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  1. I'm definitely hearing lately (this whole year) of alot more DPPs going down than RTS2s, perhaps that is due to more DPPs being used than RTS2s, I don't know.................the RTS2 since intro of V4 have been rock solid for me for the last couple years though
  2. Contrary to alot of other peoples opinion I find the RTS2 (version 4 ) way more reliable than I did either of the DPP red dots I owned....Yes it took about 4 years of unreliable RTS2 (version 1 thru 3) to get it right once they updated the RTS but now I find them rock solid (my original Open div gun still has an 8 year old original RTS on it and running strong)......BOTH of my DPP red dots failed within less than 1000 rounds, one of the most UNreliable dots I have ever used (and I have been using mini red dots on open div guns since way back in 1997)
  3. Oct 18-20, 2020 Frostproof, Fl ..look under the post "2020 single stack nats", by rustychev on Sept 27, look at the reply by Euxx on Sept 29 (includes all the other 2020 Nationals dates)
  4. Too hard to do with trigger assembly still in gun.....if it's anything like a regular Shadow I had a really hard time and the only way "easy" was to take the whole trigger assembly and trigger bar out where you have much better access and can use your fingers instead of trying to push with needle nose pliers........also definitely use a slave pin and then install back trigger assembly and insert trigger pin, makes it WAY easier
  5. my V4's run great as well
  6. race1911

    X5 rear sight?

    ....got your response to Chris777 on Aug 15 mixed up with HIS original post of going back to M&P from Shadow 2....Sorry for that, but enjoy your new Legion
  7. race1911

    X5 rear sight?

    Ahh Good.......and DON'T go back to your M&P (I know you almost did)...haha Sorry if I'm off topic, should've PMd you
  8. race1911

    X5 rear sight?

    Hey Rowdy......from CZ to Glock and now Sig.....what's next ?
  9. race1911

    Carry optics dot

    Hopefully Sig will have learned enough from their Romeo 1,2,3 developement realizing what failures/input from shooters and they have put that knowledge to good use towards a much more improved mini dot in the Romeo3MAX, along with Max's input..............fingers crossed long term will find it to be reliable
  10. Time will tell.....the DPP is going thru its formative years and still is very unreliable just as the RTS2 did until eventually with V4 and 5 is now very dependable......problem also with the DPP (besides dependability and lack of a 5 or 6MOA dot) is not its width but its height, a red dot in the screen moves up and down under recoil and not much from side to side so height of viewing window is way more important.......compared to the DPP the 3 best handgun mini optics with best all-around features all share about the same width or more than the DPP, BUT they all have significantly larger height to the lenses...those are the RTS2, SRO, and Romeo3MAX of which the latter two are yet to prove how dependable they are in the long run
  11. race1911

    Carry optics dot

    6MOA has historically been the most popular size for those using CMore Sliderides on their open guns.... personally with the mini red dots I've tried smaller dots and when the intensity is turned up they "starburst"..... both the Romeo3MAX and SRO appear to have the best feautures everyone is looking for: super bright, clear dot, large lens, multiple on/off/ options, top/side battery; if either or both of these wind up being as/nearly capable for dependability as the RMR2 is known for then there will be huge numbers of people upgrading to them
  12. race1911

    Carry optics dot

    apparently the SRO is built with the same electronics and material design and was built to take the same G-forces that the venerable RMR2 is known for as far as dependability.....probably the most dependable mini red dot you can have on a slide-mounted handgun........drop test it cannot compete with it due to the round hood design vs the RMR2 "bat wing" design, although most handgun drops do not occur from shoulder height, slide downwards with direct impact on the dot on concrete......for normal "once in a blue moon" competition gun drops it should survive perfectly
  13. race1911

    Carry optics dot

    Red_Dot....is that top picture a Romeo 3 on a Shadow 2 and the bottom pic a Romeo3 MAX ?....thanks
  14. Really strange about the Legion using a Romeo1/2/DPP footprint cut because their newest red dot the Romeo3MAX coming out shares the same footprint as the RTS2
  15. Bonfa....still a strange call you don't hear done on a WH only stage......I have seen at least several dozen or more shooters (including myself) change to strong hand and then do a reload and never once has a procedural been called (without hitting the mag release with the WH first).....NOTE: Shred post just above yours says it was allowed at US IPSC Nationals last week
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