC Prod Optics.....any other method or retrofit would NOT be legal.....due to the slide (moving part) on the Alien being where it is it would be near impossible for it to mount an optic by one of those two methods and be Prod Optic legal......and then you would also have to fight the differing interpretations of various range officials as to its validity...I may be wrong and maybe only my interpretation of what I have read in various forums
  3. I don't believe there has been any confirmed word of whether the Alien is approved for IPSC Prod Optics with the retro mount.....where did you get that information ???
  4. Good luck guys, hope those Match versions (and the OC ones too) get to the US soon, maybe with more people with them the aftermarket accessories will become more available also
  5. Yes, there's a quick video you have probably seen just put up on the Facebook GP Canada pages showing how much more reduced recoil the Match version has compared to the regular version due to the full length dust cover...although added weight it feels very balanced unlike the front heavy Shadow 2 which weighs not much more than the Match...you USPSA shooters are lucky though that there is no trigger restriction on striker-fired guns like the Legion in Prod or CO div (in IPSC you must stay 3.5 lb and above for striker-fired, no restriction on SA but 5 lb first DA) so you can "stroke" those Grayguns triggers etc down even more on the Legions
  6. I believe you have also switched over to the Sig Legion for this year, and how is that going compared to the X-Calibur ?
  7. You will probably be able to get your Match way earlier than any OC (factory optic ready) model as the OC has never made it to the US yet.......although you apparently can get different barrels the normal factory barrel for the Match is the nicely fluted heavy ones, there is also a smooth (non-fluted) bull barrel available ........the optic ready comes with a more (what they call) "pencil thin", non-bull, non-fluted barrel to keep the cycling speed as quick as possible considering the extra weight of the optic (although losing some weight from no iron-sight + cover plate)
  8. --Your quote for "out of the box" new of "anywhere from 6lb-10lb for DA is what I hear from various peoples range and review reports.......SA appears anywhere in the range of 2.5lb-almost 5lb depending on whose report you read --MANUFACTURERS specs say: DA 6.8 lb - 8.1 lb and SA 3.4 lb - 4.05 lb --almost everyone says they really like the trigger, although DA is quite long , SA is very smooth and crisp with small reset I bought an X-Calibur Match OC (Match has a full length dust cover and reduces the fairly low recoil by even more, the OC meaning it is the factory optic ready version with milled slide)....a friend in Eastern Europe has his DA down to 5.5 lb and SA at 2.0 lb, I've heard others with spring changes getting their SA well below 2.0 lb
  9. HENNING is definitely superior....I tried EGW and Springer, not anywhere as good as the Henning
  10. the LOK Palm Swell Bogies work well for people with larger hands........LOK thin Bogies (non palm swell) work well for those with not so large hands
  11. ...get the LOK Bogies thin....they are basically the same thickness as the CZ thin aluminum but are much more aggressive
  12. ....figured it wouldn't be long before you added the Orange 2 to your stable of CZs...see you on the range
  13. The v4 comes back on when battery is removed and put back in whereas v3 does not The v5 has motion sensing and auto off whereas the v4 does not
  14. the RTS2 V4 (also have 2 of the FTP Alpha2...basically the same ).. 2 new RTS2 V5 with the auto on/off feature to use until I get a couple of Romeo3Max which I believe will finally be the clear winner of everything desired in a mini red dot (also they have the same footprint as the RTS2 and Alpha2)..was going to try the SRO but with the dual dot facing the sun the wrong way problems, the extra weight of it, and not being the same footprint as those I'm using/planning to use I have decided to stay away from it
  15. an open gun with a mini red dot is way more balanced, less bulky, and unobtrusive to the field of vision than a full size CMore mounted horizontally...I went thru the whole process from early days of mini red dots in later 90s, to the regular CMore upright, then mounted horizontally which was way better as it was alot closer to the bore but left it unbalanced, bulky and without a clear field of vision.........once I went back to the more advanced mini red dots I knew I would never go back to the full size CMore....even less reason now that mini red dots are approaching the size window of the regular CMore, becoming more dependable than they used to be, and added features such as auto turn on/off, some with night vision modes etc (which the regular CMore has failed to advance with) plus the adaptability to other types of handguns (instead of just Open div raceguns) as well as AR15s, PCCs, and shotguns
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