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  1. other than very happy with the V4 I ordered 2 new ones and they came in V5 version, which has the added electronics for auto motion turn back on etc which I really did not need the extra chance of electronics going wrong (took them 3 or 4 years at least to solve the problems when they added electronics to make manual intensity, should have been a simple thing with their experience with their Sliderides being that way etc...anyhow, stuck with them thru the whole process from RTS original 1thru 4 versions RTS2 and now 2new V5 which I have used as if V4 (turning off every stage and back on...scre
  2. drill hole so you can punch out the extractor pin...the CZ plates have a hole for that purpose, check it out....I ordered 2 CZ factory plates from Eric in France off his site and it was in my mailbox a week later direct from France (I live in Canada), even with the Covid thing going on...very happy as I could not get my hands on a plate for RTS2 CMore
  3. grease rings can be used as an "aid" in determining whether it entered a barrel (full diameter) or no-shoot penalty target prior to the target...also possibly if two partial circumference hits are scored as a "double"...IN NO WAY should it be the determining factor on whether a full diameter hit is scoreable or not....you MUST go by the RULE BOOK, nowhere does it mention a hit must have grease marks to score
  4. I find a MUCH better grip and control of the trigger finger WITHOUT the extended safety on S2.....with a Standard or Open div gun I can see the use for it, but Production and Carry Optics (or Prod Optics) it is not necessary and actually inhibits the best grip on the gun with full freeness of the trigger finger (I tried both thinking after many years of Open div shooting and then shooting Carry Optics/Prod Optics I would really like the extended safety....NO, MUCH BETTER WITH SLIM SAFETIES)
  5. I like the original CZ optic plates for the S2OR....they have an access hole drilled for changing out extractor/extractor springs and fit like they should...I had to order from Eric G's website in France to get the correct ones for RTS2 (they were not available anywhere else), only took a week from France to my Canadian PO box
  6. FTP is one of the very few Companies around that keeps people quickly informed on what's going on with their product and purchases..........Thumbs up to Phil !!
  7. I believe the Alpha 3 is the same length as the Romeo3Max (and the Romeo3XL)...........all 3 of those red dots although sharing the same hole mounting pattern as the RTS2 are slightly longer in total footprint at the front by about 1/8 inch.........therefore any mount designed for the Romeo3Max or Romeo3XL (NOT the RTS2) SHOULD work well with the Alpha 3
  8. ...the original RTS on my old Open div gun is almost 10 years old with zero problems at all......it seemed when they updated it to the RTS2 (the only difference was manual settings for brightness) it screwed everything up........the original RTS only had 2 click settings (middle or full bright)...I went thru all versions of the RTS2 and the major problems were with the battery connection (the tray was NOT sitting tight enough to hold battery connection always), eventually after V3 and into V4 they solved that problem....FINALLY I had a version I could depend on always , the V4 never failed me
  9. Oakley photochromatic, vented (so I don't ever have to change lenses or glasses due to varying light conditions or fogging up) and MSA Sordin extreme with GelCaps over in-ear foamy plugs (best overall hearing protection especially around Open guns or indoors)
  10. ...in the process of buying a backup S2opticready to try out the Romeo3Max, before mounting a new RTS2 on the milled factory optic ready cut I took the rear sight off the dovetail of the removeable optic ready cover and dovetail mounted a new Romeo3Max with an RTS2 plate (same hole pattern with just 1/8 inch extending over the front of the plate).....IF the RTS2 failed I could take it off and re-install the optic ready cover with the mounted Romeo3Max............NOW I'm buying a second S2opticready to just leave the dovetail mounted Romeo3Max on it as a backup (or if I prefer it over the RTS2
  11. using the correct socket and extensions(s) should not have any effect at all on the slide , you don't beat on the slide, only at the extreme rear contact point of the bushing
  12. thanks EERW for taking the time to check it out
  13. my 2 DPP's both failed me, the SRO has too thick a hood, the glass is not as clear as a romeo3max, and has the problem of multiple dots when shooting early morn/late in day against the sun.....IF I can't do something to mount the romeo3max on a Shadow 2 OR I'll mount an RTS2 on it.........then I'll put my 2 Romeo3max's on my X-Calibur Match CO and Shadow 1 (dovetail)
  14. eerw.....So, Stuart, had a chance to really analyze the frontal base shaving of the Romeo3max to fit ??..awaiting your expert conclusion................actual length difference compared to RTS2 is 0.120 inch (2.127 " vs 2.007"), is there enough "wiggle room plus shaving" to allow full functionality without any milling to the gun ?
  15. Looking at the Romeo3max the shroud and glass lens seem to be angled backwards ever so slightly...the part that would interfere would be the small lower body frontal area, which has a smaller flat frontal area and angles backwards on the sides at the front...EERW: do you think it would be possible to shave a very thin layer off that flat lower frontal area so it would fit, without affecting the internals or anything else of the Romeo3max so it would fit and work properly on a Shadow 2 Optic Ready version with the RTS2 adapter plate ? (PS....I have looked at a Romeo3XL with the baseplate of
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